There were 2 reasons I entered this company. One was for ambition, the other a selfish personal gain. I thought it was just a matter of time before I got both. Little did I know....

"Welcome to Lawrence Interior Design!"Ke Zhong boomed after I stepped into the office.

I could feel my face burning and returned," Thank you for giving me this opportunity! I will try my best and take up a course while working so as to get the basic certification required!"

He continued,"That's great to hear! Since this is your first day, I'll get Amber to give you an orientation in the office. For now, your job scope is to be an Assistant to Amber. If you are able to show your capability during this 3 months of probation, then you will be employed as a Full-time Assistant Interior Designer."

Amber. I wonder if it's a guy or a girl...Wait. Did he just say Full-time Assistant Interior Designer?!!

I gaped in shock. I could already see myself climbling up the path to becoming a Full-time Senior Interior Designer and possibly, as a lady boss standing next to him and cutting a red ribbon together!My futile attempt to stifle my giggles ended up in a bout of coughs instead.

Control yourself, Yang Duo!

"Sorry, I just recovered from a cold." I lied.

With a look of concern., he said,"Well, you don't have to push yourself to start today. You can start tomorrow, if you'd like. We aren't that short of people today anyway."

He hadn't changed a bit since young. He was still as kind as before when he gave me his book on Architecture just to protect from the rain.

"No thanks, I'm fine! Afterall, I'm Yang Duo! Nicknamed, "Steel Woman" at my previous workplace, remember? For now, I'll get myself familiar around here! Once again, thanks for everything!" I grinned.

He chuckled, nodded with his usual smile and headed back for his work area. While looking at her smile, He had no doubt that she would would definitely soar in this field of work. Her face glowed with happiness and passion everytime they talked about architure and design. Hence, when she quit her work at Yu Ping's law firm, it was no surprise that she came to him for a job. Now, he looked forward to see how far could she go.

"Good morning! I'm Amber!"Amber greeted.

"Hi, I'm Yang Duo. Pleased to meet you." I smiled towards Amber.

I could not contain my excitement at her new job. Afterall, it wasn't just any job. It was one I could not even dream of till Yu Ping proposed to Yang Guo.

How would it turn out I wonder.