The Girl And the Dragon

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Toothless was nervous as he was with Hiccup as they were flying for a while as they needed to get out of the house for a while as things were crazy because of yesterday which the Night Fury understood as Kana was like a sister to him but secretlt he hoped his human didn't know that his daughter was becoming one of them, an Night Fury as he knew Hiccup would freak along with Astrid.

He was also curious about Ari as Kana hadn't told him more about the female Night Fury as she was sleeping, recovering from her injuries along with going through transforming into an Night Fury as she needed to rest.

"Toothless you okay?

You've been quiet for a long while." Hiccup commented.

"I'm sorry Hiccup." he said.

"It's okay buddy.

I'm worried about Kana too.

We still have to deal with Luga." he answered.

The male Night Fury agreed.

But for now he could keep the transformation a secret for now from Hiccup but once her scales showed up, he would have to tell him and he was dreading that.

They then returned to the house as Hiccup was dragon taming today.

For once he realised that Toothless wasn't in a bad mood as he saw Ari waiting for him as the male Night Fury joined her as he wanted to know if Kana was okay.

"Don't worry she's fine.

She was calling for the both of us in Dragonese.

She cares about you a lot." she replied as Toothless nodded.

"Yes but she cares about you too.

We're her only friends in all of Berk.

Maybe she'd be happier as a dragon than as a human." he answered.

She wondered if that was true as she knew that she'd been Kana's only friend but knew that she loved dragons like her father and wanted to be a dragon tamer but was worried she'd mess up.

"Maybe you're right Toothless." she answered.

She then entered the home while Stoick wasn't there.

Toothless followed suit.

They then entered Kana's room.

The young girl was beginning to stir as they were relieved.

Her eyes opened as she saw both Night Furies there.

"H-Hey guys........" she said weakly.

Toothless noticed her teeth had became razor sharp fangs.

Ari smiled knowing it was happening.

"W-Will my Dad be angry at me?

Because I'm changing?" she asked her.

"No your father won't be angry.

He and your mother would care about you no matter what." she reassured her.

Kana smiled as she knew that both Ari and Toothless cared about her.

She hoped that was true as she felt changes happening to her as she felt her organs changing, getting stronger as she was becoming an Night Fury like her and Toothless.

She hoped Hiccup wouldn't be mad at them.

Hiccup was angry as he was dealing with Luga and her father.

They were one of the few that were mad at the bond humans and dragons had in Berk now that Hiccup had shown the residents there was nothing to fear from the dragons as she and her father were angry.

"I have decided to banish you and your daughter from the clan.

We can't allow people like you to ruin Berk.

We are working on helping the bond grow stronger." the chief told them.

They then scowled as they left.

Hiccup smiled relieved as he saw them leave.

He then went back to the house.......

Astrid was nervous as she entered Kana's room hearing her daughter growl like an Night Fury as she wondered what Ari and Toothless had used to heal Kana as she was nervous as she needed to get Hiccup to see what was happening as she didn't know what was happening as Hiccup entered but saw worry in her husband's eyes as he saw black scales beginning to grow on Kana's body as he had a feeling he knew what Toothless and Ari had done by healing her.

"What's happening to her?" Astrid asked.

"She's becoming an Night Fury like them.

It was the only way to heal her." he answered.

She calmed down hearing that but wanted to help her as she and Hiccup wanted to help her learn to control herself and her magic once it developed as they understood as they saw Kana's eyes close in sleep as Ari was watching over her.

She hoped that things would be okay.

She knew that things would change in Berk forever.

Toothless agreed as he began to feel somerthing for Ari.

It was Love as he saw Hiccup leave.......