I am very behind in all my stories, but I have been busy. Here is an update (much needed). I like how this is going :)

Also in reply to katy1998: We live in France (it becomes obvious, we can't say it enough XD). Enjoy!

Louise hid her face in the magazine she'd found. What had she gotten into? Karen was playing her 'dumb' act, and nothing good could come of it.

"Well that was very, er, how you say… 'nice' of you, Riche." Karen toyed.

Louise gagged. "How you say"? Karen was in the top of her English class. If anyone in their school could speak the second language fluently, it was her. And yet, the silly, over-used cliché had Rich paying attention.

"You know, I took French in school."

"Oh? What can you say?"

"Nothing; I didn't pay enough attention." He admitted.

"Ah. I can teach you something in French, Riche."

Louise's ears perked up and her eyes shot away from the magazine to catch Karen leaning in toward Rich.

"E-excusze moi." Louise quickly hopped off the bed and rushed out the door, shutting it behind her.

"Curse the man who named a kiss after the French." Louise thought, and she scurried down the hall.

When she entered what looked like the living room of the Warehouse, Louise saw Mover Scott lounging on the couch wrapped up in whatever he was watching on the television. He sat there, clutching a teddy bear and in flannel pajamas that looked like something that belonged on a young child.

She shook her head, turning her view towards Mover Smitty. He was rummaging through the refrigerator.

"He certainly seems normal enough." Louise thought, her curiosity getting the best of her. Americans had always fascinated her for some reason. Probably because she'd spent her life wanting to get out of her small apartment in her home country and experience something in the world. And when it came to the image she had of the United States' residents, she always pictured them in cowboy hats eating cheeseburgers with bacon on them.

"H-hello." She said shyly, standing besides the fridge.

"Oh, hi Louise!" Smitty said, pulling a small glass jar of cherries out and placing them on the counter. "Do you want some ice cream?"

"Sure." She replied.

"What flavor?"


She watched as Smitty dug a spoon into the creamy dessert, scooping it out and placing it into Louise's bowl. He repeated the action for himself and they sat at the table together.

After a few moments of silence, Louise finally decided to say something.

"I like your hat, Smitté."

"Thanks. I've got a ton of them."

"Vraiment? Err, really? It is nice."

Smitty smiled.

"Wanna try it on?"

Louise beamed.

"Oui! Oui, s'il vous plaît!"*

The man chuckled, removing his hat and placing it on the girl's head.

"You like it?"

"I love it!" She answered, tugging it farther down on her head.

"You can keep it."

"Oh no, no."

"I insist." He said, picking up her bowl and his own. "Have you seen Rich, for chance?"


At that moment, Karen came marching down the hall, ranting furiously in French and turning down the other hallway.

"Aucun bon, Américain putréfié ! Je ne peux pas croire qu'il est si peu sensible! Pourquoi, pourquoi ne pas m'embrasser? Je suis beau, charmer, drôle! Je déteste ce pays! Et je déteste cet entrepôt!"**

Smitty raised an eyebrow, while Louise just smiled.

"What did she say?"

"Um…I think it may be best shall we leave her be to herself." The girl now wearing the Western hat grinned to herself. Apparently, Rich hadn't accepted a French lesson from a certain person.

Translation notes:

*"Yes, yes, please!"

**Karen's entire "rant" is about Rich not kissing her (which is why Louise is glad), and ends with something along the lines of "I hate America! And I hate this Warehouse!"

Karen warned me that if I did not explain this, anyone actually reading this who isn't someone I know irl would not understand the joke. Anyway, thank you for reading! Chapter three on the way soon! ~Louise Scarlet