Disclaimer: Mash-up. I merged my favorite book as a kid with my favorite book as an adult. The basic story is from Elizabeth Cadell's "The Lark Shall Sing," (also known as "The Singing Heart") while the characters and setting are from Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries.

AN: There are many changes to original as the Cadell book is set in 1950s England and did not include potty mouth, white trash, Hollywood, VWs, cell phones, etc.

Setting: 2000s, Louisiana


"Over My Dead Body " to Get Permanent Home In Shreveport, Louisiana: The City will never be the same!

By Sara Weiss and Tom Lattesta

After a six-episode mini-season, Director/Producer Russell Edgington's HBO vampire-dramedy remake of comedy classic I Love Lucy, entitled Over My Dead Body, has been picked up for three seasons. While the filming was originally split between Hollywood and Shreveport, Louisiana, all of the show's future episodes are expected to be filmed in Shreveport.

With the moderate temperatures and lower production costs, the Shreveport-Bossier City region started marketing the area to the film industry back in 2005. The region bills itself as offering a diversity of locations including "Kentucky-style horse farms, antebellum-style plantations, bayous, swamps and other fabulous locations." Recent productions filed on-site in greater Shreveport include the television seriesThe Gates, feature films Drive Angry and Battle Los Angelos.

With the recent hits Louisiana has taken to its economy—Hurricane Katrina and more recently the British Petroleum Oil Spill—marketing the state to film studios is seen as a boon to offset recent losses in the tourism and convention markets.

The decision to film the show exclusively in Louisiana comes months after the decision to bring the show back for three more seasons was made. Many associated with the production had assumed filming would continue primarily in Hollywood with some scenes being filmed in Louisiana. Sources report not everyone is thrilled with the decision.

Over My Dead Body star, Hollywood heartthrob Eric Northman, 33, is reported to be furious over the last-minute change. Northman, born in Sweden, has been a resident of the United States since he moved to the country more than ten years ago to attend film school at UCLA. Northman, who has been successfully earning himself a reputation for quality acting, has also been earning himself a reputation for difficult on-set behavior.

According to one anonymous source, Northman is "livid" at the last minute change in location. The actor resides in the Hollywood Hills area and has for some time. When not filming movies on-location, Northman prefers to spend his time at home. He has stated in interviews that part of the impetus for agreeing to sign a contract for the HBO show was his belief that the show would film in Hollywood and would not disrupt his established lifestyle.

"What can I say? He gets emo sometimes and there's just no reasoning with him." Our anonymous source also said such an attitude may not bode well for Northman's career, in the long-term. "The pussy has—oh, I don't know—maybe another ten years ahead of him as a leading actor and then it'll be time for the Eric Northman School of Dramatic Arts. You think he'd be more conscious of that? You would think he'd be more interested in taking advantage of his fifteen minutes? No. He wants to be home.

"Honestly, I don't even know what the f*ck he does in that house of his. I say to him. 'Eric, what the hell exactly do you do at that house of yours, anyway? The servants do everything. You might as well just sign the deed over to your manservant—Bobby—he'd wipe Eric's ass if Eric needed it—and even if Eric didn't need it. The whole thing just makes me ill."

While "Ricky" may be having second thoughts about the Louisiana set, Claudine Crane, 34, the actress who portrays "Lucy" is thrilled. Crane actually hails from northern Louisiana—the city of Monroe not far from Shreveport—and is welcoming the opportunity to spend more time in her native state.

Russell Edgington, the show's director/producer, is positive and upbeat about the decision.

"Well, everyone knows I'm doing this to get away from my husband Talbott. Ha ha ha. That is a joke. No, it's just that Louisiana offers the authentic feel we want at the production values we need.

"Why pay for actors to dress up like white trash, when we can just go to source and find some real white trash? I hear with the voodoo priestesses and Santoria practitioners they've got down there, we probably don't even need to get wolves. There's real werewolves! Everyone is THRILLED with the decision! And if they're not yet, they soon will be. Or they'll be fired! Ha ha ha."

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