Lily and James Potter had twins. The first born was a boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes. The second boy had the same messy black hair but with brilliant green eyes. Lily and James were so proud of their precious boys that they decided to go into hiding so that no harm could come to them. They took their sons Will and Harry into hiding and kept them safe for months until one night, Halloween night, they were called away to an order meeting and left their sons in the care of local squib named Marie. Marie had babysat for the Potters before and didn't mind taking care of the boys. Will was loud and energetic and was always running around, but Harry was quiet and mainly kept to himself. So while Marie chased after Will, she knew that Harry would be alright. This night as she chased Will into the kitchen she left Harry in the front room by himself. Suddenly she heard the front door smash open and a high-pitched cackle that sounded like the embodiment of evil. She grabbed Will and ran into the front room to see a man in a black cloak aim his wand at Harry. She screamed as a flash of green light shot forth and hit Harry. Marie dropped to the floor and used her body to shield Will, and as she looked up she saw Harry sitting there looking dazed with blood on his face and a pile of cloth in front of him.

Marie jumped up and ran to Harry to see that he was still alive. She then floo'd to Hogwarts with the twins. As she arrived almost every member of the Order of the Phoenix looked towards her. When Lily saw blood on Harrys face she screamed and ran to Marie and quickly took Harry into her arms. The entire time Harry was silent. Marie was in hysterics until Dumbledore forced her to drink a calming drought. After she managed to calm down she told the about the man and what he looked like, what he did to harry, and what she saw after the huge flash of green light. Marie was then sent home and never saw Harry again.


As Marie was sent home the order went into action. Lily refused to let go of Harry and James was holding Will as Dumbledore calmly sent out teams to locate Peter Pettigrew, the Potters secret keeper, and other teams to the Potters home to investigate and gather clothing and supplies. After everyone was sent out, Dumbledore finally turned towards Lily and James to deliver some bad news.

"Now my dear children, we all know what has happened tonight. We knew there was a possibility that either Harry or Will would be the child in the prophecy. You also know what you agreed to if, one of them, were chosen by Voldemort. I am sorry to have to do this but I must take young Harry away for his safety. Tonight you will spend here at Hogwarts and after your home has been cleaned you may return but Harry will not return with you."

"What? No! You can not take my child away from me Albus!" Lily screamed as she tried to hide Harry away from Dumbledore. "We know that Harry killed Voldemort, so what does he need protection from. We will move to a new house and no one will know where we are and he will be fine. You do not have to take him away from us. He is my son! I refuse to let you take him away. You can't have him Albus, you just can't have him!"

"Albus is this really necessary? We can keep him safe, but you cant split up the twins or a child from their parents. Voldemort is gone, Harry is safe, we just want to keep him." James pleaded with Albus.

Albus stood firm. "You agreed to allowing me to have one of the twins if they fulfilled the prophecy. Harry will be kept safe and you will get regular update on him. He will be returned to you when he is ready and when he is needed and not before." Albus then calmly stood and walked around his desk to stand in front of Lily. "Lily my dear please hand over Harry so I can get him to a safer location."

"NO! Nonononononono don't take him. Please don't take him. Don't take him!" Lily pleaded with tears streaming down her face. Seeing Dumbledores stern face she turned towards her husband looking for support only to see a look of defeat. The Potters had given their word to allow Albus to take one of the twins if they were the prophecy child, and a Potter always kept their word. After explaining this to Lily, he gently took Harry from her arms. He placed on kiss on his sons head and handed him to Albus before collapsing into a chair and sobbing. Lily was no better. Albus then walked out of the office and Hogwarts with Harry, and took him away.


14 and a bit years later.

