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"Aaahhhhhhhh! Please! Stop!" James shrieked as Pyramid Head rammed himself harder into James's ass. He couldn't help it, James was a virgin in this type of sexual play,so tight and hot it drove Pyramid Head over the brink. James was much better than the usual undead sluts he always found.(nurses and mannequins) He kept driving deeper and harder, blood coating his cock as James bled. Tears poured down the blonde's face as he tried to ignore the pain and shame. A spike of pleasure shot up his spine, making him gasp and arch himself into the demon involuntarily.

He thought about how he came to be in his current predicament as he tried to ignore the pulsating organ inside him.


James made his way down the dark corridor, gun trained in front of him towards the ground and flashlight only illuminating a few precious feet in front of him. He could hear the moans of the undead things just out of sight as they scurried and crawled in this hellish world, only thoughts, if they had any, on where they can find their next meal and how tasty James looks as a snack.

James stopped and listened as he heard a moan come from around the corner. Pressing himself against the wall he took a deep breath and glanced around the corner.

He wished he hadn't.

A huge monster with a pyramid shaped metal helmet and a skirt like garment hanging off of his well toned hips. It appeared to be made out of human skin. The thing stood about a foot or two taller than James and scars riddled its bare arms and back that James could see and was coated in old and new bits of blood. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was he was fucking a nurse. From the sounds she was making, she did not seem to be enjoying it.

James whipped his head from around the corner with a gasp. That was probably the biggest mistake of his life. He heard the movements from around the corner stop save the noises the nurse was making. A loud snap and a sudden thump signaled her demiss to James. At the moment he couldn't care less. No nurse meant no distraction, no distraction meant it would come after James.

Turning to sprint down the hallway, before he could get more than a few feet a large hand gripped his shoulder and yanked him off his feet, the gun flying out of his hands and skiting away. He hit the ground flat on his back and screwed his eyes shut in pain. Groaning he opened them and stared up at the underside of the helmet. He could just make out jagged, fanged, bloody teeth of the things mouth that seemed to be smirking down at him in the light of the flashlight. Fear shot through James as the thing placed its feet on either side of his body and knelt down above his head. He could now see the teeth were coated in blood.

He whimpered as something long and slimy slipped past the teeth and started to trace his face. A tongue. The thing had a fucking giant ass tongue! James whimpered at turned his head, trying to avoid the thing. He nearly screamed in fear as the thing pushed into his mouth and past his teeth. Before he could bite down a hand gripped his jaws to prevent him from doing this. Fire seemed to race down his throat as the tongue explored his mouth, claiming it. He gagged and choked but that did not deter the executioner. It seemed to egg him on.

Finally the tongue exited his mouth allowing James the ability to breathe which he gladly did, gasping the stank and disgusting air. The thing stood up and flipped him onto his back. He tried to resist but his hands were grabbed in one of the Executioner's and pushed into his back. Then he felt the thing grab the hem of his pants. Jamses eyes widened. He started to buck and squirm but that seemed to please the monster, a deep gargling coming from his throat. Laughing. The fucking asshole was laughing at him. James yelped as the thing tore his pants threw them away. He felt something touch his hole and he froze like death had touched him.

Maybe it would have been better for him if it had been death.

*end flashback*

"Finally." Pyramid Head thought, angling his thrusts at Jame's prostate. The blond moaned and squirmed beneath him, his own erection pressing into the grimy floor. Smirking the Executioner let his tongue slowly creep down and trace the blonds weeping member, tasting the precum. Wrapping over the organ, Pyramid Head began to stroke James in time with his thrusts, going deeper and harder still into the man beneath him. He had been watching the blond for a while now and he wasn't going to waste an opportunity to court his blond.

James whimpered as pleasure flooded his body. This shouldn't feel so good. How could he feel pleasure when he was being so violated? All these thoughts went out the window as Pyramid head pounded into him again. He felt warmth grow in his groin before he screamed his release. He heard the monster groan behind him as his walls squeezed its cock harder.

He could feel warmth in his ass as it released its seed and brace itself on its free hand as he leaned down over the blonde's sweaty body. Tears poured down his face and he cried out when the Executioner pulled out of him. He tried to curl into his side to stop the pain that was now pulsing inside him now that the pleasure was gone and no longer distracting him. His hands were still encased in Pyramid Head's larger one. He could feel the blood as it dripped down his legs.

He groaned as he was picked up by the creature and pulled into a near by room. James opened his eyes and looked around the room. It was bare save fore a bed and a bedside table. Both were rusty and blood splattered like the walls and floor. Before he could register anything else he was tossed onto his back onto the bed. Grunting as his sore muscles were abused, he looked up in fear as he felt Pyramid Head straddle him. Knowing what would happen next he started to claw at the helmet. Finding a strap under the things chin he yanked with all of his strength.

Normally Pyramid Head wouldn't have minded, since he liked it when his partners struggled. What he wasn't expecting was for the old, faded leather strap to break, causing his helmet to tip foreword. With a snarl he grabbed it and threw it across the room. Growling, he grabbed James's hands and pinned them over his head.

When James looked up at the face above him he stopped breathing. Instead of a hideously disfigured monster, he was extremely hot. High cheekbones, strong jaw and straight nose it was a face that would make any woman swoon. He had black hair and several different cuts crisscrossing his cheeks, one going through his lips. What really struck James though, were his eyes. Red as blood, nearly glowing in the dark and overflowing with anger. James gulped.

