A/N: Just a story about our favorite duo that I can't seem to get out of my head. A case. Some fluff. And maybe even some smut if we're lucky. Sadly, I do not own Bones.

"Do you have anything for me?" She asked striding through the door to the artist's large screen.

"Well, I ran a few scenarios based on the parameters you gave me ..."


"And I think your hunch was right," she said affirmatively.

"No, Angela, it wasn't a hunch," she explained, "I merely evaluated the bones we have and concluded that the fatal injuries weren't congruent with a car accident."

"Then what did you need me for sweetie?" Angela smiled.

Bones pursed her lips, "I'd like to see your scenarios please."

"Okay, if you'll look at each of these three clips … You see each one represents slight variations on the most likely sequence of flips after the car went over the edge before hitting the ground below." They watched each clip a second time

She pondered the screen for a moment before saying, "I believe you've adequately demonstrated what the forensic evidence shows."

"Yeah, you're welcome sweetie."

She pursed her lips again. "Thank you Angela."

She walked back to her office intent on calling booth to tell him the findings but when she arrived at her door she noticed him lounging back on her couch. As she drew nearer, she saw that his eyes were closed and she thought for a moment that he was asleep. She stood over him silently watching him quietly: his breathing was even, his face muscles were relaxed, his eyes underneath the lids were … completely still? … didn't he dream when he slept? Isn't it proven that all mammals dream even in the lightest stages of REM? As she was contemplating this, he opened his eyes to hers directly above him. She felt a twinge of guilt like she'd been caught doing something she shouldn't have been and felt her cheeks flush. She turned from him, furrowing her brow and walking back toward her desk. "I thought you might have fallen asleep," she said bluntly.

He sat for a moment in silence watching her walk back to her desk. Was she watching me? Why? He chuckled, "No, just looking at the inside of my eyelids."

"But how could you see them in the dark?" she began asking, as she turned to look at him. Seeing the smirk on his face, she said, "oh, ha ha. Why are you here?"

"Gee, I missed you too, Bones," he said acting affronted.

She snapped her head up to meet his gaze then forced herself to look down again. "I meant, do we have a new case?"

"No," he said, as he stood up. "I was hungry and figured you wouldn't eat otherwise today." He was watching her intently and saw that her mood shifted noticeably when he said they didn't have a case. Since when was she happy when they didn't have a case? Lord knows he wasn't. Jeez, she looked almost giddy.

As he'd been thinking on her motives, she'd joined him back at the couch, touching his arm and smiling delightfully, "Good, because I have one for us."

Once he got past the jolt her touch had caused, he asked, "What? What do you mean you have one?"

"I mean, I have a case for us… " She began to busily tell him the story of working in bone storage over the weekend, and coming back to the bones of the 14 year old who'd been found in the remains of a burned and wrecked vehicle at the bottom of that gorge in Georgia. The remains had been nearly unidentifiable when they were brought in, though no one seemed too concerned as it appeared to have been a so-called "joy ride" that ended badly. She hadn't been satisfied with those assumptions from the beginning but hadn't had much time to put into finding the fallacies, until this past weekend.

"Wait," he interrupted, "this weekend? You told me you weren't working this weekend. Is that what you were doing when you couldn't meet me and Parker for ice cream?" His tone was incredulous.

"Booth," she steadied, "you're not listening to me and no, I was … going out."

He stopped her from resuming her story by blurting out, "Going out? Where?"

"That's not relevant to the case, Booth," she stated matter-of-factly.

"What case. There is no case."

"Yes, that's what I'm trying to tell you. I've had Angela develop some scenarios based upon the forensic evidence I've evaluated that clearly indicate the boy did not die from a car accident."

"So?" was his response.

"So?" she repeated quietly; now it was her turn to look incredulously. She continued, "So … the evidence suggests that he was dead before that car went over the cliff."

His face indicated recognition of her point but then disappointment. "Bones, I really don't think this is a case for us."

"Why not Booth? This is what we do." She said. He smiled. She continued, "We take bones and we solve the mysteries surrounding them." She made it sound so simple.

"We solve mysteries?" he jeered, eyeing her while flashing a smile.

"You know what I mean," she said, waving in the air as if trying to wipe his smile away. "Just follow me." He willingly obliged, trailing behind her back to Angela's office. When they entered, Angela and Hodgins appeared to be in a rather animated though quiet conversation. Bones didn't notice though, walking straight to face the screen while saying, "Angela, show Booth the scenarios."

The two ex-lovers stopped their conversation abruptly and Booth cleared his throat before saying, "Uh … yeah … let's come back later Bones, I'm hungry" while placing his hand on her lower back and attempting to guide her toward the door.

"No, it's fine," Angela said abruptly, and Hodgins shook his head before storming out.

Angela picked up her remote and walked toward the screen standing alongside Booth and Bones facing the screen. Booth looked at her willing "you ok?" to silently travel from his eyes; her eyes responded and it was clear to him they said "don't ask."

The three watched the scenarios intently. Once they were completed, Bones turned to face Booth directly. "See?" she asked. "It wasn't an accident. This is a case Booth."

"Bones," he began, gently, "this isn't really the way it works. You know somebody finds a body, they call the cops, the cops call the feds and I come get you. That's the drill."

"I don't know what that means," she said as she folded her arms and he thought for certain that while she may not understand it, she was definitely angered by it.

Trying to ease the situation a bit more, he proffered, "See, we don't have anything to go on here, no fresh crime scene, no ID on the victim – right?" She nodded curtly and he continued. "Hell, do we even know where or how it happened? How long ago was it? I mean, how can we investigate when we don't have anything to go on?"

"I believe I can give you everything you need," she stated firmly.

Angela, who'd been silent to this point, made a definite 'humph' noise. Catching Booth's eyes, then Brennan's, then seeing them look at each other, she mumbled "sorry" and began moving toward the exit.

"Forensically, of course," Bones corrected.

"I'm sure you can, Bones," he said softly, moving slightly toward her and ignoring Angela's faint squeal as she excused herself from her own office. "I'm just not sure it's something worth taking on."

Bones backed away from him, recreating the distance between them. "Who determines what's worth it. It's a person, a child even, who has died, under unnatural circumstances, at the hand of someone else. Doesn't he deserve justice?" She furrowed her brow at herself.

A dead body deserving justice? Did Temperance Brennan just say that? His confusion must have shown on his face because she abruptly said, "I'm not hungry. I have work to do." With that she left Angela's office and disappeared back down the corridor which he knew led to bone storage.