Harry Potter was laying in his cot staring at that ceiling when there was a knock on the door. With the swiftness of very well trained soldier he stood and called out for the person to enter. It was 5 am, which meant that Kingsley was coming to give him the details for todays training. For as long as Harry could remember, he had been training. He knew 20 different languages including Chinese, Japanese, mermish, gobbledegook, and parlsetounge. He knew offensive and defensive magic, healing, potions, charms, transfiguration, wandless magic and was an animagus. He trained as a healer, a potions master, a ninja, a samurai, and as an international spy for MI6. He could change his shape and appearance in the blink of an eye both magically and the muggle way. He lived in several different countries and trained with many masters. Harry Potter knew his mission. Train and defeat Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

On time every morning Kingsley Shacklebolt entered his room at 5 am and held out a clipboard with his training schedule. Only today there was one item on the sheet 'Meet with Dumbledore'. Harry had only met Dumbledore three times. Once to hear about his past and why he was being trained, another was when he was 10 years old and demanded he be left alone to live a normal childhood and another when he was 12 and asked to sneak into Hogwarts at night to fight a basilisk that was terrorizing the school.

After nodding to Kingsley, Harry turned around to get dressed and promptly left his room 10 minutes later to travel to England. Harry was currently stationed in Germany where a muggle scientist was experimenting with some dangerous things. Harry was sent in to arrest him and destroy his research while bring in the man and his human experiments into the German ministry. Like all his mission, he performed flawlessly. Now with his things packed he went to meet Kingsley to catch the plane to England. They could of travelled with magic but Harry liked traveling on airplanes. It gave him the feeling there was more out there than just Voldemort. That there are place son this earth he hasn't tainted.


Dumbledore sat in his office thinking about that young man he was going to meet today. Harry Potter had been hidden away for years being trained. He was a better soldier than Dumbledore could have hoped for, and now was the time to bring him home. Tomorrow Harry Potter turned 16 years old, and it would be the first time the wizarding world has seen their saviour since that fateful night.

As Dumbledore was pondering his thoughts on Harry Potter the young man in question approached Hogwarts. Harry knew he was not to be seen by anyone, so he went in one of his animagus forms. Harry had 3 animagus forms, and the one he was currently using was a small black viper. Harry silently slipped between the shadows and onto the school grounds without any problems. Since it was summer he only had to worry about predators and teachers, but he met neither of them as he approached the stone gargoyle.

Dumbledore heard his alarms go off that meant that approach of someone. But as he watched his office door he only saw it sway slightly, but no one entered. As he was getting ready to stand up he heard a cough and turned around to see a young man standing behind his chair.

Harry Potter was a serious looking young man. He had short messy black hair, bright green eyes, a dark golden brown tan, and only stood around 5'9. He was slightly muscular, but his small frame only hides the dangerous killing machine that is hidden within. Harry was wearing a long sleeved black shirt with black trouser and black dragonhide boots. He had a black scarf tied around his forehead covering his scar, but it was also used to quickly wrap around his face when he was hiding in shadows. Dumbledore could hardly recognize James or Lily in Harry, and he looked and acted nothing like his twin Will.

Harry Potter had slithered into the office and quickly evaluated every potential danger and potential aids and escape routes before moving behind the Headmasters desk. He had quietly transformed back and waited for the old man to notice him, but he never did. Dumbledore kept staring at the door as if waiting and Harry knew what he was waiting for so he decided to help the Headmaster out. Harry coughed and instantly saw the look of surprise and pride in Dumbledores eyes before the Headmaster started evaluating him. Harry gracefully walked around the desk and sat down, while keeping on eye on Dumbledore and the door. Feeling slightly unsure about their privacy Harry cast several wandless spells to check for any device or spell that would spy on them. He then locked and warded the door as he waited for Dumbledore to speak.

Albus felt the wards being placed on his office door, and was very impressed with Harry. He decided it was time to speak and explain why Harry was here.

"Welcome my boy! It has been a while since we last saw each other, how have you been dear child?"

"Good sir. IT has been awhile since I killed that basilisk. How have you been?" Harry asked out of courtesy. Really all he wanted was to know why he was there and when he could get back to training.

