Author's Note: Watching series five (only about halfway through but)… Jo and Zaf seemed slightly neglected. Thus, a little love for them.

"I think I've been made," Jo announced quietly, whipping her head away as the mark glanced in her direction. She pretended to scour the crowd in the square as if she were looking for a specific person.

Hand off. Adam Carter's voice clearly ordered in her ear although he was overseeing the op from Thames House.

I've got him.

Her eyes spotted Zaf, a casual looking figure in a nondescript jacket and jeans leaning against a railing across the plaza.

"Negative," Jo asserted, beginning to make her way towards her fellow spook whilst keeping the target in her peripheral vision. "He's more paranoid than a ufologist putting up ET in his basement. He's going notice any tail."

It sounds as if you've got a better idea.

"A few, Adam," she whispered before stopping a couple feet in front of Zaf and making a large gesture of happy surprise.

"What are you doing here?!" she cried. Zaf deftly adapted to her improved scenario, mirroring her shocked elation over a supposed random meeting, saying something or other about how he hadn't expected to see her there. She was too busy keeping an eye on the mark to pay specific attention, and lost the conversation when he asked her a question.

Witnessing the lingering, suspicious curiosity in the mannerisms of the mark, she threw her arms around Zaf's neck and kissed him. There definitely was no doubt to why the agent was oft placed in the field. If the gesture had shocked him, he had shown no sign of it, smoothly placing his hands at her waist and pulling her closer.

Wait, tongue? Jo had naturally assumed that he'd make it look good, not one of those fake, theatre kisses between actors with no chemistry. But the intensity of what she found herself in the midst of was quite unexpected...yet certainly not unpleasant.

His hand cupped her cheek, guiding her face, playing with the angle at which their mouths met. Her skin grew hot and a shiver ran down her spine as he released her from the embrace.

Licking her lips self-consciously, she had to look away. When she finally returned her eyes to his face, she found that he was as shocked by the intensity of the encounter as she was...and more than a little bit curious.

Adam's voice cut through their silent reverie.

Uh...I think the mark bought it. He's on the move.

Wide eyes met as they realized the display they just had put on for their coworkers. And yet, she yearned for more, if only to confirm or disprove that seeming bit of electricity she had felt. The way Zaf stood frozen, still so close, hand upon her waist, his eyes locked on her face, gently chewing his lip...he felt the same.

'Later' Jo mouthed, before interlocking her arm with his and forcing him into a casual lovers' stroll following several metres behind the mark.

A/N: Don't ask me where the analogy (I think that's the term) came from…