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Chapter One: The Dragonling

Hiccup awoke to a weird pounding on his door. The scraping, snuffling noise had cut into his dreams and raised him from his comfortable sleep. It sounded like Toothless was locked out of the house again. Hiccup was still half asleep, so the thought that Toothless had fallen asleep on the floor beside him last night had not yet reached his mind. He rolled over in bed and caught sight of his dragon sleeping peacefully on the floor. He woke up a little bit more.

If it wasn't Toothless, who was making the noise?

Could it be Astrid, asking him to go for a fly?

Maybe it was Snotlout or Tuffnut or another trainee?

Or perhaps someone wanted to speak to his father?

Whatever it was, it sounded like an animal. That was weird.

Or was it a dragon?

Hiccup sighed and slowly moved his body up into a sitting position. He stuck his head out the window and was instantly wide awake.

There was a dragon on the doorstep.

There was a dragon on the doorstep.

It was very small, and it was sleeping. It was light green and teal speckled in colour, and from his position at the window, it looked like it had two heads. Hiccup scanned the area frantically, but only saw a couple of sleeping Monsterous Nightmares. There were no dragons in sight that looked like the baby, nor any that were searching for something. There was a yawning noise from below, and Hiccup looked down to see the dragonling wake up and start clawing at the door.

"Uh-oh," muttered Hiccup.

One of the dragon's heads burped, and a spark flicked out of its mouth and onto the wooden door of Hiccup's house. Hiccup panicked for a brief moment as the spark didn't go out right away, and then visibly relaxed with relief when it fizzled out. He leapt from the window and hurriedly got dressed. He took the stairs two at a time (a remarkable feat, considering his artificial leg), landed heavily on the ground, and sprinted to the door. When he opened it up, the dragon strolled in leisurely as if he owned the place and made itself home in the middle of the fruit bowl in the middle of the supper table, gnawing on a large bone Toothless had left on the table.

In less than a minute, Toothless had come down to see what the noises were about, and was watching the dragon with Hiccup in rapt fascination, only acknowledging the fact that the dragon had his bone once. Hiccup already knew what it was. It was a Zippleback, one of the most dangerous dragons in Berk. Of course all dragons were dangerous, but still…

"It has to be a baby," Hiccup said. "It's way too small to be an adult." Zipplebacks were probably the biggest dragons in existence. Toothless narrowed his eyes.

"And why the heck did it come here, of all places? Why not to somebody else's door?" Hiccup said in frustration. "I don't have time to take care of a baby dragon. My own is bad enough—" Toothless growled.

"Didn't mean it," Hiccup said hurriedly. Toothless resumed watching the baby Zippleback.

"Uh…hey, buddy, do you think you can watch over the little guy for a while?" Hiccup asked cautiously, standing up and gesturing towards the door. "I'm gonna go get Astrid." Toothless looked like he would rather be burned by his own flames than watch over the dragonling, but he gave a small growl that Hiccup took to mean okay. Hiccup was out the door in a flash.

Astrid answered her door just as Hiccup raised his fist to knock. "Saw you from the window," she said in her matter-of-fact voice, smiling at him from underneath the stray strands of hair that always managed to escape her headband. She frowned when she saw his face. "Is something wrong?"

The Zippleback snorted and tried to daintily step out of the fruit bowl. It ended up knocking the whole thing over. Fruits spilled out all over the table and onto the floor. Toothless quickly dove under the falling fruit and managed to catch most of them. As he carefully placed them back into the basket one by one, the Zippleback wandered off up the stairs.

Toothless placed the last bruised apple on the top of the fruit pile and gave a small smile of satisfaction. Then he looked to the side slightly, expecting to see the dragonling watching him. But it was gone. Only the bone remained on the wooden surface.

Toothless's cat-like eyes widened in surprise. He looked frantically from left to right, trying to catch sight of the baby dragon. He whirled around just in time to see a tiny green tail tip disappear up the stairs. Toothless quickly climbed the stairs, keeping his eyes fixed firmly at the top of the steps. When he reached the top, the first place he looked was in Hiccup's room. There was no dragonling in sight.

Toothless nosed around in the closet, through the heap of stuff Hiccup was always forgetting to clean up, and under the bed, too. He ran out of the room to see the dragonling rummaging around in Stoik's dresser drawer. Stoik was still asleep in the room. Toothless's eyes widened in panic. What if the Zippleback woke him?

