Saving Me

Chapter 1 Stolen

The sounds of pain filled screams and wails stung her ears. Women crying for their lost husbands, little boys crying for their mothers, and little girls crying for their fathers. There had to have been hundreds of women, none a day over 30. Maybe about 50 children between the ages of 8 and 13. She could have sworn she saw a few men being dragged aboard against their will. If they were indeed here they were kept somewhere else.

She sat alongside all of these other women and children in a cold and smelly room. It was dungeon like, dark and damp. The space was no where big enough for them all to be comfortable; they were all squished and cramped together like animals. Some lucky to have their mother or older sister with them, but most unlucky and alone, like her.

She felt the warm tears flowing down her cheeks as she stared out through one of the tiny windows at the remains of the planet she once called home. The beautiful baby blue, dark green, and white planet was gone, burning chunks floating in the now empty space was all that was left. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest as she looked on, ears still ringing from the shrieks of the other captives. She continued to stare out the window at the recent devastation and dropped her head into her chest as she thought about all she lost. Her mother, her father, her boyfriend, all her friends, her life. She brought her hand to the window and placed her palm against the cool glass, and began to sob.

She began to choke as her sobs grew deeper and louder. Her heart began to jerk as the adrenalin burst through her veins, and surge through her arteries. Everything she ever knew and loved was gone in the blink of an eye. The reality of what was happening was finally sinking in. everything she once knew, and loved was gone and it was never coming back. She crumbled over into a ball holding herself tight, praying it would take the pain away. A few moments later she felt frail and slender arms wrap around her. She opened her eyes slightly to see who it was, wishing to see a familiar face. The person she saw was of course unfamiliar, everyone she ever knew was dead.

It was a beautiful young woman. She had to have been at least 16. Her skin was caramel, and lightly tanned, dark brown hair, a tiny button nose and caramel lips. What stood out most about this girl were her eyes, they were big and brown. They shone through even though her face was filled with agony. This brown haired girl ran her tiny hands through the other girls blue locks and nestled her head in the crook of her neck. They held each other tight and wept as sadness and sorrow swam through their bodies. They didn't know each other but they were both alone and in pain, and even through the situation was unbearable, they were able to provide each other with a small bit of comfort.

Sometime later, after crying became too much work for their worn out bodies the blue haired girl roe her bloodshot and puffy eyes to the younger girl.

"My name is Bulma", she moaned, her throat was sore from the screaming. The younger girl looked up at her and tried to force out a smile. "I'm Jace" she replied still holding Bulma tight. Bulma looked at the girl and felt pure horror flow through her body. This girl was clearly a teenager, still in high school and she was alone. Her whole family gone at a tender age. Bulma was young too, only 20. She had more time than this girl did with her family and it stung her soul to think about it.

Bulma was just about to ask her another question when a huge muscular man entered the room. He stood at the entrance and wore an aggravated look on his face. He looked evil and dangerous; everyone in the room was terrified of him already. Bulma couldn't remember everything about her abduction to well; all she could remember was feeling a sharp pain in her back and blacking out. She woke up on some ship was taken to some holding room with hundreds of other women and children and watched Earth get blown to oblivion. She never got to see the monsters that kidnapped her and destroyed her home planet.

Everyone was trying to scramble way from the man at the entrance, fearing he would kill them. He shook his head in annoyance and spoke "Women here" pointing to the right "Children here" pointing to the left. Nobody moved, women held onto their friends and children not daring to lose the only other 'family' they had left. The man smirked at the group before him and shook his head. "Fine". He snapped his fingers and a tiny army of men swarmed the room ripping children from their mothers and forcing women into a single filed line. Bulma pushed Jace into the line and positioned herself behind her to avoid her being taken away. The group of children were taken away by some of the soldiers as the women screamed and cried.

The huge man that came in first spoke again. "Women" she started. He pointed his finger out of the compacted room and down a hall. The women complied holding onto each other for support. As they exited the hall they noticed a ramp leading them to what seemed to be a planet. There was green grass but the sky was red and the air was extremely hot. Bulma squeezed Jace's hand as they walked down the ramp and onto the grassy floor.

"Bulma", Jace said. "I'm scared." Bulma gently caressed her hand.

