Derek knew that he had blown it. He had seen the hurt that flashed through her eyes, and had heard the uncertainty in her voice when he had called for the particulars. She had taken him by surprise, demanding he cut his ties with Tamara. His stubborn streak kicked in at the forbidding tone, though he knew that it would have taken a lot for her to approach him, and how she would have hated having to do it, he couldn't help but be defensive of his actions. Truth was, she nailed him, and they both knew it. Once the case had broken, he had done exactly as Penelope predicted he would. He was standing at Tamara Barnes' doorstep. As he knocked on her door, all he could hear was Penelope's voice echoing in his ear.

When everyone had returned to the office, Penelope was not at all surprised that Derek had not come back with them. She knew where he would be, and the look on Emily's face confirmed as much. She along with Penelope knew that he had crossed the line.

"You up for drinks Pen?"
"Nah, I'm going to pass Em. I would love a long hot bath, fresh sheets, and sleep. If you and Jayje are up for it, movie night tomorrow?"
"That sounds great. I'll bring the ice cream."
"Awesome! Will drop you a text in the morning for time and what not."
"Looking forward to it." Em replied enthusiastically. Girls movie night was always fun, and it had been awhile since their last one. Penelope gave them all a friendly wave goodbye before heading out the door.

By the time Derek had gotten back to the office to finish off the paperwork from their case, Penelope was long gone. He was about to head over to her bunker to smooth their fraying situation.

"Ah, she's left already Derek." Derek looked at Em,
"I thought we were doing drinks tonight?" he asked.
"We are. Pen bailed. Something about a hot bath, fresh sheets and sleep." His brow furrowed and lips pursed. Emily knew that his mind was whirling. He picked up his phone to dial her number,
"Hey Morgan what's up?" she answered.
"You not coming out for drinks Baby Girl?"
"I passed. I wanted a long hot soak in the tub and a quiet night in."
"You sure." He pressed,
"Yeah, thank you for calling though." She replied politely without a trace of their usual flirtatious banter.
"P…" he began, but stopped knowing he couldn't really get into it with everyone at their desk
"I'll call you later."
"Sure Morgan." She replied hanging up.