A little background information…On Guardian Angel

The year is 2020…the Apocalypse and the war is over. The Winchesters had sadly said yes to both Michael and Lucifer resulting in both deaths. Lucifer had killed Sam's soul after he had said yes and Dean's body couldn't take all the bodily harm and sadly died. But in the end earth still stands and only a few people had gotten hurt. The world has been back to its normal pace since 2010. Now there are new hunters out in the world…ones that have learned from relatives or starting from scratch.

One in particular her name is Jessica "Rabbit" Stansdale. She had gotten her nickname Jessica Rabbit from the song 'Rescue' by Eve 6. If Jessica could have a theme song that would be it. She had started hunting around 2012 when her whole family had been murdered by a Wendigo on a family vacation. She was fourteen at the time and she only had one color in her hair, now…She is a blonde with black and pink peek-a-boo highlights. She works alone saving people and hunting things, little did she know she has been under the watchful eye of a few angels.

Dean had been sent to heaven after he died, his heaven, all his memories and everything he ever wanted. And sometimes an occasional visit from Ash and Pamela, Jo and Ellen, thanks to Ash everyone knew how to go from one heaven to the next. Dean would say he was at peace with everything going on but the angels had something else planned for him after three years in heaven. He was to become a guardian angel. He protested and fought against it, saying he did what he was destined to do, why do anymore to protect and save someone that he didn't know? Why was it always his job to protect?

Dean reluctantly became a guardian angel, took years of training. He never knew being an angel could actually be hard. Took him about seven years to actually become a guardian angel but the sad thing was…he couldn't remember who he used to be. All his memories, all his feelings, everything that was human inside him had vanished, hidden in a locked vault where no one could ever find it, not even himself. That was part of being an angel, you couldn't feel any emotion. He even forgot he was human.

When Dean was ready, his first charge was none other than…Jessica. Boy…was she going to give him a run for his money.

So…things have been a little crazy in my world, notice my stories haven't been updated in almost a week =[…I'm sorry about all that. Like I said things have been crazy over here. But I haven't forgotten about you guys. This story is to set my mind at ease from everything over here. So bare with me and my crazy life right now…by the way, great supernatural episode last Thursday, I was super excited to see Ash and Pamela…that bitch (not really) but she is because she got to kiss Dean and she said and I quote "Just as I imagined it." WTF?!??! I want to see if it's like how I imagined it!....grrr…anyway I know this is short chapter but it's to get an overview of everything that has been going on in the last ten years.