Pyramid Head ripped off his robe and tossed it aside as he tied James's hands with the chains attached to the bedposts. Tears continue to fall down the blondes face as he continued to struggle. Pyramid Head ripped his legs apart and settled himself between them. With a scream from James he roughly entered the man's tight ass. He groaned in ecstasy as he thrusts, blood allowing him to move easier inside James.

James screwed his eyes shut as he tried to muffle his cries. The thrusts inside him kept bringing him back to reality as he tried to simply forget. Forget where he was, forget why he was in this godforsaken town and forget what the monster above him was doing. He heard the thing let out a moan and he felt the tongue slid up his stomach. Before he could stop it he moaned when it reached his nipple twirling around it until it became a hard bud.

Using every ounce of courage in his body, he cracked an eye open. Pyramid Head stared back at him, eyes filled now with lust, ecstasy and another emotion James could not identify. A sudden thrust into his prostate caused his eyes to shoot open and his back to arch off of the bed screaming out. Moaning as pleasure overtook him, James started to meet Pyramid Head's thrusts, grinding his hips and wrapping his legs around the muscled formed of the Executioner, pulling him deeper into James. He didn't care that this was a demon and violating him in the most horrible way possible, it felt good and he just wanted to forget! He deserved this damn it!

Pyramid head grinned. Finally, James was reciprocating his advances. He leaned over the man, gently scraping his teeth against the mortals hot skin and biting down at the junction of his neck, marking the man as his. James moaned and threw his head back, giving Pyramid Head more access to the sensitive skin of his neck. The Executioner latched on, sucking and biting, James moaning beneath him. Tears still leaked out of blue eyes as he rolled his head to the side. He could feel himself come to an end. Pyramid Head kept thrusting a couple times before James's final contractions made him come.

Pyramid Head leaned over James, staring him right in the eyes. Red met blue as they stared for a few seconds before Pyramid Head's eyes flicked down to James's lips. Looking back at James he slowly brought his face closer to the man beneath him. When there were only a few millimeters between them, he paused. Then he swooped in and claimed James's lips.

James tried to resist, he really did. He tried to turn his head but Pyramid Head's hand kept him steady. Finally he just melted into the kiss, mouth opening, when the Executioner's tongue swiped his bottom lip. He never thought that kissing the fucking EXECUTIONER of Silent Hill could be so...pleasant.

Unlike the first "kiss" they shared, there was no burning sensation. James tentavly began to fight for dominance before Pyramid Head easily beat him and began to explore the wet cavern. Once James felt as though his lungs were about to burst he ripped his head to the side and gasped for breathe. Looking back up he watched Pyramid Head.

Red eyes gazed down at him. "James." a gravelly voice slipped between the monster's lips. Blue tear filled eyes widened in shock.

"You-you can talk?" James tentatively asked. Pyramid Head smirked.

"Of course." He said as he sat up and pulled out of James who whimpered from the feeling of emptiness. Pyramid Head moved down on the bed so his face was level with James's groin.

"Wh-what are you doing?" James asked head raised as he tried to watch what was happening.

"Shhh." Pyramid head chided. "Don't worry, this wont hurt. You've reacted very well to my advances and I think you should be...rewarded, for this." He said before his tongue wrapped around James's cock, tracing the vein underneath. James yelped, and threw himself back into the bed. Pyramid Head rubbed his tongue up and down the organ, holding James's hips down as he tried to thrust them up. He enjoyed watching the younger man squirm on the bed, coat open and shirt pushed up above his nipples.

One of his hands crept up James's chest, tracing the cuts and bruises on the mortals once flawless skin. James gasped harder for breathe and moaned louder as Pyramid Head raked his nails down his chest, red scratches following his finger's wake. Determining James had had enough, Pyramid Head took James fully into his mouth.

James screamed from the pure pleasure that coursed through him as the Executioner sucked on him, gently tracing his teeth down the side of his dick, tongue licking the underside. Looking down he watched the black haired man bob his head, totally engrossed in the task of pleasuring James. James threw his head back and thrust up into the wet cavern. He wished he had his hands free so he could grab onto the short, thick, black hair and grind even harder into his amazing mouth.

Pyramid Head hummed deep in his throat, driving James farther to the edge. He could feel James nearing his end so he decided to play a little. Removing his mouth from the hard cock he started to bite the inside of James's thighs. James felt tears fall from his eyes and he groaned.

"Why did you stop!" he barely recognized his own voice, chocked with lust and unfinished pleasure. Pyramid Head sucked on his sensitive skin.

"I want you to scream my name as I suck you off James. I want you to scream it so fucking loud that whore Maria can hear you, I want you to scream so loud your throat will bleed." He said kissing the bite marks he had made. "I want you to scream my name as you release yourself into me so that you always know that only I can make you feel this fucking good. I want you to say my name like you think I'm a god."

"What's your name?" James asked, desperate to get the pleasure back. Pyramid Head traced the top of his cock with his teeth.

"Xervexegon." he said before engulfing James again.

"Xervexegon. O God!" James started to chant the name over and over as the black haired man sucked harder. After a few more moments, the room filled with the sound of James screaming Xervexegon's name so loud and echo rang through the outside hall, as he spilled his seed into the demon's waiting mouth. Xervexegon swallowed the entire loud, sucking a little more to make sure he got every drop of his toys precious seed. Satisfied he did he released James and rose to his knees.

James was spent, eyes half lidded and body limp. Xervexegon grinned as he unshackled James and pulled him onto his lap. James cuddled into his chest, head resting on his shoulder. Red eyes stared lovingly down at the sleeping man.

"You're mine know James. Now and forever, you will always be mine."

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