The next few days passed in a blur. No one especially close to Amanda and Sierra had ever died before, and even though they were only stalker-friend-people-who-idolized-her, the depressed feelings and general gloom of the aftermath of war got to them, and they found it very hard to be cheery.

Until the memorial service, that is.

They had been horribly late, due to once again their pitiful sense of direction. They had hovered at the doorway, unsure if it would appropriate to burst in there, when a sight made Amanda almost scream.

Ashley. She was dressed in the all- white of the funny scene at the end of Eulogy that had confirmed Amanda's suspicions Magnus was in fact, menopausal for seeing things and hearing voices, but she quickly realized if they could see Ashley too, that meant either they were seeing things or Ashley had teleported in to say goodbye.

Don't worry Ashley, we'll help.

The blond had almost whirled around hearing the voices in her head. But catching a glimpse of the two concealed in the doorway made her stop. Sierra with her clueless expression and Amanda with her pensive expression, it made her heart ache harder. But she took a deep breath and walked toward her mom, to say goodbye.

Amanda had made it so Ashley was invisible as she teleported away, because that's how it appeared in the rather confusing and highly emotional scene from Eulogy. As Magnus slid to the floor to sob, Amanda could almost imagine the Andrew Lockington music playing and the credits beginning to roll. But she had more important matters to attend to. She grabbed the sighing Sierra's hand and with a flash they had teleported back to their room.

"I think I'm going to go sit in a corner and cry now." The brunette said with a sigh.

"You can't!" Amanda said, eyes blazing, grinning wildly as she shook her friend. She almost couldn't keep her epiphany in.

"I can to cry, just because I don't get all emotional all the time like you do doesn't mean-"

"No, no, I'm not talking about that! Ashley, didn't you see Ashley?"


"And in the show, didn't they gear it more like Magnus was hallucinating?"


"But if we could see her, that means she for real teleported in and it means…." Amanda had released Sierra and began pacing. Now she stopped and turned to Sierra, whose eyes began to grow wide with realization. The that means answer was left unsaid as they began to scream and jump up and down, hope restored. Ashley was alive, and they were going to find her.

But they kept it to themselves. They did a surprisingly good job of keeping it to themselves, save for that one instance with William….


They were on their way to pick up some transferred abnormals. Henry was driving and Will was in the back seat with them. Amanda started giggling madly, and trying to shut her mouth to avoid blurting out the secret, but her attempts only made her giggle harder. Sierra began to giggle while playing Ninjump, knowing why Amanda was laughing. Will did not, and began to scoot away from them. Fearing they were planning something maniacal. Sierra shot him a maniacal grin and she screamed like a little girl.

"Whatever it is it's a bad idea." Henry said in a tired tone.

"No it isn't! it's a FANTASTIC idea!" Amanda shouted, before beginning to sob and hug Sierra. The brunette remained unconcerned, until she held the IPhone up in triumph.

"I beat your high score!"

"What? No way!"

"Please guys; we really don't need anymore deaths." The morbid statement killed the mood, and they had settled back into their previous occupations.

*End flashback*

So now they bored out of their skulls, having not been allowed to help much with rebuilding et cetera, because of the dangerous likely hood of them making the wood beam drop on a certain psychiatrist.

"Didn't Nathan break your old plastic wagon?"

"Yes. Fie on the kid."

"Fie on him indeed. I think you need a fancy metal wagon."

"Ooo, of red racer variety?"

With a poof a large metal red wagon appeared. They popped up and grinned. The new wagon gave them a perfect idea.

"Don't bother them now, they're having a staff meeting!"

"Why isn't Kate there?"

"Well, duh, she's not staff yet."

"Why not?"

"Remember? Not until the bit with the gianormo lizard and 'If you want to see your autopsy before you die-"

"Can we help you?"

Amanda and Sierra looked up from their bickering to find Magnus looking up at them, with a tired expression.

"D'you guys want to come with us on a picnic?" Sierra asked excitedly. Will perked up and nodded eagerly, Henry trying to see the contents of the red wagon they were pulling, filled with picnic goodies. If you picnicked with live Puffins. They looked to their boss for consent. She nodded and closed the folder on her lap.

"Some fresh air would do you some good."

