The Girl And Her Dragon

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The next morning Kana woke earlier as she headed to the forest as she carried Ari's saddle as she was excited about flying again but she heard roaring as she saw Luga on her dragon, an Nightmare which made her worry as she ran to the safety of the forest as Luga cackled as her dragon lunged at the girl a few times as Kana was nervous but smiled heading to the forest as she was near the cave but everything went black as Luga saw Ari lunge at her dragon as she scared the Nightmare and the girl as they flew off scared.

Ari was scared seeing Kana hurt as she had a lot of injuries as she heard wingbeats as she saw another Night Fury but it was a male but saw sadness and anger in it's eyes as he and Hiccup had seen Luga and her Nightmare fly into the village scared.


Please be okay!" Toothless begged.

Ari knew how he felt as she cared about Kana deeply as he did but knew only one thing that could help her, dragon magic.

"Are you sure we should do this?" Toothless asked her.

Ari nodded in reply.


Normally we shouldn't but we have no choice." Ari replied.

He understood as they focused as they were surrounded in dragon magic that was coming from their hearts as both Night Furies were hoping this would work as they both cared about Kana.

They were relieved as the magic faded as Ari felt Kana's pulse again but was stronger.

Both Night Furies were relieved as they flew to Kana's home carrying the young girl.

Fear gripped both Astrid and Hiccup as they heard from Toothless what had happened to Kana.

They'd feared something would happen like this to her because of Luga but relieved as he and Ari had used powrful dragon magic to help her as she was already in bed asleep as Toothless saw Ari at the foot of the girl's bed which made him smile knowing she and Kana shared a bond like his and Hiccup's and was worried for his sister.

Ari's eyes opened as she heard the male Night Fury cry which hurt her further.

"It's not your fault.

Luga should pay for what she did to Kana.

But we healed her.

It'll just take time for her to heal." Ari said gently.

Toothless was amazed by the strength this female of his species was showing.

"Who're you?" he asked curious.

"I'm Ari.

Kana named me.

She found me a while ago during a festival.

She was lonely like I was and she wanted to help.

Unlike Hiccup, she didn't shoot me down but I was ill.

While healing me, a bond began.

I'm why she spends so much time in the forest." she said.

He understood as they both didn't dare move from Kana's side.

Stoick understood as Hiccup had explained.

He was furious at Luga but noticed that Kana was beginning to stir.

"A-Ari....... keep me safe......." she mumured as Stoick saw sadness in Ari's eyes.

The female Night Fury then began to nuzzle the young human as she was singing the lullaby that she'd always sang to her when she was sad or needed to calm down.

Toothless then saw Kana's eyes open as she smiled weakly.

"H-Hey guys......

Have you...... been here the whole time for me?" she said weakly.

Ari and Toothless nodded in agreement.

"You're family.

I couldn't let you die along with Ari.

We were worried about you." he told her.

Kana smiled weakly.

She knew that her brother cared about her along with Ari.

Hiccup then entered hearing his daughter's voice as he hugged her.

"Thank Odin you're okay.

I was so worried about you!" he said hugging her.

Ari noticed that the side effects of what she and Toothless had done to help save her were beginning to happen as they decided to leave them alone for now as they would sleep outside for now.

Ari was very quiet as she looked up at the night sky.

"Don't worry she'll be okay." Toothless reassured her.

Ari nodded in reply.

She hoped Kana would be okay as she cared about Kana.

Her eyes closed in sleep along with him..........

The next morning as Hiccup checked up on Kana, he noticed her fair skin was getting hard and scaly like Toothless's as he remembered his friend and Ari had used dragon magic to heal Kana but wondered why this was happening to her as he needed to talk to the two Night Furies as he went outside but found them curled up in each other which was cute and he decided to leave them to sleep for now.

He then saw Astrid making soup for Kana as she hoped that her daughter would be okay as Hiccup decided not to tell her about what Totthless and Ari's dragon magic was changing Kana into as he knew she'd freak but decided to keep it a secret for now........