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Warning! This story touches on incest, physical and emotional abuse, attempted rape (this is clearly marked if you chose not to read), non-con touching, mental instability, crossdressing, and there may be more to come...depending on how damn warped I am.

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"Mr. Potter this is Dr. Anderson… at St. Mungo's Hospital…come down…immediately sir. It's regarding Lily, Mr. Potter, she collapsed at the top of the stairs and fell…With her pre-existing condition it doesn't…There's not much time."

James Potter could barely remember the picking up the phone from his desk at the precinct, let alone what his wife's doctor had said besides the fact that he needed to hurry. He hardly remembered to tell his partner and best friend Sirius that it was an emergency before running out the door, taking his police car (with a damning of the 'big cats' upstairs – if they had a problem with him they could just suck it) and driving full speed in the direction of the hospital where his wife lay most likely… no. Lily was just sick. While his beloved wife had been ill for months, there wasn't… she couldn't.

He slid the car to a stop right in front of the hospital doors, ignoring the yelling of the people around him as he shoved them out of the way and raced for the closing elevator doors, sliding home just in time. The ride up to the fifth floor was maddening; James was twitching about with nervous energy as he mentally screamed for the elevator to go faster. He saw out of the corner of his eye a woman holding her small child close to her side, eying him accusingly but he couldn't give a damn. The little girl was the same age as his own son Harry, the second of the two lights of his life, he could only be thankful that his son was still at kindergarten and would be for the next few hours. When the doors finally opened James shoved past the people waiting to board, his only thought was that he needed to hurry.

He ran through the hallways, nearly colliding with more than one wall before he skidded to a halt in front of the nurse's station.

"M-My wife… Lily! Lily Potter! Where is she?!" He gripped the edge of the nurse's desk nervously, the skin of his knuckles turning a pale white from the strength of his hold, yet it did nothing to hide the tremors that seemed to take hold of his body.

"One moment please," the nurse didn't even bother looking up from the document in front of her as she spoke, ignoring the desperate man as she popped her bright pink bubblegum and turned to the next page of the chart. A loud bang rang through the large hall as James slammed his hands on the desk, gaining the attention of every person in the area.

"Now you listen. You have three seconds to point me in the direction of my wife or I promise you won't have enough teeth to chew by the time I'm done with you," James Potter hissed, his usually friendly and easy going demeanor tossed out for something that would surly even be intimidating to his wife's friend Severus.

"Mr. Potter," a calm male voice called his attention away from the frightened nurse who was just seconds from summoning security.

"Dr. Anderson," James sighed with a brief moment of relief before his expression tightened once more. "How is my wife? Where is she? Why aren't you with her?!"

"Breathe Mr. Potter. I think it's to say you've been running non-stop since you received my call not even... thirty minutes ago. We'll talk on the way to your wife's room." Dr. Anderson gave the congenial smile that all doctors were most likely trained to give. Dr. Jacob Anderson had been Lily Potter's doctor for a few months now and was the best of the best London had to offer. The man had a very easy way about him, one that appealed to both Potter's greatly during their recurring visits.

"Doctor... please," James finally begged after a long moment of walking quietly down a quiet hallway, his tone soft and almost... submissive as the situation finally seemed to catch up with him.

"I won't lie to you James, it would insult both you and me if I did that. I'll be honest with you... She's dying James. With the fall, her disease - you know she wasn't responding well to her medication. There's internal bleeding... a lot of internal bleeding, and with her current state... we'd kill her now if we put her under anesthesia. I'm so sorry James, but your wife has maybe an hour, two at best."

"No. No... God please no," James could feel his throat tightening, swallowing in an attempt to loosen it as he shook his head in denial. Not Lily, anything please. They'd only been together for eight years, married for six... it was too soon.

"James," Jacob said firmly as he came to a stop in front of a closed door, catching the attention of the police officer who was now near tears and on the verge of hyperventilation. "I'm going to let you in to see Lily; it's your right as her husband. I haven't told her the news yet... you need to be strong for her James. Don't let your last few moments end like this. You need to go in there and say what you need to say to your wife. Is there... is there anyone you would like me to call?"

"Re-Remus Lupin. He's on our emergency contact list; He's a family friend and teaches at the school Harry goes to. He'd be the best to-to call."

"Alright then," Dr. Anderson gave James' arm a comforting squeeze before knocking lightly on the door that led to Lily's hospital bed before slowly pushing it open. "She should still be awake; go on James."

James didn't know what to expect when he stepped past the curtain that hid his young wife from view, but it took nearly everything he had to stop the sob that came from looking at his wife's wasting form. There were so many machines, so many wires and tubes connected to his wife; one seemed to be a drip of some kind, another to monitor her pulse and blood pressure, and another that seemed to be helping her breathe. He followed the tubes with his eyes until they settled on Lily's graying skin.

The woman laying on the cold sterile bed didn't even look like the woman he had married; Lily's once porcelain baby-soft skin now looked so hard, no longer the pale shade he adored since it had been tainted with the same shade of gray he had seen on so many... so many dead bodies in his career. Her lustrous deep red hair that James secretly enjoyed brushing on many occasions now looked brittle and thin, almost as if the simplest touch would break a strand in two. When the body on the bed opened its eyes though, and revealed those beautiful green gems, James knew his wife was still inside.

"J-James," Lily's raspy voice was only a shadow of what it had once been, but James couldn't deny it was still beautiful. Even if his wife had been... deteriorating in the past few months, Lilly Potter nee Evans was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"Lils," James forced a smile on to his face as he moved to sit in the chair next to your bedside. "I came as soon as I could. I even talked to Dr. Anderson on my way in, you may be able to come home in a few days."

"You're such a terrible liar James," Lily forced a smile as she slowly raised her hand up from her lap to cup his cheek, the jerking and twitching of her hand easily showing how difficult even the simplest of movements was. "I know I don't have much longer... is Harry with you?"

"No, he's still at school. But, I can call Remus, I can get him here right away Lily, it'll only take a few minutes." James softly rubbed his cheek against Lily's frail hand, wincing as his unshaven face scratched against the delicate skin.

"No, I'm kind of glad he isn't here. I don't want him to remember me like this. He needs to remember me as I've been before I got sick James. Please, make sure he remembers all the good times we've had, alright?" Lily's smile never left her face, even as tears started running down her cheeks.

"Of course, I promise Lily. We-we'll talk of you every day, I'll make sure he never forgets you. I promise." James slid his hand up over hers, holding it as tight as he dared as he tried to resist his own tears.

"Will you promise me one more thing James? Please? It's important," Lily spoke quietly, her eyes never leaving her husband's.

"Whatever you wish Lily, I promise. I swear,"

"After... after I'm gone. I want you to remarry someday," she ignored her husband's sputtering as she kept talking. "You're young James, you have more than enough time to marry again and live a happy life. Just... as my last request; I want your next wife to be like me, similar at least. In nature, personality, beauty to me. Find someone like that James, marry and never let them go."

"Lils, I can't. N-no one could possibly match up to you."

"Promise me, James. You have to promise." Lily's hand tightened against his cheek, those blunt nails almost cutting into his skin as her eyes slowly came to a close, and the machines around her were starting to beep less and less.

"I promise."

It was on a beautiful afternoon in April that Lily Marie Potter was buried in Godric's Hollow, the brilliant sun and the soft singing of the birds could do nothing to affect the mood of those gathered. A beloved wife and mother was gone, and the husband and son left behind had no idea of how to move on.

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