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"So, where were you two last night?"

Russel's made pancakes and set them out on the table, and Noodle is peering up through her bangs at the other two men, as she is curious as well.

2D speaks first, scratching at his head.

"Y'know, the funny fing is, I can't quite remember—I woke up with this wicked headache, and this bruise on my head, and I felt all… like… dizzy."

Russel's eyes dart to Murdoc: obviously the culprit.

"Care to enlighten, Muds?"

"Oh, well, y'know, after we got back from the pub, I was worried about the little bugger," Murdoc explains, skewering one of his pancakes and dipping it into a healthy smattering of syrup. "So I decided, 'Oh, why not, I'll take him to the E.R.' And he fell a few times, hit his head once on the way, and they doped him up real nice. Turns out he had real bad alcohol poisoning. Real shame, really."

Murdoc shakes his head, clamps his teeth down on the pancake, and swallows. He checks his bandmates' faces.

"Oh, jeez, Muds, that's so nice of you!" 2D practically squeals before anyone else can interject, and it's apparent from the look on his face that he's overjoyed that his "best mate" was oh-so kind enough to look out for his well being. Plus, at this point, with the extra dose of painkiller going through his system, he doesn't know his ass from his face. "If anytime you wanna go somewhere, you just gimme the word, and I'll go wif you—anywhere you wanna go. Me 'n' you."

Russel and Noodle look to each other, unsure if anything in this world is sacred anymore.

As for Murdoc, he smiles a patented Murdoc-smile, knowing deep down his secrets are intact, and all he says is "You know, D, I'd like that. I'd like that a lot."

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