Ashley and Will put on their scuba gear, and dove into the water. Apparently, there were two vicious creatures in the middle of the ocean.

For some reason, and it couldn't be that lately every call they got had been phony, everyone was suddenly busy when they received the call. So Ashley and Will set out alone, feeling kind of awkward. Will was still recovering from his 'horrible, life threatening' raccoon bite, and Ashley always felt that he was going to psycho-analysis her.

They swam around, searching for the abnormals, when Ashley would have sworn she heard Jaws music. Two sharks circled the duo, and Will started screaming his normal scream. Ashley wasn't panicking, they were just little sharks. She'd dealt with much worse. One of the sharks swam up to her, and nuzzled her kindly. (if a shark can nuzzle anybody….or be kind.) She 'petted' it gently. The shark (or dolphin, rather) splashed her, and she giggled. She then looked back over to her partner, who seemed like he was frozen on the spot. Frozen, but floating. His eyes were bugged out, and his hair was sticking straight up. She followed his eyes and saw another huge dolphin; only this was mean-looking. Its teeth were long, and sharp, and they were inches away from Will's face. For a fleeting second, she wondered how he had missed that.

She waved her hand in front of his face, hoping he would snap out of it and swim away, while also half-hoping he wouldn't. It would make things so much easier and productive is she could just pull him away silently, instead of him kicking and screaming and splashing everywhere.

She reached out and grabbed him arm, but was still aware of the vicious creature in front of them, who, at that very second, decided to attack Will. She swam away quickly, and covered her eyes as his leg was torn off.

"Oh well," Ashley thought, "at least now he won't complain that the raccoon bite hurts."


Kate liked Will, she really did, but he was just so annoying! So she wasn't too upset when he got himself in the infirmary, close to death………again. She knew he would make it, (unfortunately, he always did) so why not enjoy a few freaky-dancing-doctor-free weeks?

She needed some time to think of some more insults, anyway.

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