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"Damn it!" Facilier cursed. He had tried and failed for the fourth time to scry what had happened in New Orleans while he was stuck on the other side. He didn't know where Laurence was or what had happened to that prince and the waitress. He knocked the crystal ball off the table and watched as it rolled across the floor. Shadow went to go retrieve it but had some difficulty; glass balls don't cast very good shadows. "Leave it!" Facilier yelled at his shadow.

Don't be mad, Shadow said with his body. You just need some practice. You've gotten used to using the other side for help. But you don't need them. You still have magic. They left you with…

"Y'all left me with nothing!" He snapped at his shadow. "It was a great deal you made though. I have nothing and you've got it all." Shadow looked at his master, hurt and stunned.

I gave up everything I had for you, he said, moving away from Facilier. I can't go home. Without another word he slipped under the emporium door and left.