Dear Awesome Fanfic Friends,

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I know I haven't posted a Twilight fanfic update since I completed Sins of the Father, and in that update, I talked about how I was working on my own original fic.

Well, I did work on it and I worked, and worked, and worked. . .and well, you get the picture. It took me longer than I ever dreamed it would, but finally, my first novel has finally been released.

For those of you who've read my stories, it's no big surprise that I love sports, especially baseball, and so it should be even less of a surprise that when I wrote my own story, I centered it around a fictional baseball team, the Portland Pioneers.

THE LUCKY CHARM is about so many things, but mostly it's about two people who think they're both perfectly satisfied with their lives—and then they meet each other, and everything changes. So yes, it's a love story, but I also feel like it's so much more.

Here's a short description of the book:


Izzy Dalton's about to strike out. Her new job as the sideline reporter for the Portland Pioneers major league baseball team is problematic on several levels:

1. Baseball is her least-favorite sport. Falling behind golf, tennis, and maybe even curling.
2. What Izzy knows about baseball could fill about three minutes of airtime.
3. Her last experience in front of a camera was in college. Six years ago.
4. The Pioneers' second baseman has a wicked sense of humor and even wickeder blue eyes.


Jack Bennett couldn't be more uninterested in a little sideline action. He just wants to show up at the park and win baseball games. Izzy is the one woman he should steer clear of, but she's also the key to his success–and his heart, too.

All Izzy has to do is convince her misogynistic boss she's competent, learn what the heck an RBI is, and stay away from Jack Bennett. Izzy tells herself it'll be a snap, but 162 games is longer than she ever imagined and Jack more irresistible than she counted on.

I know some of you will recognize that the novel has the same title as a fanfic I started with jakeward, but we never completed. The genesis of the idea for that fanfic was the same genesis as the story, but believe me, it has evolved into something completely and totally different. But if you liked that story, I think you will love this one!

THE LUCKY CHARM is available for amazon kindle, b&n nook, and will be available for print in a few short weeks.

Amazon Kindle: search for ASIN# B00K4FJVJ2

Barnes & Noble Nook: search for B ID# 2940149551422

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Without your incredible support throughout the years, I never would have believed I could be a writer. So take a bow! You deserve it!

Thanks for reading,

Beth Bolden