"Can you come too Magnus? Please? Please?" Sierra begged, and they both pulled their pouty faces.

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really."

"Alright then."

"Kate's coming too!" Amanda added as the group headed out of Magnus's office.

"Does she know that?" Henry asked.


With a flash them plus Kate teleported to a grassy hill. Kate yelped as she got up and looked around suspiciously.

"You came to our picnic!" Amanda said cheerily as she pulled the wagon to the top of the hill were there was a wind sock fluttering lazily.

Kate looked up confused to Henry who just mouthed It's not like we could stop them.

They were on the top of a hill surrounded on one part by a field were cows grazed lazily, on one side with a hay field, one by a small house that a brunette woman was opening the door of and peering out slightly alarmed. Down the hill to the side of the house was a larger one, with a fenced play yard. It was somewhat of an urban farm. A road cut divided the hay field and a corn field, and a neighbor's house was across it. Forest ringed the edge of the property.

"Hi Aunt Sharon!" Sierra called to the brunette woman. "We're having a picnic with our friends." She nodded, waved, and headed back inside.

"Where are we?" Will asked, as they spread out the picnic bits laid obviously made by Bigfoot, as neither girl could cook to save their lives- Amanda for lack of skill, Sierra for lack of knowledge or willpower.

"My Aunt Sharon's hill. Why do you think we brought the wagon?" Sierra said. Will looked down the hill. Were you to ride down it in said rickety wagon, you either hit the barbed wire fence, or the field.

"Well…. I guess we could aim for the pasture." He said with a gulp.

"Not if you want to get covered in ticks." Amanda added as she cradled the brownies lovingly. Sierra noticed the chocolaty goodness and lunged for it, effectively knocking most of the food over, and managing to start rolling down the hill.

The side of the hill that ended in a sudden stop when you hit the electric barbed wire fence.

They held their breath as the two slowed to a stop several feet before the electric fence. The two got up, bowed to the applause of a team relieved to not have to deal with more injures, and they began to hike back up the hill. By the time they reached the top, Amanda looked around in horror.

"Where did the brownies go?"

Henry's POV

He had hardly laughed in months. Little had been funny about your little sister getting kidnapped, turned into a killing machine, and then her and four others attacking the network that stood between the bad guys and world domination, And then her dying to stop it. No, he hadn't truly laughed in a long time. But here they were acting as if it had never happened. No, they were relaxing. Enjoying life and not wallowing in the loss of others. Even Magnus was laughing. The girls brought humor into an often depressing job, which they were grateful for. But he couldn't really understand why they liked Kate so much. But he had to admit, she was pretty cute.


The picnic had gone well. They had managed to get everyone to ride the wagon, even Magnus, who had toppled over halfway and burst out laughing. Will had spilled every single time except for one, where he had stood up in triumph, tripped, and landed in the tick-infested field. He was still obsessively checking for ticks. Kate had rode down like an expert, swerving, and stepping out and bowing, Henry had been forced to go, shoved in the wagon and pushed down the hill, where his yells quickly turned to laughter. The girls had done it multiple times, screaming each time but never actually getting hurt.

Now the two were walking around, talking about random things.

"You're crazy."

"Well duh. "

"You're crazy, Carly's crazy, Mrs. B's crazy."

"No, Mrs. B is creepy."

"All people in the world are crazy, cool, stupid, or evil."

"Like Hitler?"

"Who was Hitler Sierra?" Amanda asked, knowingly the answer but still testing her friend. Sierra's knowledge of American history, and history in general, was very pitiful.

"He was the guy who killed all the Jews from the bible!" Sierra answered triumphantly, and then ducked from Amanda's slap.

"No!" She said exasperently, and was about to launch into a long-winded explanation about Adolf Hitler, the Nazi party, and World War Two, when Magnus came around the corner.

"Hello girls." She said amicably.

"Tell Amanda Hitler killed all the Jews from the bible!"

"Tell Sierra she needs to look at a History book!"

"Girls." She said in an effort to stop their bickering before it escalated to 'Your face' cracks. They stopped and turned to her.

"I was wondering if you girls wanted to stay at the Sanctuary more full time."

She could swear she heard glass shattering from the scream that followed.

"I'm guessing that's a yes?"



And that's how it all began.

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