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Title: Thunderstorms

Summary: Small Sam and Dean, during a thunderstorm, then years later as the world ends.

A/N: Never done a SPN fic before; I've only recently gotten addicted. This was based off a prompt for my English class; hope it's decent! Sorry if the tenses are screwed up; I don't usually write in present tense.


The lights flicker on and off as the wind howls and roars outside, trying to claw its way into the safe warm hotel room, and the two small boys sit quietly in the corner, sitting closer together than is strictly necessary. Dean glances at his younger brother, who he is supposed to protect, and sees Sam shivering in fear. Thunderstorms were always the kid's weakness. But that's OK; he understands. His kid brother is still just that; a kid.

He wraps his arm protectively around Sam, and doesn't even roll his eyes at the girliness of the moment as his brother immediately buries his face in Dean's shoulder. But he has to be tough; he's the older brother, he's the responsible one. When Dad's gone, he's in charge. He has no shoulder to hide on.

'It's just thunder,' he thinks to himself, tightening his grip on Sam as the lightning flares again. 'And lightning. Nothing actually scary about it. It's just light, and air, or something,' he forcibly reminds himself of the stupid TV show Sam had insisted on watching just yesterday about what makes thunder and lightning. 'Just air and rain and light. No big deal.'

He remembers someone, maybe his Mom, holding him during a thunderstorm when he was very small. She had said, 'it's only Angels bowling'.

Years later, he thinks back on that saying and laughs and laughs. Or he would have laughed, if he could remember how.

He's lost almost everyone by now; Cas was the only one left. Sam had given in to Lucifer three weeks beforehand, and Dean can't defy Michael for much longer. He can't think of a reason to continue anymore. He's lost Sam. He's lost Bobby, and his parents, and Jo and Ellen…. It's so hard to think of anyone he hasn't lost. Besides Cas, that is. Cas never leaves. It gets annoying, occasionally, but Dean knows that if Cas ever dies (for real and permanent), he would cave immediately. Having at least one friend is necessary, Dean has learned over the last few terrible years.

Now, as Cas and Dean stand in an empty field in Lawrence, Kansas, which just seemed to poetical for words, and face Lucifer and his army, thunder rolls above their heads.

He thinks it's fitting, and as he calls out to Michael, he focuses his thoughts on that memory.

Two small boys in the corner of a hotel room.

Angels bowling.

And everything goes dark as Michael appears.


A/N: Well this went dark! I meant it to be mostly just a cute brotherly-love thing, but apparently Nyquil makes me depressed. Huh.