When Booth came out of the shower he found Bones at her kitchen bench, back turned to him as she brewed coffee.

She wore small shorts beneath her huge shirt and her shoulders were hunched against the cold. She was barefoot and her hair was a mess. She just woke up. The realization made Booth feel funny. After all, it wasn't everyday he came out of Bones' shower and into Bones' kitchen to enjoy a cup of Bones' coffee with a Bones who still had sand in her eyes. It was strange. Strange but nice, he thought before he could stop himself. And then, because he was on a roll tonight; I could get used to this.

"You look fresh," she smiled at him when she heard him come through the door. He smiled, his stomach getting those funny feelings again as he pulled out a chair at her small kitchen table.

"Yeah. Look Bones, I'm really sorry about waking you up. I should've just gone home. It's way too early to be enjoying a morning coffee."

"No, it's quite alright, Booth," she informed him seriously. "I'm an early riser anyway. And besides, I'm not making coffee. I'm making hot chocolate!" She turned and grinned at him enthusiastically. He laughed, a low rumble in his chest that made her bite her lip as she turned around. It was strange, having Booth seated at her kitchen table while she made him hot chocolate in her pajamas. Yet… it also had a strange sense of comfort about it.

"Would you like marshmallows?"

Booth perked in his seat. "Marshmallows? As if you even feel the need to ask!"

Brennan laughed as Booth all but leapt towards her pantry.

"I can't find them!" He wailed after a few moments of excited rustling and scraping. She told him they were in the kitchen somewhere and he eagerly began rifling through her every shelf and cupboard. Brennan finished the beverages and turned, resting her bum against the bench top as she watched his amusing antics.

"Only one shelf left," Booth announced dramatically as he eventually turned to glare at the shelf above Brennan's head. She followed his gaze and spotted the pink packet of marshmallows wedged between a box of teabags and a bottle of mustard.

"I got it," she said but he was already in front of her, chest in her face and making her arch backwards as he reached upwards.

"After I scoured every inch of this kitchen?" he muttered, his voice strained and far too close. His arm came down and he gave her a massively silly grin as he waved the treats in the air. "I think not." Suddenly, Booth frowned. "You should go put a jumper on, Bones. Look, you got goosebumps and everything." He indicated her arms with his chin and she looked down in surprise.

"Oh," she said. And then, matter-of-factly; "That's just because of your proximity."

Booth was dumbstruck. He felt the funny feelings resurrecting. "You get goosebumps when I'm too close?" he asked. She noticed his voice was low once again.

She nodded and because he'd spoken softly, she did too. "It's a natural biological reaction."


And then, he very slowly kissed her.

Because he was on a roll.