It was a dark and stormy night. Two teenage girls were walking along the alleyway, raincoats collars up and rain hats pulled down.

" You just had to spend our bus money on ice cream!"

" Well I'm sorry but it was.... good ice cream!"

" I blame you for the fact my boots are getting wet."

" As if they weren't already killed on the winter retreat!" ( funny story there!)

" Yeah, but I had boot protector on them then! And it was on snow, not in torrential rain!"

" Meh! " The blond ( damp tendrils peeked out from her jacket) threw up her arms in frustration. She was seriously regretting buying that ice cream. Now they had to walk home, and Sierra just had to live on a farm!

They walked in silence for a while, Amanda worried that they might die, and Sierra bemoaning the fate of her poor, poor boots. They didn't notice a black creature, merely a shadow in the mist, slinking around the alley, and they didn't notice it's yellow eyes watching them, They didn't notice it at all, until it had released it's blood-curdling scream and had pounced on them.

Luckily for them, the creature hadn't notice the Sanctuary crew following it, he had been so intent on his pursuit of the girls. They had quickly shot it with tranquilizer dart things , and the inky monster had turned into an unconscious man, but unfortunately right on top of the girls. Helen walked over to the man carefully.

" He's Cabal."

" Why am I not surprised." Ashley grumbled, as she hoisted the girls in the back seat.

" So the Cabal wanted them for some reason?"

" Yes. Which means it's a good thing we got here when we did."

Helen had moved the girls to the infirmary, but mainly they had passed from unconsciousness to sleep. But in the middle of the night, a whisper could be heard.

" Mweh... mweh! CHICKEN!" Amanda sat up with a bolt. She looked around, discerning her surroundings with a gasp. " HOLY CRAP SIERRA WAKE UP NOW!"

" Fifteen minutes....."

" Sierra. Willy is here with his shirt off."

" PANSY!" The brunette bolted up immediately, screaming the word to the empty room. " Hey! Where's the pansy?"

" Somewhere. Sierra, don't you get it? We're in the Sanctuary!"

" Or maybe we're just on the set for some weird reason" The brunette rubbed her eyes mumbling.

" Sierra, the set is mainly green screen. Only about three beds in the infirmary set are real. "

The brunette glared at her sleepily, before her eyes popped open.

" Awesome!"

" Or we're dreaming."

" I wonder if we have abnormal powers!"

" I dunno. Let's see!"

" How are we gonna see?"

" I dunno. Maybe we have a thingy like that Alex kid!"

" Amanda! I think I would know if I had a brain-sucking appendage. "

" Whatever. I wonder where in the Sanctuary we are. Maybe this is before Ashley died! MAYBE WE'LL GET TO MEET HER IN PERSON! OH MY GO-"

" Shush! We don't want to wake anybody."

" Yeah we do."

You two certainly seem excited about something.

Ummmm.... am I going crazy? Or schizophrenic?

" Amanda?"

" I'm hearing voices Sierra."

" Okay. What are they telling you to do?

" I don't know, I'll ask."

Hi voices. Is there something you want?

No. I'm just saying hi. I apologize if this bothers you.

Depends. Who are you?

Some know me as Sally, the mermaid.

" It's Sally the Mermaid. Apparently she can do telekinesis. "

" Oh. Tell her hi, from me."

Sierra says hi.



Do you want me to get Helen?

No, we're okay.

Alright then. I'll be here if you need something.


" So..... should we go back to sleep?"

" I guess so."

" Yep."

" G'night en, loves you muches."

" G'night en, loves you muches too."

" We're not going to be able to fall asleep, are we?"

" Nope."

A/N G'nite en, loves you muches is our usual 'good night.' :)


Helen Magnus jerked up from her work and then calmed down. She was used to the mermaid's form of communication.


Your new guests are awake, the teenage girls who the Cabal attempted to abduct.

Are they alright?

Yes, but they had the most peculiar response once they realized where they were. What worried me most was they briefly mentioned something of Ashley's death.

Now Helen was worried. Her daughter wasn't dead! At least, not the last time she checked on her.

What did they say, exactly?

'Maybe this is before Ashley's death. Maybe we'll get to meet her!' At the last phrase they started to get very, very excited.

Thank you.

She abandoned her paperwork and walked quickly to the infirmary to question their new guests.

" Can you sleep?"

" Nope."

" Can't sleep knowing we're in the same building as a mermaid, two-faced guy, a werwolf, creepy lizard that once tried to eat Ashley-"

" Keep going like that and you'll bore me to sleep."

Helen paused before opening the door. They knew a lot, and none of her crew or herself had ever met them before in their lives. Maybe the were abnormals with powers of omnosis? She took a deep breath and walked into the room, turning on the light. The girls sat up as she entered, one of them rubbing their eyes from the bright light, the other's eyes widening when she saw her.

" Are you two alright? Sally told me you were awake."

" Yep, we're fine."

" She heard a piece of your conversation, and she relayed it to me as it is rather disturbing."

" Which part?"

" The ' Will is a pansy' part? 'Cause sorry but that's true."

" No, the part about Ashley's death."

" So she's alive?!" The blond gasped and whacked her friend, before whispering fervently in her ear. Magnus could hear their conversation.

" If we tell her she's going to try to prevent it."

" Well Miss president of the SWIDOAD club, isn't that what we want?"

" But then the timeline might change."

" Amanda. Lots of people died. It would be be-"

" But what if even more people died?"

" Excuse me, but I'd really like to know what you two are talking about."

They looked at each other, their debate now silent, before the blond one spoke,

" Well, if we tell you, you would try to change it and that might be bad."

" So Amanda believes. But seriously, what if they can't work without the fifth solider?"

" There were five Montana test subjects?"

" No, because Ashley was one of the super abnormals, and they rescued one of the Montana test subjects, remember?"

" How does the Montana test subjects figure into all this?" She was confused, which was rare for her. the one opposed to telling her grimaced, evidently having revealed something. Her companion spoke up with a smirk.

" You know Amanda, the Cabal might not even execute the plan the way the did in the series."

" And if they do? What if we change something and Ashley gets killed in the crossfire, instead of sacrificing herself?"

" Sacrificing herself?" She had pieced together some things. The Cabal was going to attack, evidently in the future, and her daughter, who for some reason was part of the Cabal's soldiers, sacrificed herself. This was very confusing. Ashley would never join the Cabal, right?

" Might as well just tell her now." The brunette- Sierra! said.

" Might as well." Amanda said.