Chapter 11 KIN

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As the door was kicked in Bulma sat upright on the bed staring at the scene before her in disbelief. She was expecting Kin to be this overly muscular, scarred up, mean faced guy, but was instead seeing a woman? Kin was a woman?

She had to be at least 5'6, her skin was a caramel brown color, and she had this long black hair swept into a high ponytail. As far as he looks, she wasn't ugly at all; she had these large steel grey colored eyes, with an almost perfect nose with almost perfect lips to match. Bulma noticed her right eye was black and blue, probably just got out of a fight? She was wearing a black bodysuit with matching body armor and boots. Her clothes were slightly torn and she was bleeding a little from her arm. Her ponytail was sitting in good condition besides the few strands that stood up probably from the wind blowing it around.

"I spend three months away dominating Maxim, and return to my Prince lying with some concubine slave?" Kin screeched. Bulma watched as the woman barked down Vegeta, completely ignoring her naked presence only a few feet away. She felt her heart skip beats at her anger…she felt betrayed.

Vegeta didn't even look the least bit worried, or embarrassed for that matter. He stood in front of her with his usual sour face looking at her as if she was crazy.

"Have you nothing to say?" Kin boomed standing directly in front of Vegeta with a deadly look in her grey eyes.

"I have not" Vegeta admitted coolly. The next thing Bulma seen was Kin cocking her tiny fist back and launching a monstrous punch on Vegeta's cheek.

"You have been away on longer missions and I have never lain with anyone else in your absence…EVER!" she screamed. Kin's voice was cracking with rage and hurt, she sounded as if she were trying not to cry.

Vegeta looked down on the Saiyan woman in front of him with an irate expression. He looked like he was seeing red, but still fighting the urge to possibly kill her.

"I am not mated too you, therefore I may do as I please" his voice low and threatening.

"You may not when you know that it is I you are meant to be mated too!" Kin replied.

Bulma officially couldn't hold her tongue anymore. Here she was ready to give her virginity to this man, here she was developing some kind of feelings for this man, and he was already in a relationship?

"Who is she Vegeta?" Bulma demanded. Moments ago she was shaking in ecstasy and now in fury. She saw Kin glare evilly at her while Vegeta answered.

"She is no one". Kin brought her attention back to Vegeta staring him down with confused and hurt eyes.

"Vegeta!" she gasped, her steel grey eyes filling with water.

"You can have him", Bulma chimed as she wrapped the silk sheets around her body. She began stepping down the beds' staircase preparing herself to leave, to where she had no idea. She just had to be away from Vegeta.

"You aren't going anywhere" Vegeta warned.

"Let the whore leave!" Kin exclaimed trying to regain Vegeta's attention. Bulma didn't pay either of them an attention. When she stepped onto the bedroom floor she prepared to walk right past Vegeta and Kin, and out of the room.

"I said you aren't going anywhere" Vegeta reminded in an even more threatening tone. Bulma stopped in her tracks and turned away from the duo in front of her.

"This is your fault", Kin spat. "It's your fault my Prince is denying me!" Bulma spun around to see Kin pointing an accusing finger to her.

"I haven't done anything wrong, I'm a prisoner here!" Bulma defended. Kin dropped her hand back to her side and laughed wickedly.

"I doubt a prisoner would be so willing to lie with their captor. I could smell you through the halls, so don't you dare play like you didn't know what was going on here!" she ordered. Bulma stood dumbfounded; she didn't know what else to possibly say. She looked at Vegeta who still stood in the middle of the two women calmly as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Before Kin could continue on her rant, Vegeta interrupted her with his bellowing voice.

"That is enough" he entered. He turned to face Kin and continued

"I am not mated to you, nor have I ever intended on mating you" he said coldly. Kin gasped and held her chest as if her heart were being torn from her chest.

"Anytime I have ever slept with you it was with no strings attached and you know this already Kin".

"But Vegeta…I-"she tried to interject but he ignored her and continued on.

"I never asked you to save yourself for me, as if I could even care. And if were stupid enough to think that I haven't been with other women in your absence, or presence then you are more foolish than I normally perceived you to be." He spat. Kin had streams of tears running from her eyes at that moment. She pulled her fist back again in another attempt to strike but this time Vegeta wouldn't let her get away with it. He caught her fist in mid air and slammed her back against his marble wall.

"I let you hit me once, don't think that you will do it again without me retaliating" he growled.

"Why are you doing this?" she stammered quietly trying to fight back her tears.