Toothless crept quietly into the bedroom, careful not to step on any floorboards that creaked. The Zippleback was nosing through a pair of enormous underpants that would probably work as boat sails if they were stretched enough. The moment it saw Toothless, it buried under the piles of clothing in the drawer. Toothless awkwardly stuck his claw in the drawer and pulled out all the clothes at once. The Zippleback cowered at the bottom. Toothless stuck his other claw in, scooped the dragon out, and deposited it on the floor. He quickly tried to cram all the clothes back into the drawer as Stoik slept on. Just as Toothless had managed to close the drawer, Stoik let out a loud snort. Toothless, startled, almost knocked over the dresser. The Zippleback, which was amazingly still on the floor, screeched in fright as the dresser almost crushed it, and was out of the room in a flash. Toothless grimaced and quickly took after it.

Stoik blearily opened his eyes and stared at the rumpled carpet. "Guuhh," he groaned, blinking tiredly. "What woke me up?" He turned over, looked out the window, and promptly went to sleep again.

"Let me get this straight," Astrid said as they both headed up the hill to Hiccup's house. "A baby dragon turned up on your doorstep this morning, completely alone, and now you feel obligated to take care of it."

"In a nutshell," said Hiccup. He extended his hand to grab the doorknob.

Inside the house, Toothless heard Hiccup moving around, and quickly looked around for the Zippleback. It was sniffing the base of the wall. Toothless regarded it warily as the door creaked open. Astrid was the first to step in. She looked around, and then froze in place.

"Whoa," Astrid breathed in awe as she feasted her eyes on the dragonling, who was now climbing the wall, Toothless noticed with disdain. "It's so cute!" She approached it cautiously. "Be careful," Hiccup said, nervously running a hand through his hair. "It may get scared."

"It's not going to get scared," Astrid cooed at the dragonling, reaching out a finger and running it down the dragonling's back. It looked at her with both heads and regarded her warily. Then they both opened their mouths.

Hiccup realized what was about to happen a split second before it happened. "Astrid! Get down!" he cried, grabbing her by the shoulders and forcing her down. Seconds later, a fairly large plume of fire whooshed above their heads, just barely missing Astrid's fine blonde locks. The dragon with the head that ignited the other's attack hiccupped, and a spark popped out of its mouth and landed in the floor. It fizzled out as soon as it hit.

Astrid and Hiccup both got up and stared at the dragon in shock. "That was rude," they both said at the same time.

Astrid turned to Hiccup. "And you feel you've got to take care of it. Come on," she said, rolling her eyes and gesturing wildly with her hands. "That thing is DANGEROUS!"

"I thought you said that is wasn't going to get scared," said Hiccup, a trace of amusement in his voice.

Astrid's cheeks ever so slightly turned faintly pink. "It's a baby. It's going to end up killing you! I say we take it up to the hatching grounds and leave it there!"

Hiccup backed up, shocked. "But…I can't do that," he said like the idea was incredulous. "It was brought to my doorstep for a reason. I can feel it. And I'm going to take care of it, or my name isn't—"

The dragon's head hiccupped again, and this time two sparks fell from its mouth.

"Alright, the first thing we've got to do is make a list," said Astrid, grabbing a piece of parchment and a pencil from the table. She carefully wrote at the top of the parchment:

How to Train Our Dragon

"We'll need to get him to stop breathing fire on people," said Hiccup. "And where to go to the bathroom, and how to use the door."

Astrid wrote:

Step one: No flames.

Step two: Potty Training.

Step three: Use of the door.

Hiccup read over Astrid's shoulder. "Um. Okay, that works. Um, how about…"

Astrid started writing again.

Step four: Feeding itself.

Hiccup snapped his fingers. "Right! I have completely forgotten about that. Thanks for thinking of that."

Astrid looked pleased, and then stern. "But if this doesn't work," she said, in a voice that was almost threatening, "We're dropping it off at the hatching grounds. Got it?"

Hiccup gulped. "Got it."

Astrid smiled, the pleased look on her face again. "Good. Now let's get started."

How was that????

If there aren't any hatching grounds in Berk (in the movie it wasn't really mentioned) then I'm making some up. And it's on the same island that the monsterous evil mean dragon was living on. It's FAN FICTION. I'm a fan and this is my fiction. I can do whatever I want!

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