Re-L wondered. How exactly is unclear, what, with her lack of imagination (Although that's what got her in this mess), but it is certain that she wondered. Most likely about Vincent. Most definitely about Vincent. The man (Was it correct to even consider him a man?) was an enigma. And a weirdo.

The said weirdo was currently wondering about the galley like a chicken with its head cut off. Admittedly, a worried chicken, but a chicken none the less. Vince was very stressed about Re-L and her state of unwellness. He was at a total loss as to what to do about it.

Okay. Okay. First, I, um, I need to get her better. That is now number one thing to do. The question now is how. How? Oh, God. Oh, God. I need her. I can't go back to it being just me. Need to get help. It's so lonely. Out here, all alone. From who? There's no one around. It's just us. What I'm gonna do? Her, me. That's it. Maybe there's a place we can restock….and search for medicine.

His thoughts keep circling back to It's just us, Her, me. Then something hit him, like a rock. No, more like a huge boulder.


Deciding this was the most productive thing he could do right now, Vincent went on to seek out Pino. Only to trip over her. So lost in thought, he failed to notice that she was sitting right in the door way from the galley to the deck.

"Ha ha! Vince, you're so clumsy! Are you okay?" Pino asked in close secession.

"Ah, sorry about that." Trying to calm himself down before she could ask him about his accelorated heartbeart he asked "Hey, Pino? What have you got there?" Pointing at her picture.

"It's us. You and me. On the Rabbit. I need more colors to draw Re-L-Re-L."

At the mention of Re-L, Vince grabbed her shoulders, still kneeling on the ground, looked her in eye and said "Re-L might be very sick. Can you tell me how many days ago and far the last place we restocked is? And how long it will take us to get back?"

"Sure! We left 12 days, 7 hours, 54 minutes, and 48 seconds ago. It's 789 Kilos to the south of us, and 145 Kilos east of us. 'Cause of the wind it should take us 11 days, 20 hours 56 minutes, and 58 seconds to go back if we turn back in three minutes, veering a little to left." Waiting for the smile that would reward her, Pino recieved something more than she thought deserved for supplying such simple information.

A very big bear hug.

"Thank you! Pino, you're the best navigator ever!" She wasn't quite sure what navigator meant, but Pino was very pleased she was the best.

Re-L still lying down in compliance to Vincent's request, surprising herself greatly.

Why I'm I doing something he told me to? Refusing to acknowledge the fact that she why, hoping there was a other reason besides his eyes. Filled with worry, concern and care….

Stop that nonsense. She reprimanded herself. It's simply because if I didn't, then there no telling what he'd do. Slump his shoulders in resignation most likely. But, on the off chance he doesn't and pulls the "I'm a God, so listen to me" card, accompanied by brute force. I'd rather not deal with that….

Or so she tried to reason to herself.

Literally jolted out of her thoughts, Re-L was curious as to why The Rabbit was changing course. Curious enough to temporarily forget, or at least push those gorgeous green eyes to back of her mind.

So she went topside. To be greeted by the wonderful image of Vincent standing straight and beautiful at the helm with Pino at his side sitting on the deck, between the rails, legs swinging against the side of The Rabbit, looking forward as well. Not that she'd ever admit such a thing out loud or otherwise.

She always had a problem voicing anything postive about anything, which made her rather unbalanced in her uncanny ability to kick the proverbial dog where it hurt the most. Be it it's pride or broken rib.

Vince was the first of the two to notice her. He turned to say something, but Re-L beat him to it. "Why are we changing course? Did something happen?"

Once again someone else beat Vincent to punch "Yes! We're getting medicine! Are you okay walking around? You should be laying down if you feel bad, right? I made you a picture, I hope it makes you feel better. Oh! I think left it in the kitchen~! I must go find it! I be right back. Please don't get sicker yet. We haven't got any medicine right now." With her piece said, Pino went to search for her masterpiece for Re-L-Re-L.

With her eyebrows raised, Re-L decided now would be a good time to lay into Vince. "What the Hell?"

Not wanting to miss his chance to say something again Vince began quickly "Ah, Pino's right you should be laying down if you feel poorly. How are feeling? Any better? I hope so. Uh, um…"

Re-L's response was a simple blank "What?" At this point she felt severely confused. What? Wait. He thought I was sick? "Um, I feel fine. Actually, I am fine. So what on earth was the little defect going on about? I'm not sick. What's going on?"

At the word 'defect' a frown started to etch it's way on Vince's face. He really didn't like Re-L calling Pino that, even if it was true. She wasn't defective, she's just….special. Yeah, that's right, special. Like him.



She's not sick?

Vince was suddenly standing right in front of her. Shit! I hate it when he does that lighting fast movement. It's so creepy. Vincent grabbed her shoulders (Re-L's shock from his startling speed was the only reason he could do so) and looked at her intensely, searching for any sign of, well, anything out of the ordinary really. Just a few inches from her face, she sucked in air, about to tell him where exactly he could shove it.

As soon as she could regain her senses enough to form words besides "What beautiful emerald green eyes.", seeing as she refused to admit to any such thing.

Before she could, a smile rivaling the brightness of sun broke out on Vincent's face. Relief flooded his features as he forgot himself (and Re-L, he wouldn't have done such a thing if her recalled her personal space issues, much less, her temper) and did the same thing he had done to Pino merely a moment ago.

Gave her a big bear hug.

Completely encompassing her in his arms, burying his face in the crook of her neck. Holding rather tightly. Very tightly. Too tightly.

The tightness of his hold is what brought Re-L out of her shell-shocked state. Shoving him off of her with a unladylike grunt and a gruff "Quit your moping, I'm not gonna die anytime soon. I need more answers before I can die peacefully." Not quite ready to look him in the eye, she spoke looking off to side.

Vince, thoroughly embarrassed by his initial reaction nodded, face in full flush "I'm sorry. I just, um, I'm glad that, uh, you're okay. Er, fine. I mean, um not ill. Er, ah. I should go. And tell, ah, Pino."

"Wait." Damn, I said that out loud, didn't I?

Vince turned half expecting her to kick him "Yes?"

"Ah. Since you're so concerned and all, you can comb my hair. Now. As an afterthought she added "After you go talk to your pet."

Still feeling incredibly guilty about temporarily forgeting about Pino in his mini mental meltdown, Vince snapped. Unlike his alter ego, this was his human side that snapped and retaliated on its own for the very first time. At anyone, really.

"She not my pet, she's my friend. My very precious friend" Vince said quietly but firmly, looking up from the deck he was staring a moment ago, at Re-L eye to eye so she could understand on no uncertain grounds.

"My very precious friend" he repeated. Then left to get Pino.

Okay then. Hold off on the name calling of the defect for now.