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Defy All Odds

Everything returned back to normal, well... as normal as you can get for the Land Of Oz. With Morrible now gone peace was restored to Oz and Oscar was properly reassuming his role as the head of Government, meaning they did find him, he was just held hostage, by the goons of Morrible in the Southstairs. Elphaba was offered the job to be the Head if they didn't find Oscar, but she declined. She was perfectly fine with being the Grand Vizier and didn't want a promotion and felt that Oscar should have a chance to redeem himself, even though it wasn't his fault that he was kidnapped. Oz thought that he was a joke for hiring Morrible. Elphaba had tried to explain to Oz that it wasn't his fault and they believed her, but there were always ones that would always not believe the truth and Elphaba accepted that.

Glinda was perfectly content with assuming Morrible's position as Press Secretary and was more bubbly and perky than ever and knowing that Elphaba had a daughter gave her an excuse to go shopping even more. Elphaba obviously rolled her eyes at the notion and continually told Glinda that Ari did not need a million pieces of clothing items, but Glinda was going on out on a limb and stating that her daughter, "needed to be open to the colours of Oz," in other words, "Elphie please let me dress your daughter in pink." Elphaba of course had to agree, you should have seen the pouty face Glinda made after stating the reason.

Just after the birth of Ari, Nessa came to visit the Wizard and Elphaba, at first shocked that her sister was a mother, and engaged to Fiyero, she embraced her sister with open arms, even apologising for flying off the handle at Elphaba for turning Boq into a Tin Man. Nessa also apologised to him as well, feeling bad for blaming it on Elphaba. Elphaba managed to find a spell to turn Boq human again, which shocked at lot of people, considering they thought spells weren't able to be reversed, but what shocked them more is that when Boq told everyone that he was in love with Nessa, which made Elphaba faint. Nessa and Boq headed back to Munchkinland. Nessa continued her position as Eminence and Boq became a doctor. She removed the ridiculous rules that Elphaba felt needed to be removed and of course takes monthly visits to shower her niece in gifts.

Elphaba always stated that her daughter was too spoilt and said, and direct quote, "She's too spoilt we cannot give her everything that she wants because she's the child living in the palace." She tried asking for Fiyero's opinion on this, but of course he loved to spoil his daughter, she was his daughter after all. He loved to shower both of his favourite girls in Oz with gifts. Of course Elphaba protested profusely about the millions... okay slight exaggeration, of gifts he gave her. He claimed it as 'husbandly affection' but Elphaba knew better and just rolled her eyes when he claimed it. But in actual fact she didn't really mind, she kind of... enjoyed being showered in gifts, but she would never admit it to anyone.

Elphaba and Fiyero finally got married in the Emerald Palace Rose Gardens, shortly after Ari was born. With everyone present including Oscar and Nessa, plus Lyra, Avaric and Felicity. Fiyero decided not to become the next King Of the Vinkus, like his father had asked him to do, instead Fiyero managed to con his father into letting Lyra hold the crown. She and Avaric finally got married after he divorced his wife on the bounds of unfaithfulness and being a lying, cheating whore. Fiyero's mother continued to act cruelly towards Elphaba, until she saw Ari, fully knowing that Fiyero was the father of Ari. She apologised towards Elphaba for her behaviour earlier during the year. Elphaba accepted and Fiyero and her take the occasional trip to the Vinkus to visit everyone.

And in those moments everything was okay.

7 Months Later

Elphaba was watching Ari sleep and while reminiscing about the events that had taken place in the past few months and wondered what would have happened if she never accepted Oscar's offer. Would I still be a fugitive? Would I be dead? Would I ever have children? Would I ever marry Fiyero? Would I ever— her train of thought was put on hold when she saw Ari stir in the crib. She affectionately tucked her daughter's dark ebony hair away behind her small ear. Ari looked so small and fragile; like a piece of glass wear that could never be dropped. Elphaba found it very hard to believe that something so small and perfect was her daughter. She constantly needed to pinch herself, just to make sure it wasn't a dream and that she would wake up and be back in The Great Gillikin Forest and back as a fugitive.

Elphaba smiled as Ari's eyes fluttered open and revealed two bright azure-coloured eyes. Just like her father. She daughter's hands reached up to play with the long chain that hung on her neck. She lifted the chain over her head and dropped it in her daughter's crib so she could play with it. Her small hands grabbed the pendant at the end of the chain and started to play with it. Elphaba chuckled softly and reached out of the pendant again, the emerald visible in the dull lighting, to put it back around her neck.

Elphaba played with her daughter's small hands and Ari responded by grabbing Elphaba's fingers. Elphaba picked up Ari from her crib and she gurgled.

Elphaba felt a light pressure on her back and a pair of hands encircled her waist.

"I thought you were asleep," she asked leaning against Fiyero.

He chuckled softly, "You weren't there."

"And that's a reason for you not to sleep?" she asked incredulously rocking Ari gently.

"Maybe," he said and turned her around to face him; his hands were still on her waist.

She just rolled her eyes in response.

