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A few weeks after the attack and Halloween saw Draco in the Slytherin Common room. It was a Hogsmeade weekend, but since his boyfriend was off in Africa somewhere fighting a Nundu with the Titans, he decided to take full advantage of the empty couches. He had been trying to decide what to get Harry for Christmas for the last hour. Draco smiled to himself. After all the crazy moments they'd endured the first few months of their relationship, they still managed to come back together and Draco wouldn't have changed that for the world. He was happy; happier than he had ever been, and it was all because he had Harry. He still had another year of school left, but he felt it didn't matter. He knew that Harry would be there waiting after graduation. It would be a hard year with Harry returning to duty full time, but he knew they would make it through.

Before Harry had left on his mission, they discussed their plans for the Holidays. Since Draco's father had been killed and his mother arrested for Death Eater activities, Draco really had no place to go. He could have returned to the Manor, but he would have felt so cold and lonely. When Harry finally dragged that admission out of him, he was instantly invited to join Kingsley and the Titans for their annual Christmas celebration at Kingsley's house.

Harry explained that they would start recruiting to replace the lost Titans, but for two weeks in December they would take a break to enjoy the holiday. Unless it was an emergency, the Aurors would handle everything, giving them time to fully celebrate.

Draco quickly accepted, since he knew it meant he could share the break with his dark-haired lover. They hadn't had sex yet, but Draco hoped it would happen soon. He had already decided on what to get Kingsley, and the rest of the Titan team for Christmas, but Harry was just so… difficult to buy for. He was leaning towards giving the hero a promise ring before succumbing to the exhaustion.

Harry walked into the common room thirty minutes after Draco fell asleep, and just stood still to admire the pale beauty before him. His team had just returned and dropped the beast off at their harvesters, when he showered and swiftly made his way back to school. He didn't need to return to Hogwarts, but he continued to come, just to see Draco. Now that he was back, he wanted to use the extra adrenaline left over from the hunt, but his boyfriend was asleep. Looking around to ensure they were alone, Harry got a mischievous look on his face and stalked towards the sleeping prey.

Mature Sexual Content Ahead! Kiddies, close your eyes!

He placed a very light kiss on Draco's forehead, and then another on the slender, pale neck. Draco's eyes fluttered slightly, but he slept on and Harry pressed another kiss on the broad, clothed chest and then another on the perfectly sculpted six-pack that was hidden away.

Draco's right hand twitched slightly, but still the Slytherin slept on. Harry placed a chaste kiss on his lips, and a small frown started creasing his forehead. Draco gave a small sigh, but still remained oblivious. Harry slipped one hand under Draco's shirt, lightly tickling his stomach, while trailing kisses across the bigger boy's jaw line.

Draco gave a small moan and his eyes fluttered open, just in time to see Harry climb on top of him and straddle his hips, resting his hands on Draco's head.

''Harry! When did you get back?'' mumbled Draco. He was still in a sleepy state but managed to raise one hand to Harry's neck and pull him down for a lazy kiss.

''I just returned and couldn't wait to wake you'' said Harry, sitting back on Draco's hips, Harry squirmed a little before pressing down directly on Draco's groin and eliciting a larger moan from the blonde.

''Hmm, seems you can't wait for other things either!'', Draco managed to say, before Harry started applying more pressure and move slightly. Draco started panting when he felt Harry dig his short nails down his chest. Harry tightened his thighs around Draco's hips, and leaned forward to kiss his boyfriend. The longer the kiss, the more pressure Harry was applying to Draco's groin.

Draco let out a sound which was somewhere between a groan and a growl, when Harry broke the kiss to remove their shirts. Before he could start whining, Harry leaned forward again so their bare chests were touching and started kissing him passionately. Draco raised his hands grabbing Harry's firm backside tightly as his boyfriend lost all restraint and started grinding against him.

''We should move.'' Draco said between kisses. Harry sat up again in his lap, his face flushed, eyes dark. Draco could barely control himself, and finally gave in. He moved into a sitting position and pulled Harry towards him, so he could crash his lips against his. Moving his lips away so he could bite and suck Harry's slim, tanned neck, Draco kept one hand clutching the back of Harry's neck whilst the other hand ran the length of the muscled back.

''Draco!'', Harry gasped as the blonde continued to bite his neck. Draco leaned forward so Harry was lying back on the couch and felt Harry wrapping his legs around his own hips. Draco now lay between Harry's powerful thighs, his mouth glued to Harry's as they kissed constantly, their tongues wrestling until Harry submitted and let Draco take control of the kiss.

They broke apart to stare into each other's eyes, green on grey. They continued to stare at each other, while their lungs tried to reclaim valuable air. Finally, Draco moved forward and nuzzled the smaller boy's neck, he said,

''We should really go to the dorm room" Harry laughed lightly before responding.

"Only if you carry me." Harry could feel Draco smirking against his neck, before the blonde started rising. He place wrapped one arm around Harry's back, the other under his thighs and stood up, Harry's arms and legs tightening around his back and hips for support. Harry sent his boyfriend a grin, before latching onto his neck and sucking. Draco could only groan and hold the dark-haired teen tighter, so he wouldn't drop him.

