It has been a weird, crap day and Kendall is flat on her back in his bed.

He doesn't talk to her; doesn't make a sound. He lets her fill the air with her porn-star style moans instead; no doubt thinking how she can wring him for cash now sugar daddy's up and fled the country. He doesn't care; he just pins her into the mattress as hard as he can and grunts into her neck; thrusts hard enough to bury a small island.

Veronica had called it a fucking death wish; it probably was but why the fuck would she care? She has proved that last summer; sure he was a self-destructive mess and it probably wasn't her duty to save him, but why wouldn't she anyway? Veronica had fucking worshiped Lilly, would probably eat her cunt without a second thought if Lilly ever asked; and Lilly was an expert at this implosion thing. Veronica would care to see Lilly burning alive, but somehow Logan wasn't worth it, never worth it, not to her, not to anyone.

As Kendall arches her back under his desperate touch, Logan wonders if this is how Lilly felt. This rich, older person; putty in his-or-her hands. Cataclysm always ran through their blood; what fucking right does he have to be pissed with Lilly, for fucking around with his father? Shouldn't he have seen it coming; wasn't that what he and Lilly always did? Find the new and exciting ways to rip another piece of the other's soul out; well eventually, she fucking won.

Veronica used to gloss over the wreckage of Lilly; so did Duncan, really. They were probably shocked when they realized she was dead; Duncan managed to go fucking catatonic over it. Insert year of the Kane Konnections being used for a cover-up; Daddy Dearest oh so free; here. There were probably more; pretty little 09er girls on pretty little tape; oh how Aaron would laugh at the parents if these girls. He was Aaron fucking Echolls and he couldn't be caught.

Maybe Veronica was good for something after all.

Kendall is gasping and grabbing his hair; he wonders what she will be. Another rich one who'll take a high schooler for all they're worth, then smash them into the ground to keep the secret – why the fuck not? Veronica's already got her pretty little pictures of him fucking Kendall; Logan's sure she'd appreciate the irony.

Logan knows he's being stupid and paranoid and Kendall isn't a fucking killer; bitch yes, killer no. He doesn't really want to die, but he'll get as close as he can. He tastes blood on her lips but she doesn't seem to mind; whore never seems to mind anything he does to her. Big fucking shock.

Kendall screams and comes around him; he follows suit a moment later. He snarls and pulls out, letting her catch her breath and half-hoping he won't catch his.

He wishes he could have left the rest of his soul inside her.