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Mid-August 2003

Even though it was never spoken of, there was always an underlying sense of tension running through the Suou Mansion; it was one that was normally never spoken of, but everyone knew it surrounded the young heir and his relationships (or nearly non-existent ones) with the elders of the family. Harry hadn't understood it in the beginning, but during his first meeting with Yuzuru Suou – the 'face' of the Suou family – he couldn't help but feel an underlying sense of bitterness towards the man. However, that was nothing in comparison with the outright resentment he felt towards Megumi Suou.

Megumi Suou, an infamous and silent killer of the business world. Her enemies and even friends would only dare to speak of her in reverent and fearful tones in darkened and mostly abandoned conference rooms. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. A bloodthirsty spider that launched out of her 'burrow' at seemingly random moments with deadly accuracy.

The woman took the household by storm. Maids and butlers flew around in a panic the moment she disappeared from view. Harry was certain he saw one of the other maids burst into tears and faint just seconds after the matriarch so much as glanced in her general direction. There was no escape for the male-in-disguise however. He had been caught at the top of the stairs, his arms full of new linens and no escape in sight.

"Suou-sama." Harry bowed the best he was able with his arm load, staring firmly at the floor as he waited for the woman and her two assistants to pass by.

"You. Girl." The woman's whisper seemed to snap like a whip, even with its' gravely tone. "Tea service and coffee in the solarium."

"Yes, ma'am." Harry hurried down the stairs as quickly as possible, shoving the pile of linens into a storage closet before making his way into the kitchens where hopefully Keiko had already started the tray setup.

Entering the kitchens Harry hadn't been expecting to find anyone beside the Head chef Keiko, and perhaps a few frantic maids who ran to the strong woman for shelter. The kitchen was covered in what appeared to be a fine coating of white powder that was likely baking flour, and in the center of the explosion were several teenagers that seemed to be bickering over a mixing bowl being held by one of the smallest 'boys' in the middle.

"Fern-chan!" An excited squeal came from the smallest of the flour covered pack hopped up to the 'maid's' side, eerily being close by all the while being careful to keep his dress clean. "Haruhi-chan is teaching us how to make cookies!"

"Haruhi-chan..?" Harry couldn't help but stutter as he looked at the familiar girl. Her long locks of hair were long gone, the girl's hair was far shorter than his anymore. She was dressed in a simple pair of feminine jeans and peasant blouse that flattered her immensely (and surely wasn't something she would have picked out), Harry couldn't help but note these even in his growing panic.

"Fern...chan?" The normally obtuse girl studied the 'girl' across from her, and Harry couldn't help but sigh in relief as he saw his friend catch on to what's going on. "Is this where you've been?"

"You two know one another?" Tamaki seemed delighted; all the while Harry could just imagine the angry cogs furiously turning in Kyouya's head as he whipped out a small and relatively clean notebook.

"Yes…I-," Harry looked around hesitantly at the expectant eyes staring at him, only Haruhi's appeared slightly sympathetic as they met his. "Yes, Tamaki-san. Haruhi and her father let me stay with them for awhile before I came here. They were very kind."

"Until you disappeared! ...Ha-Fern! We were so worried." Haruhi passed off the bowl to one of the twins, nearly irate (or rather, as irate as the mellow girl could get) as she practically stomped up to Harry. "You just left and we had no idea if you were safe."


"Fern-chan!" Miaka burst through the kitchen doors, looking frantically about the room until her eyes landed on her roommate. "You don't have the tea ready yet? Suou-sama is waiting!"

"…Grandmother is here?" Tamaki paled, and the room descended into chaos once more.

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