Draco managed to gain enough awareness to remember his reason for standing, and started carrying his lover to the dorm rooms. Harry continued to attack his neck the entire way, and Draco needed to stop a few times to grab the wall in support, when Harry decided to bite. It was almost too much, but somehow the blonde managed to safely transport both of them to his bed.

Harry smiled up at before he removed his legs from around him, and lowered is feet back to the floor. He stared straight into Draco's eyes while he slowly trailed his hands down the taller boy's body. Reaching for his trouser, Harry undid the belt and fly, before pushing the remaining clothing off him.

Not to be outdone, Draco quickly picked up his boyfriend and threw him gently on the bed. Once Harry had landed, Draco wasted no time in completely disrobing him and attacking his neck and chest. Hearing the dark-haired boy, Draco only increased his efforts to completely mark the boy's torso.

"Draco!" Harry whimpered. Looking at his panting boyfriend Draco decided to stop teasing, well the chest area anyways. Looking up from between Harry's thighs, Draco closed his lips around Harry's member; sucking and swirling his tongue, bobbing upwards and downwards and dragging moans from Harry. Seeing Harry tightly fisting the sheets, Draco flicked his tongue out across his boyfriend's balls before returning to the head of his erection and lavishing it with attention.

Draco knew Harry was getting close, and stopped working on the boys cock. Hearing the whimpers of protest, he quickly moved up, and claimed the boy's lips. When he heard the boy moaning again, he decided to move on. With a final kiss on Harry's lips, he stood up and walked across the room towards his pants and retrieved his wand, Turning to see Harry watching his every move, he shot the other boy a smirk before walking back to the bed.

Kneeling between Harry's legs, he raised one to rest on his shoulders, and used the wand to conjure lube in his hand. Using some to coat his own erection, Draco then moved forward to kiss Harry gently. Moving his mouth down, he started kissing Harry's neck, while rubbing Harry's opening with his slick fingers before inserting one into the tight ring of muscle.

Harry gasped and moaned, closing his eyes and resting his head back against the pillow as Draco added another finger and slowly began scissoring them apart, adding a third finger, he worked the opening before he felt it was safe. Draco pressed the tip of his erection to the slightly stretched opening before him and placed his hands either side of Harry's head.

Looking into Harry's eyes, he waited for the boy to give him permission to continue or stop. Finally, seeing Harry give a small nod and feeling him tightly wrapping his legs around his hips, he kissed Harry deeply and pressed forward. Harry was squeezing his thighs against him, knowing this was his first time and it was probably going to be painful, Draco tried to go slow. Draco growled in pleasure, from the tight heat he felt as he was slowly sheathing his cock in Harry's hole. Fully inside his beautiful tanned lover he watched the boys face as he adjusted and the pain left his eyes.

Resting his weight on his elbows and pressing his chest flat against Harry's, Draco kissed his boyfriend with more passion than he ever felt before, breathing heavily through his nose, when he heard them both moaning into the kiss and he congratulated himself on successfully distracting his lover.

Harry's arms wrapped very tightly around his neck, and then gave a small thrust up, signalling to him that he was allowed to move. Draco parted their lips as he leaned on his arms and moved halfway out before slowly thrusting forward. Every time he moved forward he picked up speed and then started kissing Harry passionately. The raven haired teenager wrapped his legs still tighter around his waist and changed the angle enough that he hit Harry's prostate.

Harry's thighs were gripping his hips, ankles crossed on the small of his back, pulling him in again and again, his fingers digging into back and hair. His moans were louder and deeper every time Draco managed to hit that sweet spot. Draco felt his orgasm approaching, and stopped trying to kiss the other boy. He leaned his weight on one arm, while using the other to reach between their sweating bodies. He grabbed Harry's erection and started pulling. It only took a few strokes before the boy under him released.

Draco felt Harry tighten around him and couldn't hold back any longer. ''Harry!'', Draco moaned loudly, coming hard inside his boyfriends hole and moving his hips a few more times to milk the waves of pleasure he was feeling. Once the aftershock of his orgasm faded, he opened his eyes to see Harry underneath him, panting and looking completely sated.

Draco tried to imprint the sight forever on his brain, before he collapsed on top of the smaller boy. Breathing heavily, he moved them so Harry was now lying across him, and he could tightly wrap his arms around the smaller boy's waist.

Mature Sexual Content over- kiddies can open their eyes.

Draco steadied his breathing was starting to drift off, when he felt Harry starting to move on top of him. Groaning he covered his eyes and spoke to his lover.

"Seriously, Harry, you can't be ready for round two already?"

Feeling the smaller boy silently laughing against his chest, he lowered his arm to stare into green eyes full of mirth.

"No, love, I was just going to retrieve the blankets." He explained.

"Well, hurry up I want to nap." Draco instructed. Draco felt sad at the loss of warmth, when Harry moved off, but it quickly returned, but with a blanket this time.

"Just think in a couple of weeks, we have all of Christmas break to do that." Harry whispered into his ear. Draco couldn't prevent the shivers that spread through his body, at the action.

"What do you crazy lot do for the holidays anyways?" He asked. When he didn't get an immediate response, he lifted his head and turned to look at his lover. The boy was giving him an innocent look, before he responded.

"Two words; American Gladiators."

The End.

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