Hello everyone! I haven't done anything for quite a while here, and since I'm cancelling my writing of "Hope", I'm going to be writing a brand-new FanFic! This one is, luckily, more true to the actual story. But yes, it will have my own stuff, don't worry. So now, without further ado, I hope you enjoy Bionicle: Shadow War!

(((Scene Change)))


(((Island half a kio from Artahka, Toa Nuva ETA 20 minutes from Metru Nui)))

Twelve figures sat around a strange statue of a Kanohi Hau. It was strange in the fact that no matter where you looked, no matter what angle you saw it from, you always be staring it in the face. They had sensed the storm in Karda Nui and they knew what had happened. But a stirring was troubling them. One of the figures opened his eyes from his meditation and looked at his brothers.

"Is that...?" he asked slowly.

"Yes. It is. Teridax..." another said. "I knew he couldn't stay away."

"So the Plan is... complete?" the first asked.

"No. Not yet. But soon..."

The first figure cursed softly under his breath. "Then perhaps it's time for some reconnaissance." A third figure opened his eyes from his meditation, a slight smirk spreading across his face. "Ooh, I agree." he said.

"I thought you would. But no, I think we need more... finesse... send the twins."

"Understood." two quiet voices said at the same time.

"Good." the first figure said with a slow nod. "Teleport to Stelt. Commandeer a boat and head north to Metru Nui."

"On it." the male voice said.

"Consider it done." the female voice said, and the two figures were gone. The first figure then turned to the second.

"Prepare the weapon cache. It's time."

(((South of Metru Nui, Toa Nuva ETA 8 minutes)))

Lewa Nuva tapped a few controls on Axalara's dash and leaned back nonchalantly. Pohatu did the same, the words AUTOPILOT ON flashing on his mask's HUD. However, Kopaka kept his hands on the Jetrax's controls, face as expressionless as ever.

"Is it feeling a little cold up here, or is it just me?" Pohatu joked, smiling behind the face guard. But Kopaka did not laugh and Pohatu looked down in defeat. Gali sat on the edge of Jetrax's wing, her legs swinging back and forth as the stared at Hopaka, who was pretending not to notice her. Tahu scoffed.

"Jealous much?" Takanuva said with a slight chuckle, his size already having decreased almost to normal size.

"Pfft. Me? Jealous?" Tahu laughed sarcastically . "As if..." Takanuva watched Tahu, who's aura flared around him in a mix or anger and sadness.

"If you say so..." the Toa of Light said with a shrug as Tahu pushed himself off the Axalara, his armor shifting slightly to his needs so he could keep up with the huge assault craft.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand city of-" Pohata was cut off by the sight of huge fortress walls being erected around the continent. The Toa all stared in disbelief and Gali placed her hand over her heart light.

"Mata Nui protect us..."

But Tahu wasn't going to wait around. He was a leader. And he had to take action.

"Pohatu, go attack the remaining ships. The ones not on fire. Lewa, Kopaka, strafe the area with fire. Everyone else, get off the ships and try and figure out what the heck is going on!" he said, flying off towards the island. He landed and the armor shifted on his body back to its dormant state. The other three did the same and they charged towards the doors.

Pohatu had already veered off, the other two craft joining him as they flew in perfect unison, drawing contour lines all across the sky as they flew. Pohatu banked slightly to get a good look at the blue Toa on the ground and smiled, waving at Hahli. But she did not wave back. He guessed she hadn't seen him and he hit the booster on his ship, flying towards the coast.

The ships began turning their cannons on him, and Pohatu flew close, low and fast, peppering the ships with fire from his vehicle's two wing-mounted Rockslide Cannons. The heavy weapons, which were made for dealing damage to whole mountains, easily tore through the Makuta's ships, each slowly beginning its descent to the bottom of the ocean. For the heavier ships, Pohatu smirked as he would fire his heavier blaster, the cannons setting fire to the Destroyers as they, too, began to sink.

Meanwhile, Kopaka had flown over, firing his three cannons at the Rahkshi, which were screeching and jumping, swinging their staffs at the sky, only to be destroyed by the balls of pure light. When things were too danger-close to the Matoran, both he and Lewa would fire their lasers, which tore through the Rahkshi armor just as well. Within only twenty minutes, all the enemies had been destroyed, and the three ships were able to land near the Coliseum.

Pohatu was the first to jump off his airship, armor instantly shifting back to its dormant shape, color darkening back to its brown colour, and he grabbed a large bulky guard angrily.

"What's going on here, huh?" he snapped. "Why is Metru Nui a-" Tahu pulled the Toa of Stone off the guard, who was looking a bit shocked at the sudden attack.

"It's the Order of Mata Nui." the Fire Toa said. "And if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have come back to a home." Pohatu did not answer. He bowed his head in apology and turned back to the Rockoh.

"So what happened?" a voice shouted. They turned and saw both Hewkii and Hahli sprinting towards them. "Did it work?" they both yelled in unison.

"Calm down." Gali said with a chuckle, waving her hand at the two younger Toa. "We did it..." she said, smiling.

"So he's awake? For real?" Hewkii said, shaking with excitement.

"For real." Tahu answered. "Mata Nui is finally awake."

Hewkii and Hahli bumped fists, trying to contain their excitement, although failing as they both jumped up and shouted with joy.

"So it's true..." Dume said, hobbling over to the nine Toa. "That's what that earthquake was, wasn't it?" the Turaga smiled happily and Tahu nodded. Vakama soon joined his fellow Turaga and bowed.

"It is an honor to welcome you back here." Vakama said, turning to Dume. "Shall we?" Dume nodded, and the two walked towards one of the several elevators placed on the side of the Coliseum. Dume pushed a button on a control panel and the elevator rose. A large screen projected up in front of them as they reached the top, and the two Turaga of Fires' faces appeared on viewscreen all over Metru Nui. Matoran, who had been scooping away parts of broken Rahkshi or attempting to rebuild rubbled shacks all looked up at the screens.

"Fellow Matoran." Dume began. "I ask you to lend an ear to our message. Your Toa Nuva have returned. The Great Spirit has awoken!" No one had to strain to hear the cheers from all across the massive city. "Tomorrow, you are all invited to the Coliseum. There will be a celebration, the likes of which has never been seen!"

But Hahli did not feel like celebrating, even now. She could not help but remember Matoro, who had given his life that Mata Nui might live. And despite all the wounded and the dying among the defenders, she could not help but feel it had all been a little too ... easy. True, there had been some unexpected help: the airships, the Bohrok, the storm. But they had faced an army of Rahkshi. Something told her they should not have won, at least not with so much of the city still intact. She smiled. Turaga Nokama would have chided her for worrying so much. No matter how things seemed, the Great Spirit was awake for the first time in over one thousand years. Light had triumphed over darkness, hadn't it? The Toa had achieved their destiny and saved the universe, hadn't they? And that meant all was well again; nothing very bad could happen now, could it?

Hahli turned to head toward Ga-Metru, humming a song Nokama had once taught her. One written long ago that spoke of hope for tomorrow. Perhaps, if not for the music, she might have heard the sound of dark laughter on the wind.


Just so you know, the last 2 paragraphs are copied from the story serial "Destiny War", which can be found on BionicleStory(dot)com or BioSecotr01(dot)com. The story will be awesome, I can tell. Hope you enjoy!