"Good, I have been very good since we last met. Now I bet you are wondering why you are here." Harry wanted to snort at this statement but kept his actions and opinions to himself as he listened. "Well as you know Voldemort managed to regain his body last year. He has not attacked or killed any witches or wizards yet, but we do know from our spy that he is looking for you and is willing to start slaughtering villages to get your attention. He is furious that no one knows where you are, and so to hopefully stop many deaths, I have decided it is time you rejoin he wizarding world." Dumbledore than sat backa dn folded his hands as he waited for Harrys response.

Harry didn't know what to think. He knew that eventually he would be put back into the world, but didn't know when. He was also unsure about how to handle his family. He knew he had one, heard about them. Well all he really heard was that he had a mother and father and a twin. All three were alive and well and his twin attended Hogwarts, while his father was an Auror and his mother was a healer.

"Sir I understand your reasoning for this mission but I have a few questions. First how do you plan to reintroduce me to the wizarding world, what do you expect of me exactly and what am I to do about my family?" Harry asked. Harry figured that his family were the least of his worries. He needed all the details of his mission first so he could plan the best way to execute it.

"Of course my boy. Well tomorrow you turn 16 and I think it would be simply wonderful if you went to Diagon Alley and met your family for a nice birthday celebration. You will attend Hogwarts in September and be in Sixth year. Basically I want you to be seen so that Voldemort knows where you are. You never know we may get lucky and he will kidnap you so you can finish him off without some big battle. As for your family you will see them tomorrow and then after your meal you can decide If you rather return home with them, return to Hogwarts for the rest of summer, or Kingsley has mentioned some man eating worm that is causing problems in Brazil."

"Brazil. I want to return to training but if I may, I would like to return to Hogwarts 2 days before term starts to get to know the layout of the school. My previous experience here is limited and I would like to know as much as I can. I can also return to England twice to make a public appearance for Voldemort and get my school supplies." Harry stated calmly. He barely paused to think as he laid out his plan.

"Of course my boy. I know you don't need to attend classes but for appearance, I ask that you try to attend most of the classes. When you return 2 days before term we can sort you then or you can wait for the welcoming feast. Which would you prefer?"

"Welcoming Feast." He said simply.

"Now that all that is sorted out I have prepared a guest room for you on the fourth floor. Just look for the picture of the wood elf, and the password is Basilisk." Dumbledore than stood to escort Harry to the door. "Oh and I shall contact Lily immediately to tell her that you will be meeting them tomorrow at 1130 at The Leaky Cauldron."

"Harry nodded as he slipped out the door. Once he was down the stairs he transformed into a snake again and made his way to his guest room. As he made his way to his rooms his thoughts were focussed on how attending Hogwarts was going to really slow down his training. Maybe Kingsley could come with him and set up a training room?


Lily Potter was nervous. No she was terrified and excited at the same time. Today was the first time in years she would get to see her son Harry again. Over the years they got small updates that he was doing okay, he was safe, his training was going well, and that he had been the one to kill the basilisk in Wills second year but nothing more. When Lily heard that Harry had been at Hogwarts and had killed that beast she was scared and furious. Her 12 year old son should not be facing dangerous monsters and more importantly he was nearby and she wasn't allowed to see him!

James Potter was also very nervous. What would Harry think of them for letting him go all those years ago? Did he ever think about them? He was impatient to meet his son again. So impatient he had his wife and son all dressed and ready to go by 930 am. He had them floo to The Leaky Cauldron and then insisted that they go out and search for the perfect gift for Harry; two gifts in fact; one for his birthday and one as a welcome home gift.

Will Potter was a good looking 16 year old boy. He was a Gryffindor and had two amazing best friends, but there was one problem. Will Potter was a royal prat. After losing his twin, his parents and godfathers decided to spoil Will twice as much to make up for the loss of Harry. He got everything he wanted, when he wanted, and with being the twin to the boy who lived he was very popular. He liked to make up stories about his brother to get people to listen. Sometimes he worked himself into the story so that more people would worship him. Only today Will Potter was scared. He made up so many stories and imagined his brother so many ways he didn't know what to expect. Also what would Harry do if he found out all the lies Will told, and what would the other students do when they found out. Will decided the night before he would either convince his brother to play along or stop him from going to Hogwarts. If Harry Potter went to Hogwarts, Will Potter would no longer be the most popular. He would be forgotten about and Will Potter did not deal well with being ignored. Why did his brother have to return anyways? Harry should have just stayed hidden, but instead he was about to ruin Wills life.

