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Chapter 4: Dreaming of the Past Part 1

It was already 12:00 in the afternoon when she got back, and neither Toshi nor Himeno noticed when she got back, or so she thought. So she ate lunch, and then headed upstairs to get some sleep. Then Sakura dreamt a really odd dream.

"Yue, you can't go!" A girl's voice yelled.

"Yuki, I will return," Yue replied.

Sakura didn't even know who these people were until Yuki said, "You are me, and I am you, so until we meet again."

Sakura bolted up from her bed and wondered, "Who am I? Am I really Sakura or am I really Yuki?"

At that moment, Sakura could sense someone watching her, but she just brushed that thought aside for now, but to the point she was starting to wonder who she really was…this was one mystery that had to be solved!