"I am too" she answered gently pushing her along. They were walking to what seemed to be a city with a huge castle in the very center. In the distance they could see people standing waiting for them. Bulma was still walking along with the other women when she felt her body being tugged and her hand being ripped from Jace's. She screamed a she felt powerful arms wrap around her waist.

"Ah, excellent choice Nappa", the man from the ship said. The man named Nappa was huge, tall and muscular, with a huge bald head. He looked at Bulma with a lusty grin.

"Yes the Prince will be pleased, indeed" he smiled licking his lips. Bulma felt her heart drop into her stomach. She heard Jace screaming in the distance as the line of woman continued to the city. She began to thrash hoping she could break free and run. She didn't know where she would go but she had to get away. She began to dig her nails into Nappa's arm and he only laughed and her frugal attempt.

"You will have to try harder than that" he laughed. The next thing she felt was a sting in the back of her neck and then it was all black.

Bulma slowly came back to consciousness. She had no idea how long she was out or where she was exactly. She sat up and slowly realized she was on top of a very soft bed. It was huge, fluffy with red silk sheets. As she examined the bed she noticed the red silk nightgown she was wearing. It was extremely short, and she almost puked at the thought of one of these monsters seeing her nude body. She didn't feel like she was violated so she sighed a small sigh of relief. She was a virgin, Bulma always planned on losing her virginity after marriage, or at least to a man she loved. The thought made her think of Yamcha, her boyfriend. She loved him incredibly, they were planning on getting married one day, and now he was dead, and she was to be someone's sex toy. She felt the tears slide down her cheeks.

She continued to look around her new prison as the tears spilled down her cheeks. The floor had a slight hue of red the tiles looked handmade. The walls were covered in red stained glass it looked like. This must be Hell. All the red was terrifying her, it reminded her of blood, and blood reminded her of pain. Bulma brought her knees into her chest and closed her eyes tight, mumbling silent prayers. She was soon interrupted by a seemingly soft voice.

"Shh don't cry" Bulma looked up and saw a small statured male. He was lightly built and he looked very young His skin was pale and he had short black spiky hair. This can't be happening. She couldn't really be in his room could she? He didn't look a day over 16. Bulma pulled her knees in closer to her chest as he approached her.

"Welcome to Planet Vegeta" he smiled reaching his hand to her face to wipe away her tears. Bulma stared at him in disbelief, and shock.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, terrified as she awaited his response. He looked at her and licked his lips. He slid onto the bed and directed himself in front of her.

"I'm going to do a lot to you" he chimed. He started sliding his hands up and down her thighs. Bulma's eyes widened in fear as she slid back trying to escape his grasp. It only angered the young man as he tightened his grip on her legs and yanking her towards him, she squealed in pain.

"Don't fight me, woman, you won't win" he sneered. He pulled her thighs further towards him causing her to lie on her back. Bulma bit her lip terrified at his power over her. It boggled her brain as to how a guy so young, younger than her was so much stronger than her. She closed her eyes as she felt him sliding the straps of the nightgown down her shoulders. Even though her eyes were closed the tears still slid through the corner of her eyes. She felt him start to grope her breasts, he was extremely rough ad uncaring. Bulma let out a sob from the pain. SMACK! He slapped her across her face. Bulma felt her head begin to spin and her cheek was radiating in pain.

"You're going to enjoy this!" he hollered. She feared being slapped again so she tried to keep her composure, but the tears now ran down her face wetting her ears. She felt him licking her neck and rubbing her clitoris through her panties. Her stomach was all over the place now, she felt like she was going to vomit. The thought of being raped was starting to overwhelm her and she placed her palm against his bare chest in protest.

"Please, stop" she whispered. SMACK! He slapped her again this time on the other cheek. Her head was light from the pain. She began to cry harder as she felt her panties being violently pushed to the side.

"Why are you crying? I haven't even put it in yet" he asked through grinning teeth. Bulma brought her tearing eyes to the ceiling praying for a miracle. It couldn't happen like this. She would rather die to be with her family then live the rest of her life like this. She felt him nearing her entrance, and she prepared herself for the worst…but it never came.

