Mary Doolie couldn't wait a minute longer for Jimmy to come. Those cows were getting wild. She needed someone to help her herd them. Mary went and got the Yellow Pages and looked for animal catchers. She soon found what she wanted; 'Sanctuary'. It said they caught loose and wild animals. Perfect. She called the number, and a young man answered.

"Sanctuary. Can I help you?" He asked cheerfully.

"Yeah, I got some animals on the loose. They be getting restless. I need someone to capture 'em for me. Can ya help?" Her country accent was heavy.

"Sure thing. Where are you?"

--o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o—o –

The Sanctuary team geared up. Ashley was excited. Will was slightly scared. Henry was ready. Magnus was worried, as usual, for her kids' safety.

"Are you all ready?" Helen asked.


"Sure thing."

"Tasers? Guns? Nets? Tranquilizers?" She questioned.

"Check…..times four." Henry replied.

"Then let's go!" Ashley exclaimed.


As they arrived at Mary's farm, they looked around for any sign of an abnormal and were confused when they found none. No claw marks, no destruction. Nothing.

Mary opened her front door and called them over. They went to meet her and she greeted them warmly.

"Howdy, ya'll. Glad ya came. Them cows been getting feisty. Best hurry and catch 'em 'fore they start a riot." The team looked at each other with wide eyes. Cows? They drove to some lady's farm to herd cows?

"Um, ma'am, did you say we were going to be herding cows?" Ashley asked, being way more polite than normal.

"Why yes, darlin'. That's why I done called yer up." More surprised faces.

"Oh. Well, let's get started." Henry said, thankful they couldn't yell at him for answering the phone in front of her. Mary led them to the cows and then left.

Five were out of their enclosement, and the other ten were starting to follow. They stood and stared, not knowing what to do at all.

"So…….." Will started.

"I guess we could run into the gates and hope they follow us. Or we could find the keys to that tractor and……catch them." Henry suggested, looking over at the huge green tractor. The others agreed it was a good plan, so while Ashley and Henry jumped around like idiots trying to get the cows' attention, Magnus and Will searched for the keys. They looked in the hay barn, the garage, and the feed barn with no luck. They were about to look in the pigs pen when Will happened to walk by the tractor and saw the keys in the ignition. Magnus and Will felt very stupid. Once she got over the stupidity, Magnus climbed in the tractor and rode over to the cows. She tried to get them to follow her, she really did, but they just wouldn't.

Very frustrated, she called out, "Get the tranqu guns! Shoot 'em down!" She jumped out of the useless vehicle and grabbed a tranquilizer.

Henry, Will, and Kate stared in shock while Helen shot one of the cows, got back in the tractor, lifted the cow with the front end loader, and hauled it inside the gate. The trio snapped out of it, and helped the enraged woman with the rest of the cows. Ashley thought it was fun. (She'd been wanting to try out these new tranqu guns and what better way to test them out than on a bunch of fat cows?) Will was worried Magnus was going crazy again, and Henry was just happy he wasn't jumping around like a clueless cheerleader anymore.

Once the cows were all back in their field, they went to tell Mary they were done.

"They fell asleep as soon as they got back in." Magnus lied. Then they parted and headed back to the Sanctuary.


Back in his lab, Henry was busy.

"What're you doing, Henry?" Ashley asked.

"Just getting us off the Yellow Pages." He responded nonchalantly.

"Good plan." Ashley said. She much preferred dangerous abnormals than fat, boring cows. Then she left to go check on her Nubbins.


A/N – This actually happened at my farm. Except only one cow got out and it was just my mom, dad, Aunt Sharon, and me. Very boring!

Dedicated to my Aunt Sharon. She was the one that got the cow back in, and I was the clueless cheerleader, jumping around like and idiot!

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