SUMMARY: Wendy is just your average 15 year old, and on the verge of coming of age, as her 16th birthday is right around the corner. Everything is going according to plan, until she runs into a runaway who calls himself "Peter Pan". She gets swept up into his chaotic lifestyle, and suddenly her birthday is closer than she wants it to be. Will Wendy forever remain with Peter, or will she come to her senses and go back home?


"Wendy?" My mother's familiar voice wakes me from my quiet slumber. "James will be here soon, don't you think you'd better wake up?" I'm about to wave my hand and ask for five more minutes, when my half opened eyes fall on the neon green numbers of the clock on my bedside table. My eyes fly open and I jolt, sitting upright staring at the numbers. Oh crap. My mother rushes out of the room as I jump out of bed, sheets and pillows thrown in all directions as I attempt to untangle myself from the coverings.

Free from the sheets, I rush toward the bathroom. Immediately, I turn on the shower and pull at my clothes. While I wait for the water to get warm enough, I brush my teeth. Once I'm finished, I slide into the shower, the warm water greets my bare skin. Without wasting any time, I grab the soap and scrub. In five minutes, I'm clean and out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my body. Another minute passes and I'm blow drying my hair, trying to get it as dry as I can before I dress. It's Saturday, and my boyfriend, James and I have a date. He's taking me to see a movie I've been wanting to see, and then we're going to get ice cream and hang out at the mall or park or something. Three minutes and I'm back in my room, throwing clothes around, looking for something to match the shirt I had picked out last night.

"Wendy! James is here!"

Crap! I pull the shirt on over my head and pull on a pair of shorts. I grab my favorite pair of shoes, black converse, and head out into the living room where my mother is sitting on the couch opposite James. His black curly hair is pulled back into a small pony tail, and the beginnings of a goatee is on his chin. He stands up when I enter the room. He's tall for his age. "Hey."

I smile at him and grab his hand, "Let's go." I want to leave as soon as possible, before my mother starts getting all mushy.

James, a complete gentleman nods a quick goodbye to my mother, "Thank you for letting me take out your daughter."

She just smiles and waves her hand. I tug on James' arm and lead him out of the door. I know it's only one more nice comment before my mother begs him to stay. She's absolutely in love with James. She hopes that one day I'm going to get married to him. I'm not saying it's not a possibility, but I'm only fifteen years old, it's a little bit too soon to be thinking about marriage. I'm still focused on passing Algebra II.

The movie theater is only a couple blocks away from my house, so James and I decide to walk. He has a permit, but no car, and I have neither. Besides, walking is much more romantic. At least, I think so anyway.

James holds my hand while we walk, and we talk about anything and everything.

"Did you know, Lilly has another pet." I begin to say, trying to bring the conversation away from school things.

"What kind of a pet?"

"Are you ready for this? She has a crocodile!"

James stops walking and stares at me, "You're joking!" I just shake my head. "Goodness! An crocodile! Really? I have to see that."

I nod, "She showed me some pictures. She said it just showed up in her backyard. I swear, animals are just attracted to her."

"Maybe we could go over to her house after the movie." James suggested, a gleam in his light blue eyes.

"Sure." I nod my head.

Lilly is my best friend, we've known each other since Elementary school. We were in all the same classes, until she got really sick in middle school. She's paralyzed from the waist down and has to go around in a wheelchair. She's not allowed to leave the house without her parents or some guardian present. So, whenever I want to hang out, I have to go to her house. It's not that bad, but her father's the Chief of police, so it's kind of intimidating.

James and I reached the movie theater sooner than we expected, and the movie doesn't start for another twenty minutes, so we decided to just hang out in front of the theater.

"Hey, Wendy?" James suddenly asks, "Do you know, the Muffin Man?"

I laugh. He is just too cute. "No, I do not know the Muffin Man. Who is he?"

James waggles his fingers in front of me, "He's the Muffin Man! Of course!"

