Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to go right? I don't mean little things like making it just in time to get the trash out, I mean the big stuff like finding the hole in the traffic jam and getting to work on time when the rest of the city was 20 to 30 minutes late. I mean being able to get out of the way of a moving bus when it's air brakes fail. I also mean getting out of the line of fire when a shootout starts to happen.

Those are really big really right things that happen to people. But they didn't happen to me. Not today, today…was not my day. I remember waking up with a good vibe, like things would go right. But they didn't, they didn't go right at all. In fact as soon as I pulled the covers off of me and put two feet on the ground the hits started coming, how annoying is that?

I hadn't even had my morning coffee, or grabbed my paper before the phone call came that I needed to be on a scene ASAP. I got dressed in a hurry and forgot the most important part of my wardrobe…my phone. I made it out of the building just in time to miss the last cab on my street. And when I finally hailed one I got beaten out by a little old guy!

Needless to say I was late to the scene; I had to walk four blocks to catch another cab and then got stuck in traffic. Surely the day couldn't get any worse right? Sigh. I wish it hadn't. But it did.

I don't even know what I was doing there; it wasn't my type of thing. Nothing was flashy or expensive, everything was just…boring. Really this was just wrong from the beginning. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that it was a set up. That it hadn't been Jones on the line calling me out. That if it had been a case it would have been Peter to call me. And one of them would have picked me up if it was so urgent. Plus it was on the edge of my radius, barely but in it. So I should have been riding with them anyway.

Today was a bad day that was obvious when Keller stepped out of the shadows with that pompous little smile and that pompous short stature of his. He had me and he knew it and there was nothing I could do about it. Guns, really? I hate guns, and all of these guys have the nerve to come at me with them. And so I got a little perturbed and I told him that.

That didn't win much favor, and I wouldn't suspect it too actually now that I've really thought about it. Perhaps there was a reason he was testy when he pulled the trigger. The first thought I had was "This doesn't hurt as bad as they say." And then it hit me, that flaming white hot pain that makes your head spin and your knees get wobbly. I screamed and I'm not afraid to admit that, I hit the ground on my knees and held tight to my gut gasping and gritting my teeth. Of course Keller had to drone on about how he bested me but that didn't matter. I was in a tough spot and didn't have much time left, I had my anklet and that was about the only kind of weapon I had.

So I did what any good con would do, I crawled until the red light flicked on. I knew that if the Marshalls saw I was out of radius they'd alert Peter and that he'd track me down. That would have to be the one good thing that happened to me today. The great Peter Burke, my friend, would come and collect his con. He'd probably be complaining he'd probably be cussing me up left and right for doing something stupid. It might not even register to him that I'm not moving on the gps, that I'm just stationary and if it does he might think that something suspicious is going on. But that'll just make him race here faster, find me faster.

I guess you can consider that a good thing. I feel bad for him. I'm not at my finest right now; I was dishelved to begin with so he might think I was in a fight pity the thought. But I've left a mess for the last few feet, probably ruining any evidence I'd have to offer him. Oh…I'm not dead yet though. Maybe I can do one more thing before I go. Leave him one piece of evidence, one piece of something he might need. And so I flipped my jacket open and dipped a finger in blood, I attempted to scrawl out in nice neat letters "Keller" but that didn't go so well. It looks kind of like "Killer" which is close. Maybe he'll figure it out, he's a smart one. I'm too tired to worry about it. It's time to take a nice nap…

I think I left the oven on…