"So what are you doing up so late?"

"I couldn't sleep, Ari usually keeps me awake, but tonight she didn't so I went to check on her."

"Fae, do you always suspect something's always wrong when she doesn't cry?" he asked, "why can't you just admit she's a perfect little angel?"

"No, because no one's perfect and it's not my fault that my motherly instincts kick in," she pouted.

"Not even me?" she asked feigning hurt.

"Not even you," she joked then turned serious again, "but you're close."

"Thank you," he said, "now please return to bed."

"You are so stupidly male; just thank the unnamed God that I'm so stupidly female."

He faked a pray and looked up to the ceiling of the apartment they shared. They both laughed and he turned serious again, "No seriously."

"Fine then," she gently placed Ari back in the crib and kissed the top of her forehead, "I love you my sweet. Sweet dreams."

"Where's my kiss?" he pouted.

"She kissed him on the cheek.

"Not fair."

"You said I had to kiss you, you didn't specify where."

"Fine then," he said and kissed her tenderly on the lips, "that's better."

She just rolled her eyes, she was about to say something when his fingers played with the buttons on her night gown.

Not much was said after that.


"I have got to learn how to resist you," she said as she curled into his arms later that night.

"Well if that were the case, then little Ari wouldn't be here today and we would have never even considered marrying each other," he said rubbing her back tenderly.

"Too true, resistance is overrated anyway."

"Hang on," he said getting into the upright position and looking at her lying on the bed, "about five minutes ago you were saying you needed to be able to resist you. Now you're saying that it's overrated. Make up your mind woman."

"Shut up, just because I'm so stupidly female sometimes, doesn't mean you have to rub it in."

"You're lucky that's I'm stupidly male too."

"I am," she said pinning him in the sheet beneath her, "very lucky," and kissing him with all the fervour she had in her body. Not that he minded. Just as things were getting... interesting, Ari started crying.

"That damned baby never knew timing," he muttered.

"Hey," she swatted him playfully, "that 'damned' baby is our daughter thank you very much."

"Sorry," over emphasising the word.

"Oh shut up," she said kissing him again.


Glinda in short couldn't sleep. From the moans and screams of pleasure coming from the room next door she knew things were... interesting. Glinda chuckled softly at the knowledge that her best friends were happy together. Knowing one day she would find her prince charming, but knowing the Green Girl had found him had given her hope. She heard a very low moan escape Elphaba's lips. At least someone's being pleasured.

"Hey, can you please keep it down some of us are trying to sleep here. Not all of us have people we can make love with," Glinda yelled and banged on the wall.

The noises coming from their room stopped immediately.


Elphaba woke up, still dreary and pleasure-ridden to actually remember anything. She was content of staying in Fiyero's arms until everyone in the palace woke up. She snuggled in closer to him and was about to drift off again, until Ari cried. That baby does not know the meaning of timing.

She sighed and hoped out of bed, she threw on a discarded shirt on the floor and headed for the crib. She picked up Ari and rocked her in her arms until she felt asleep. After about ten minutes her daughter's eyes fluttered shut. Elphaba gently placed her back in the crib and was content with lying in bed all day. She slid under the covers and snuggled into Fiyero again. She felt him move and re-warp his arms around her waist and pull her closer.

"You have to stop leaving the bed," he said sleepily, "and with less clothes on," removing the shirt from her body and tossing it.

"Well thanks to you, I have not clothes left on."

"My pleasure," he said and ran his arms around her spine.

"I'm not falling for it," she said and tried to firmly hold her ground, but she was losing the will to do that.

He kissed her neck, "you know you want to," and kissed her collarbone.

"I have work to do," she said quickly and got out of bed and started dressing.

"Way to kill the mood Fae," he deadpanned.

"Sorry, but your parents are also coming today."

He swore.

"Language!" she scolded but then softened, "Hey do up my bra will you?"

"With pleasure," he clipped the hooks very slowly and kissed her neck and caressed her waist and every curve in her body that he found.

As much as she wanted to, she knew his parents were coming in an hour, "Yero Darling, you parents are arriving in an hour and seeing us like this would be..." she tried to find the right word, "disturbing."

"Well, you are my wife and I don't care," and continued whatever he was doing before.

"Fiyero!" she scolded again, "If you don't stop doing that now you aren't getting any for the rest of the week!"

He stopped immediately, "Not fair."

"Sorry, love, but we need it get ready and Ari is still asleep."

"Fine then, first I want my morning kiss."

She rolled her eyes and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, "happy?"


"Elphaba!" Lyra called happily and went to embrace her friend.

"Hey Ly," Elphaba said ad reciprocated the hug.

"How are you?" Lyra asked after she stopped hugging her.

"I'm good and you?"

"Don't get me started, I have nothing better to do and being the Crown Princess is so boring."

Elphaba laughed, "Fiyero always said that he didn't mind it, you on the other hand say it's boring. You two are like polar opposite, yet you're still related."

"Speaking of my brother, where is he?"

"Looking after Ari."