Harry had left Hogwarts at 8 in the morning to go to Diagon Alley. He wanted to stake the place out and prevent any potential danger. As he was sitting in a corner booth in The Leaky Cauldron he saw the floo flair up and desposit a man with messy black hair. Harry was instantly interested as he recognized hi s father. Kingsley once showed him a photo of his family when he was 9, because he asked to see what they looked like. James Potter had Messy black hair, hazel eyes, and stood around 6'2. He was dressed in a navy blue everyday robe and black shoes. He stepped aside as a woman with red hair emerged. Harry saw her eyes open to reveal bright green eyes just like his own. His mother was perhaps 5'8 in height and was dressed in a pastel purple everyday robe. As she walked to her husband the fire flaired once more to show a teenage boy. Will Potter looked like his father in almost every way. Same hair, eyes, height, and complexion, but the only difference was that Will didn't wear glasses. He was muggle dark blue jeans, white trainers, and a plain white short sleeved shirt. Where his mother and father but looked anxious, Will looked furious. Harry was curious about what got his twin so angry so early in the morning on their birthday. Deciding to trail them and see what they were doing so early, Harry swiftly drew his scarf over his mouth and slipped into the shadows to transform into his snake form.

Harry followed them for 3 stores when he finally understood what they were all doing. His mother and father were looking for and discussing the perfect gift for him, which was heart warming. His twin it seemed was plotting. After listening to Will rant to himself for several minutes he gathered his brother was using Harrys name to gain prestige in the school, and was now worried that Harry would ruin all his hard work. He also wanted to find a way to prevent Harry from going to Hogwarts so that he wouldn't steal Will's popularity. Harry was truthfully appalled at his brothers actions and attitude. He knew right away that he would not get along with his twin. Deciding he was bored stalking his family, Harry went out exploring the alley.


Draco Malfoy was bored. He had decided to go to Diagon Alley today because there was a rumour going around that Harry Potter was finally going to make a public appearance. After listening to all the tales that Will Potter told over the year, Draco wanted to meet Harry himself. No way could a mere boy do all the great things that Will claimed his twin had done. The only story that held some merit was in second year, but that was only a rumour since no one saw Harry Potter in Hogwarts. Where did they keep the boy who lived anyways if he didn't attend school? Draco saw the Potters but like always there was only three of them. Most interestingly was that Will looked angry about something. Draco was a little upset that he wasn't the cause of Will vexation but since there was no Harry Potter he decided to wander the alley. Maybe they were meeting him later in the morning? Well Draco would keep an eye on the potters if that were the case. Just as he was turning into Quality Qudditch Supplies, Draco looked down and saw a small black snake slither into the shadow of the building. He stood there for a moment before his curiosity got the better of him and he went after the snake.

Harry Potter was just snaking away from his family when he saw a blonde boy watching his brother. As he watched the blonde boy he grew more and more concerned as the boy seemed to be hostile towards his twin. Deciding to question this boy since he had nothing better to do he set forth to lure the boy into a private area. Harry circled the boy twice before he caught his attention and moved into a side alley. When he saw the boy following he moved quicker into the back of the alley and waited for the boy to approach.

Draco followed the snake into the alley and moved to the back when he lost sight of it. As he looked around for sign he saw someone from the corner of his eye. Pretending to still search the area in front of him he reached for his wand. When his hand touch the familiar wood he spun around and aimed the wand, but no one was there.

"Nice instincts, but your acting needs some work." A male voice said from behind him. Turning slowly Draco saw a smaller teen boy standing there dressed in black.

Harry was wearing roughly the same outfit he had the day before, only he cloth shoes instead of dragon hide boots. He saw the moment that the blonde noticed him, and watched as he tried to act as if he were still looking for the snake. Right before the blonde turned around Harry silently and quickly moved to the side and behind the boy. Seeing the blondes confused face he spoke to gain his attention.

