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Rachel bit her tongue to keep from crying as soon as she saw the poster in the hall at the end of her day. People were crowded around it laughing and gossiping so she had to push her way through them to see it, and as clear as day was her pregnancy test taped to a big piece of paper that said she was pregnant and Finn was the father rudely, then as she was in the center, all eyes were on her. She ran out of the crowd and tried to ignore what everyone was saying but it was impossible, as she sat in the bathroom stall their words kept ringing through her head, and Quinn's face, she couldn't tell what it was, anger, resentment, hurt, or all three. Then the door opened and closed to the bathroom and she heard Santana and Brittany's voices.

"That was a major idea, Santana." Brittany said.

"I know, that cow should be screwed for life. We should have found the real dad though. That would have been perfect!" Santana said, laughing wickedly.

"I bet it was that nerd." Brittany said, her voice sound as clueless as she was.

"Which one, but who would stoop as low as Rachel?"

"I don't know, that icky one who went to Sectionals with us."

"Probably. They'll have perfect little nerd babies." Santana said before the door opened and shut again. Rachel bit back a sob and got up, going to the bathroom mirror and, as difficult as it was with all the water stains, cleaned up and walked back out and over to the posted, a few people lingered. Rachel walked up and tore it off the wall taking great care in ripping it up and making sure to break the pregnancy test that had traveled the world and kept coming back to her. She threw it away smiling and walked to Glee. She arrived in her usual manor, but instead of looking up everyone stayed in their little groups, nit bother to look her direction. She walked over to Finn who was all alone and smiled. He looked at the ground.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, sitting next to him.

"Um, Rachel, you know I'm not gonna kick you out or anything but I think we shouldn't really hang out anymore. I've gotta protect my reputation at least a little and that posted in the hall really screwed both of us. Until things calm down

I think its best if we aren't seen together I'll still give you rides to my house though." he said quickly, not looking her direction.

"Miss Berry!" the teacher called.

"It was all a dream." Rachel mumbled relieved.

"What was that? And would you mind not falling asleep in class again?"

"Nothing, sorry. I had rough night last night." Rachel said and the teacher went back to the lesson. She looked at the clock next to the door and realized it was last period and next was Glee. She shuddered, the fact the that could happen and then the bell rang.

"No homework today. You're lucky Rachel interrupted the lesson." the teacher yelled as the class exited then sat down, "Rachel, can I speak with you."

"But I really have to go to Glee rehearsal."

"I know, it'll be quick."

"Fine." Rachel said and reluctantly stood in front of the desk.

"Why did you fall asleep,. You're a terrible liar."

"All right, I did have a rough night, but it's not like most teenagers, unless you count Quinn as most teenagers."

"Sue Sylvester got to you?"

Rachel laughed then noticed the teacher was being serious and stopped, "No, I'd prefer not to talk about it, if you really care ask Mr. Scheuster, he can answer it perfectly." she said and walked out, her teacher stammering. She ignored all the usual taunting and held her head up high, until someone called her fat. She ran to Glee and ignored everyone, running straight to Finn and collapsing into his chest sobbing.

"What happened?" Finn asked, holding her and rubbing her back, "did you see the poster?"

"What poster? Someone called me fat."

"Who?" Finn asked angrily, obviously trying to change the subject.

"I asked what poster?" she said

"Someone got the test, put it up and said who the dad was." Finn said, sounding strangled.

"You're kidding. I thought it was just a dream."


"I fell asleep last period and had a dream that they put that up and it was Santana and Brittany that did it."

"They probably did, but I don't know what to do."

"Let it go for now, who did they say the dad was?"


"Oh my gosh! That's disgusting." she said and shuddered at th thought.

"But they didn't get the right one, so we're pretty good right now." he said. She nodded and Mr. Schue came in, Finn's face became darker seeing him, Rachel had no idea why, thought. She moved a chair closer to Finn and they ran over a few songs before Glee finally let out.

"Rachel, could you stay back a few minutes?" he asked as she approached the door with Finn.

"I'll meet you in the car." she said.

"Alright." he said, sending dagger eyes and Mr. Schue before leaving.

"What was that about?"

"He knows you're the father and he's boarding me since my dads kicked me out, he's pretty protective."

"Have you called your doctor?"

"Not yet, I was planning on doing it tonight, though."

"Alright, I got my paycheck, here's what I can give you." he said, handing he an envelope.

"Thanks, most guys wouldn't do this."

"I'm not a teenager." he said before she left, she walked to the car, stuffing the money in her backpack, and threw it in the back before getting in.

"What's up?"

"Nothing, Mr. Schue gave me the money and asked me if I'd called the doctor, I'm doing it tonight and seeing if I can get an appointment tomorrow afternoon."

"Uh-huh." Finn said and drove out of school to his house.

"Hey, how was your day?" Mrs. Hudson asked as they walked through the door.

"Fine!" they both replied at the same time and laughed.

"I'm gonna make a phone call to the doctor, could you write me a slip so I can get out of class tomorrow and go to the doctor?" Rachel asked Mrs. Hudson..

"Of course," she said, grabbing a pan and pad, Rachel walked to the pone, picked it up and dialed the number.

"Hello," the receptionist asked.

"Hi, can I set up a appointment from tomorrow at two?"

"Yes, I'll need your name and why, though."

"Rachel Berry, I just found out that I was pregnant and I don't know who to see since I'm sixteen."

"Ah ha, I'll set you up an appointment with Doctor Stevens." she said.

"Thank you, good bye." Rachel said and hung up.

"Two o' clock?" Mrs. Hudson asked.

"Yes." Rachel said.

"Alright." Mrs. Hudson said, drawing it out, as she signed two pieces of paper.

"Why two?"

"Someone needs to drive you, I've got work and Finn won't let anyone drive his car." she said, handing them both to her. Two o'clock was Spanish class for Finn, it got him out of seeing Mr. Schue a little bit so it worked out OK.

"Thanks." she smiled, running off. Finn had the door to his room closed and Rachel knocked. He opened it.

"Hey." he said.

"Your mom got us out f class at two, I've got a doctors appointment and she needs you to take me."

"It's a date." he said, walking back in his room and shutting the door. Rachel walked off to the guest room and got the envelope and opened it, inside was two hundred and fifty dollars.

"Dinner!" Mrs. Hudson yelled and Rachel put the money in the dresser drawer under her socks and walked to the table, the did the same thing as the night before and the night was exactly the same. She wondered if it would be like this every night. She crawled into bed just as there was a knock on her door. She got up and opened it and Finn was there.

"Hi, what's up?" she asked.

"Just checking up on you, I'm really sorry everything is happening to you, I wish I could help."

"It's fine. Thanks for your concern.' she said, hugging him a briefly, "G'night." she smiled and closed the door. She got back into bed and turned the lights out before falling into a peaceful sleep.

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