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She spent the remainder of the day pouring over the bones, attempting to discern something, anything, from them. There was something there. She was certain of it. Was this a hunch like Angela said? No, that was completely irrational. It was simply an educated theory based upon her extensive knowledge of forensic anthropology. Her phone rang, and she looked to see that it was Booth again. He'd called at least 3 times already since she left him standing in Angela's office; she'd let it go straight to voicemail each time, and this time as well, though she did take it as a cue to leave.

She was standing in her bathroom applying mascara and singing along with a Cyndi Lauper song and didn't hear the knock at her door. He knocked twice and when she didn't answer he tried the knob. It was open. He walked in and started to call out but heard her voice and decided to enjoy the sounds for a moment. He closed the door and walked closer to the bedroom; he could tell that she must be in her bathroom with the radio on and that's why she didn't hear the door. He leaned against the door frame and closed his eyes, just listening, drinking her in with his ears. He was so startled when the radio turned off mid-song that he jolted back and bumped a vase sitting atop a small phone bureau. She heard the noise and called out, as she walked from the bathroom, "Oh, you're here, well, I'm rea--" she stopped abruptly as she rounded the corner and stood face to face with Booth.

He was stunned for a moment at the sight of her. She had on a flared knee-length black dress, with thin straps and a fitted waist and strappy black heels. Her hair was tied up loosely with strands falling around her face and softly against her neck. Her blue eyes were accentuated with a smokiness and her lips … he gulped and sucked in air.

She noticed. "Hi" was all she could muster.

"Hi," he countered softly. He tried to casually pull himself back to reality and was afraid he'd visually shaken himself. Attempting to cover his reaction to her he started, "You know your door was wide open?" He flung his arm up toward the door. "You know anyone could have walked in?" Was she smirking at him? What was so funny? "You were in there," flinging his other arm in the direction of her bedroom/bathroom, "someone could have just walked in and snuck up on you and … done who knows what!" He was panting now … was he really panting? Oh god, Seeley get a hold of yourself.

"Maybe I'd like the surprise?" She said in a sultry teasing voice.

"Bones!" he belted.

She sighed. "No one walked in and "snuck up" on me," she began.

"I did!" His voice cracked.

"You didn't sneak Booth. You don't sneak." She laughed and walked past him.

"Ha!" It was louder than he'd meant it and she turned around quickly. "I sneak. I was a sniper remember." He was visibly furious. And she seemed to be enjoying it. Why would she enjoy this?

"I meant sneak up on a woman Booth … on me." She couldn't look at him anymore and he couldn't not look at her.

After a few seconds of silence, she blurted "What are you doing here?"

Apparently he didn't offer an answer quickly enough, as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other and put her hand on her hip. His eyes followed her movements and ended with her hand on that hip. He gulped again. God she looked good. Why did she look so good? Oh no, he thought, as reality sunk in.

"Well, I was hoping you weren't still mad about this afternoon and thought we could go get dinner but apparently …," he trailed off motioning toward her up and down.

"Um, yes," she said, smoothing her dress over her stomach and slightly down her legs. He gulped again. "I have plans this evening. You might've call--" she stopped herself. He'd been trying to call her all afternoon.

"Yeah, I did," he said, still angry and defiantly walking to the door.

"Booth," she began, reaching toward him as he opened the door just as the man on the other side had raised his fist to knock.

Booth froze, staring ahead at disbelief at the reason for Bones plans … as Sully smiled at the both of them and said, "Well hello Booth … Tempe."

Booth, in silence, stepped aside as Sully passed him entering the apartment. He looked back and forth from Booth to Bones and said "I'm not interrupting am I? You said 7:30 right, Tempe?'

She was shaking her head more vigorously than necessary. "No, nothing. Yes, I'm ready." She seemed to be talking rather quickly and attempted to steady herself. "Booth was just leaving."

"Oh," Sully said, sticking his hand out to Booth. Booth shook it abruptly, nodded to both of them, though never making eye contact with Bones again, and walked out.

He managed to make it safely to his car out front of her building before hitting something. He pounded on the top of the steering wheel a few times when he noticed the two leaving her building. He was sure Bones knew he was still sitting there, though she never looked back toward him. Instead, she and Sully exited the building and walked to his car parked several in front of Booth alongside the road.

He resisted the urge to follow them. She'd have his ass if she knew he even considered it. Hmph … maybe that wouldn't be so bad. He quickly shook that idea from his mind. Instead, he went home to an empty apartment, flicked on the TV to ESPN and battled his tendency to obsess while downing a six pack.