Draco turned his wand on the boy and took in his appearance. Even though the boy look small and innocent he held this deadly secret inside him. Draco was positive that if this boy wanted him dead he would be dead before he could blink. It was the boys eyes. They were a brilliant emerald but held that hidden danger. They were serious and focussed. Even though the eyes were, so serious they were still gorgeous and the boy's body was screaming danger, which was really sexy and hot to Draco. Determined not to be turned on he looked the boy in the eye and decided to respond.

"I shall work harder on them in the future, and may I ask who you are? I assume you used that snake to lure me into this alley." Draco had his Malfoy mask on and used the most confident voice he could muster and hoped he wasn't showing any fear to this stranger. Malfoys did not show fear to anyone.

Harry was impressed. Usually people were bumbling idiots begging for there lives when they met Harry, but this boy almost seemed bored to be in his presence, almost, being key. Harry saw the spark of fear and the mask slip into place. Plus the boy correctly guessed the snake lure.

"My name is not important, but I want to know why you were watching the Potter family." Harry stated while still completely ignoring the wand in his face. Harry knew they wouldn't be interrupted since he placed wards on the alleyway the moment the blonde had stepped through. He didn't worry about the wand since he could have it from the blonde within seconds if he wanted.

Whow as this boy to ask him questions when he held the wand? Plus Draco was a Malfoy and Malfoys don't answer to anyone. Determined to maintain the upper hand in this conversation, Draco lazily moved his wand towards the stranger "I do not believe you are in a position to be asking questions. I am the one with you at wandpoint so I will ask again. Who are you and what do you want from me?" Draco was confident that the boy would see sense and answers the questions, it's not like they were tough questions.

Harry was already annoyed with the wand game so he lifted his hand and watched at the wand flew into it. Seeing the look of surprise on the blondes face he spoke "Look blondie now I have the wand so you answer my questions. Who are you, and why were you watching the Potters?" with that said, Harry leaned his right shoulder against one of the buildings and waited.

Draco was dead. The boy just casually took his wand without a word. Then acted all nonchalant. Well if he were going to die anyways he might as well go fighting "you must clearly live under a rock if you do not know my name. As for the Potters why I was watching them is my own personal business and I don't have to explain myself to you." Draco said simply while copying the strangers posture and leaning his left shoulder against to same building.

"I do not live under a rock, but I still don't know who you are. Anything regarding any Potter is my business so unless you want to be in immense pain I suggest that you answer the questions." Harry was intrigued by this boy. He looked to be the same age as him, and the blonde had yet to back down. Harry was used to people caving quickly or attacking him by now. Harry figured as long as the boy wasn't hostile towards his family he wouldn't bother with him. The blonde didn't look like he could be dangerous, so it may just be a schoolyard grudge between his twin and this boy. Plus it was nearing 1130 and Harry had to wrap this up to meet his family. "Just tell me if you have any hostile intentions towards the Potters. That is all I need to know."

Draco didn't know how to answer. Sure he wanted to hex Will Potter to oblivion but he didn't want to kill him. Deciding that death was hostile, Draco answered this stranger hoping he wouldn't be tortured.

"Do I want to cause them death or physical harm? No. Well maybe to that spoiled git, Will Potter but that is only because he annoys me, but not death just a few hexes." Draco hoped he answered satisfactory.

Harry deciding the boy wouldn't lie, threw him back his wand. Harry then lowered the wards and started to walk away when he told the blonde. "Good, you are to pretty to kill. Sorry to leave so soon but I have a lunch meeting." And with that he slipped into the shadows and disappeared.

Draco was shocked. The stranger just returned his wand and walked away. Determined to get some answers he raced after the boy but when he emerged from the alley, he couldn't see the black haired youth anywhere. All he saw was Will Potters slowly make his way towards The Leaky Cauldron. Remembering that he was here to see Harry Potter, Draco set out and followed Will Potter.