"Pathetic!" she heard another voice speak. This voice was more raspy and intimidating. It completely distracted the man on top of her; he rolled over onto his side fixing his pants. He slammed his fists into his bed in fury.

"Brother?! To what do I owe the dubious pleasure?" he spat full of sarcasm. Bulma didn't see the owner of the new voice. She was too terrified to open her eyes. All she could do was hope this man would be her prayers answer.

"You, know Tarble, if you put more effort into your training, than in women who are obviously repulsed by you, you might get a shot at becoming king". He laughed. The young man beside her, who she gathered to be 'Tarble" sprang from the bed and onto his feet.

"Fuck you!" he shouted. The other man just laughed. "I'm busy Vegeta, what do you want?!" he growled. Vegeta? Tarble? These names were so bizarre. She nervously opened one eye just enough so she could get a glance at this 'Vegeta'.

The resemblance between him and Tarble was uncanny. They were definitely brothers, but Vegeta's hair was longer, but just as spiky. His was a few inches taller and way more built physically. He looked older than his brother and he was 100X better looking. If you could call a monster good looking anyway.

Vegeta came in to the room further stopping a few feet from Tarble and Bulma. He looked at her and rolled his eyes at how worthless she looked.

"Father has summoned us" he replied nonchalantly.

"I will join you two shortly" Tarble answered caressing Bulma's stomach. She began to flinch under him, her body shaking like a leaf. Her cries grew an octave louder as she imagined this blessing disappearing leaving her to be tortured by this kid.

Vegeta crossed his muscular arms over his chest and looked on the scene in amusement.

"Woman" he spoke. Bulma moved her eyes over to his, giving him a look of desperation.

"Don't you look at him! You will only do as I say!" Tarble shot at her raising his hand to strike her for the third time in 20 minutes.

"Stop!" Vegeta warned. To Bulma's surprise Tarble didn't strike her; his hand still lingering in the air, teeth gritting in rage.

"I am the elder, and you will obey me brother" he smirked. Bulma watched as Tarble dropped his hand to his side, head hanging in embarrassment.

"Wise choice brother", he mocked. "Woman", he continued. Bulma brought her gaze to Tarble to see if he was looking at her. His head was still dropped and she brought her attention to Vegeta.

"Does my brother frighten you?" he asked calmly, the smirk never leaving his lips. Bulma gulped not knowing how to answer the question. She continued to stare at Vegeta.

"Answer me" he added sounding frustrated.

"Yes" she shrieked. She saw Tarble glaring at her evilly through the corner of her eye.

"Does he repulse you?" This time Vegeta was chuckling, clearly trying his hardest to embarrass his brother. Bulma nodded her head in agreement. Vegeta burst into hysterics, slapping his knee in all. After a few moments he wiped an imaginary tear from his eye and re-crossed his arms. "It seems Prince Tarble's new toy doesn't want him" he spoke to Tarble.

"Father wishes to see both of us…now". He added. Tarble sighed and slid a tank top and the storage armor she had seen earlier. He began to walk towards the door to his room when Vegeta chimed

"Bring her with you".

"What?!" Tarble yelled.

"You heard me, she's coming with us" he said looking at his brother. Bulma stared on at the scene before her. These two were brothers but there was something clearly going on behind the scenes. They stared each other down like hawks, both with animosity in their eyes. She couldn't help but wonder what Vegeta wanted her to come for; hopefully he was going to free her? It was a long shot, but there was nothing wrong with hope. Hope had brought him, right?

Tarble growled and spun around storming to the bed that Bulma still lie on paralyzed. He snatched her arm into his hand dragging her off of the bed and onto her feet. He continued to leave the room again this time stopping directly in front of Vegeta's face and staring at him darkly. He just stared for a moment, looking into his brother's eyes evilly, and then out of nowhere a sarcastic smile crept over his lips.

"Let us not keep father waiting brother. We know how he gets when he is kept waiting too long" he said waving his free hand in front of him, signaling for Vegeta to take the lead. Vegeta smiled back at his brother and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, we do" Vegeta replied folding his hands behind his back and walking in front of the duo. Tarble gave Bulma a deathly smirk, one that said "you're a dead bitch". He turned and dragged her along behind him as he followed behind Vegeta. Bulma gulped and prayed Vegeta would save her.

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