This is not meant to be anit-Sam/Grace. I like Sam/Grace. I just want alittle Shelbs, she's not even listed as a character.

I wrote this because I feel like Shelby is under-appreciated. Their so much depth to her character that everyone overlooks because she acts like a (cover your eyes kids) bitch. So I hope everyone appreciates her for a moment. :) Enjoy,

DISCLAIMER; I don't own Shiver, nor am I Maggie S. I don't even attempt to tame her characters. :)



Define: Compassion.

-compassionate, a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering.

- pity, the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.


She was the wolf, the single pure quality she possessed about her. It was what she wanted, to be oblivious to the outside world, to sink into the raw power of the animal, to forget.

She was the snow in the forest, that single white blur you never saw. With eyes of ice and a glare to match, no one was knew which of her forms was fiercest.

She was the one who lost in the end.

For all her hope and allure, she couldn't tempt him.

And so, she began to ignore her feelings. Just as she despised their pity.

The desperation faded as a wolf. And as each winter came, she would sink further inside of herself, further into her pale white coat. Yet over the years, the pure white would change. New scars would fill her pelt, marks of her misery. Even as a wolf, her feelings would echo throughout each footstep, and she would push herself into each separate task, trying to sink herself into forgetting.

Shelby would spend every summer walking past the calendar, counting the days until she could forget herself and rejoin her freedom.

So, when over the many years, Shelby lost herself – lost herself to her feelings, the freedom, her untameable side – no one was surprise when she barred her teeth in human form.

No one was surprised when the wolf took over her mind.

Sam wasn't surprised, but he'd always hoped she could come back, just for a moment, and feel his compassion. Just as he had felt her paw against his heart.

As some still felt her ghost between the trees.