I jump as James' fingers tickle my sides and my ribs. A loud shriek erupts from my lips, and James stops tickling me. He looks at me, and I glare at him. A minute passes, and we both burst into laughter. James is gripping his sides and laughing almost hysterically. "My face!" I cry, "It hurts to laugh!" I put my hands over my face as I laugh, trying to calm myself down. After about five minutes of giggling, we finally managed to stop. James looks at his watch, "Do you want to head in now?" I nod and we start walking for the theater doors.

Before James could open the door for me, the doors burst open from the inside of the theater, and a blond haired boy stalks out.

"Hey! Watch where you're walking!" James yells after the boy, who stops and turns back around.

I can't help but notice that he has his hands in his jacket, almost like he's hiding something. The blond haired boy walks up to James and stands inches away from him. My grip tightens on James' hand as I try to talk to him telepathically to let it go and just go into the theater.

The blond haired boy sneers, "Or what?" His face is young and mocking, "Are you going to hit me?"

James doesn't respond, he just continues to glare at the boy standing just inches in front of him. I tug at his hand, but he doesn't move. Damn. Whenever James gets mad, he gets mad, and I mean mad. He can't be talked out of it. He can't be reasoned out of it. The only way he can stop, is if he chooses to. I look up at James' face, his jaw is clenched and his eyebrows are furrowed, his light eyes look like their burning.

"That's what I thought." The blond boy sniffed, "You aren't going to do anything." He tilts his head until his eyes fall on me, he clicks his tongue and winks just before he turns to leave.


James let go of my hand and reached for the boy's shoulder. James' fist connects with the blond boy's face, and I can't do anything but just stand there and watch. I react, but too late. The blond boy is on the ground, and an assortment of candy scatters from the inside of his jacket. I knew it, he was hiding something. I rush forward and grab James' arm, "Let it go! I'm fine! He didn't mean it!" But he pushes me away. I trip on my own feet and fall on my back. I can hear the sound of skin against skin, and a repeated pounding sound. I look up to see James on top of the blond haired boy, punching him repeatedly in the face. My back is sore, but I stand up again and rush forward to try and pull James off of him. This was supposed to be a good day. I wasn't supposed to referee a boxing match. This wasn't supposed to happen. We were supposed to go to the movies, have a good time, then go to Lilly's house. But now that wasn't going to happen. James would kill that boy if I didn't stop him. I wrap my arm around James' right arm and pull him off of the blond haired boy.

"Get off me!" James yells at me, trying to lunge for the boy again, but I pulled him back again.

"No! James, stop! This is ridiculous!" I shriek, hoping that maybe he'll snap out of it.

The blond haired boy pushed himself up from the ground, but he didn't stand. He just sat there glaring resiliently at James. He had a bloody nose and a cut lip, and would probably have a black eye, but he still looked mockingly at James. "Oh, so you need your girlfriend to help you?"

"That's it!" James pushed me off and lunged for the blond haired boy again. There was a grunt and a loud smack, and to my surprise, now the tables had turned. James was on his back while the blond haired boy beat on him.

All the commotion had raised some people from inside of the theater to rush out to see what was happening. A circle began to form around them, jeering and cheering them on. Then, security came and pushed through the crowd. They pulled James and the blond haired boy off of each other and told the patrons to go back inside and enjoy the movie. Oh. The movie. I must admit, it had completely slipped my mind until just now. The manager came out, took one look at the candy on the floor and one look at the boy and James. Then he sighed, "Peter, go home."

The blond haired boy wrenched himself free from the big man who was holding him and stuck out his tongue, "You can't tell me what to do!" But he ran off anyway.

The manager sighed again and put on his glasses to look at James. "Well, he hit you pretty hard. Are you all right, young man?"

James sniffed as he wiped the blood from his nose, he didn't answer. Still, the manager dismissed the security men, and it was only James, the manager, and I who were outside.

"So, who are you two anyway?" The manager asks, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

I spoke, because I knew James wasn't able to right now, at least in a normal tone anyway. "I'm Wendy Moira Angela Darling, and this is James Hook. Who was that boy?"

The manager sighed again, "He's a nuisance and disturbs my customers. He steals from my stores and picks a fight with everyone. His name is Peter Pan."