"You may be the strongest woman on Vegeta, but that is only physically. You bring shame upon all Saiyan women with your emotional weakness, it's pathetic." Kin pushed Vegeta away from her and furiously wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I am not weak!" she defended.

"You are! And THAT is why I will never make you my Queen!" he hollered. Kin took a few steps back in shock. She looked into Vegeta's eyes with her red and swollen ones scanning for any kind of evidence that what he was saying wasn't true. A few moments later she glared at Bulma and cut her eyes to Vegeta one last time before turning to leave.

Bulma stood in silence as she tried too 'take it all in'. As angry as she was with Kin she couldn't help but feel sorry for her at the same time. She had seen that scenario before, where girl loves guy, guy uses girl. She never took Vegeta to be that kind of type, but there she was judging a book by its cover. Weather he was human or not he was still a man, and all men were famous for the same thing.

She walked towards Vegeta's direction heading for the door when he stopped her.

"I said you are not leaving". Bulma looked away from him and shook her head trying to keep her cool.

"Vegeta, if you were smart you would get the hell out of my way!" she barked. He was just about to reply with one of his snarky comments but she cut him off, her lid had just blown off and she was going to let him have it.

You know what, I have never felt so stupid in my entire life. Here I am about to have sex with you, here I am actually thinking you're not the animal I once thought you were, and this is the shit you pull?" Bulma was screaming in Vegeta's face. He didn't stand down; he actually took a step closer to her.

"Don't raise your voice to me" he ordered. "I can easily put you back where I found you." He was glaring wildly at her.

"Send me back then, I'd rather die there then be forced to stay here!" Vegeta took hold of the sheets she wrapped around her body and pulled her into him. Their noses were literally touching as he stared into her eyes; she could feel his breath against her face. She was expecting him to hit or, probably drag her naked back to Tarble, but instead he shoved her to the side and left locking the bedroom door behind him.

Bulma stood alone a few moments still holding onto the sheet wrapped around her body before she dropped to her knees. She felt tears begin to form in her eyes but she refused to cry. She was a mess of emotions, she was angry, disgusted, afraid, confused, horny, used, but what she felt most was hurt.

There was no denying that she felt a special connection with Vegeta, even if it was love hate. One minute he was being nice to her and showing her a better side of himself and the next he was a complete ass. She had no idea that there was another woman this infatuated with him; if she did she would have never let herself feel the way she did. She thought back to the big mix up between Kin and Vegeta when he said 'anytime he ever slept with her'. The thought burned a whole in her stomach. Bulma wasn't dumb enough to think that Vegeta hadn't been with other women, but actually hearing about it made her feel even worse. She sat there on the floor trying to pull herself together, wishing she was anywhere but here.

Vegeta walked to one of his training rooms and sat in solitude at what just happened. He had to laugh to himself about the recent spectacle. He felt like an adolescent experiencing some sort of crazy love triangle where he sat in the middle. Vegeta held his head in his hands and sighed, he was in deep shit and he knew it.

Kin had been there for him since the day he met her all those many years ago. They met in school, during one of their classes they got into a disagreement about what Vegeta couldn't even remember. The disagreement turned into a fight, and the fight turned into a friendship, and the friendship turned into something that had no name. Kin being the strongest female Saiyan on the planet, she trained alongside him for years. They went on their first purging mission together; they even had their first sexual experiences together.

All of those events brought them to where they were today. Kin had become Vegeta's 'go to girl'. He would train with her; he would confide in her, if he wanted he would have sex with her, for a while she was an escape to him. Eventually people started to assume that they would mate and Kin would become Queen when Vegeta took the throne, and at one point he thought so too. Although he never told a soul there was a point in his life where he saw her as his right hand, he admired the way she always had his back. She was beautiful, she was strong, she was fearless, the sex was excellent, she was the perfect woman to rule alongside him.

And then they grew up and Kin's perfection started to become less and less 'perfect'. She lost all of her identity; she would only like things because Vegeta like them, she would agree with anything as long he agreed on it. He couldn't rule a Kingdom much less a Galaxy with a woman like that by his side. Vegeta stayed completely honest with Kin, making it clear to her that he saw her only as a good comrade and friend and nothing more, and for a long time after their relationship was strictly physical, even up until now.

Vegeta rubbed his eyes as he tried to clear the thought from his mind. He thought about Bulma and how she blew up at him. He hated to admit it but he kind of liked Bulma, she was extremely annoying at times, but there was something about her, something fresh about her. At the present moment he had two women mad with him and he was about to suffer a severe case of blue balls for the rest of the day. Fucking Kin…

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