"Aw, you cute," Lyra squealed, "Avaric's with Flick, they decided to go to a bakery to get one of those sugar things Flick loves so much."

"Ly, come one I need to go talk to Oscar about—" pulling Lyra in a tow.

"Elphaba, I came down to see you, not look at you work,"


"Not buts come on we're going shopping."

"Fine then," Elphaba grumbled, she wasn't too keen on the idea of being forcibly dragged anywhere.

"Fae?" Fiyero asked that night when they were done.

"Hmm?" she asked and was already dozing off.

"Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Many times," she mumbled into his chest.

"Well, I love you."

"I love you too, now let me sleep." Tell him, a little voice in her head was saying. She bolted upright in the bed and pulled the covers up with her.

"Fae?" he asked and rubbed her shoulder reassuringly from behind her, keeping one arms across her stomach, "are you alright?"

"Um... yes, but I have some something to tell you."

"What?" he asked looking into her deep, dark chocolate brown eyes that he always got lost in.

After a long silence, she managed to gather the courage to say it, "I'm pregnant."

Did I hear her correctly? "What?" he asked, his male mind trying to register what she'd said.

"I'm pregnant."

After a long silence and managed to ask, "When'd you find out?"

"This afternoon when I was shopping with your sister," he just kept looking at her. What is he trying to tell me? I knew it was a bad idea to tell him now, "I'm sorry?" she tried.

"What? No! Don't apologise, my brain just trying to comprehend it. So you're really pregnant?"

"I've been trying to tell you that for the past twenty minutes," she said then she looked into his eyes, "are you happy?" then added. "Because it's completely understandable. I mean I didn't tell you about when I was pregnant first until fifteen weeks and that was an accident and—" he put his index finger on her mouth and silence her.

"I'm ecstatic."

"You are?" she asked as tears glistened her eyes.

He kissed then away and took her hand with their wedding ring on it and started twisted it, "Fae, I love you and this is proof of it," he showed her hand with the ring on it, "and I don't care if you didn't tell me the first time you were pregnant. I did eventually find out anyway. I loved you then and I still love you."

"I love you too, now let's celebrate."


"Oh my goodness Elphie!" Glinda squealed.

"Glin, I'm pregnant, I have no desire to be deaf as well."

"I know, but you're pregnant. Again," Glinda deadpanned on 'again', "how many months?"


Comprehension washed over Glinda, "So...you and Fiyero..."

"Oh Oz Glinda, get over it, Fiyero and I have sex. We have it a lot, but that doesn't mean that you can't talk to me about it."

"I don't know Elphie; it's just one of those things that are..."

"I get it, don't worry, you'll always be in my heart."

"Aw, thanks Elphie, now where is my favourite seven month old goddaughter."


"Damn," Glinda cussed.

"Glin..." Elphaba said warningly.

Glinda giggled, "You know I always thought Galinda was a lovely name for a girl."

"The 'Guh' is silent?"

"No, it's Galinda, with a 'Guh'."

Elphaba laughed, "It could be a boy for all you know."

"Well in that case, Galinda works both ways."

"I don't think so Glin," Elphaba said smirking.

"Elphie, please?" Glinda asked batting her eyelashes at Elphaba.




"And that's when he decided it would be funny to try and find the treasure, sadly there was none," Brilly said to Elphaba, both of the women laughed.

"Shock horror," Elphaba said with the evident sarcasm dripping from her voice.

Fiyero groaned, "Mother, must you insist on telling that story to every woman I know?"

"Yes," she replied curtly, "Because quite frankly I have no clue why someone as intelligent as Elphaba is involved with you."

"Aw, thanks," Elphaba said.

"Thanks," Fiyero deadpanned. "Anyways, I need to go find Ari, so goodnight," Fiyero said to this mother and kissed her cheek. "I'll see you in bed later, Fae." He said before leaving the room.

"He's sweet," Brilly said to her daughter-in-law.

"He is," Elphaba observed.

"So a little birdie told me that you are expecting again," Brilly said after a few minutes of silence.

Elphaba fell back in the chair, "Who told you that?"


"Wait how does Lyra know? I never told her."


"Oh...did he tell the whole population of Oz?"

"No, actually, she knew because he was more affectionate towards you."


"Lyra notices these things, but word of advice, never get on her bad side," Brilly said chuckling.

"I'll keep it in mind, Brilly," Elphaba said as she walked out of the room.

Brilly sighed as Elphaba left, she's not that bad.


"Yero?" Elphaba called through the room.

"In here," he called from Ari's crib.

Elphaba moved towards the crib where he was watching Ari sleep. Elphaba moved towards him and wrapped her arms around his stomach.

"How is she?" she asked.

"Asleep, finally," He whispered.

"I don't know how we're going to do it again?"

"Hey I thought you were the one who thought that it wouldn't be hard to raise a child," Elphaba smirked.

"Don't remind me," Fiyero said.

Elphaba smiled, "You sure you want to do this again?"

"What the whole pregnancy thing? With morning sickness, cravings, increased libido and hormones, of course, Fae, I love you."

"As do I," She moved until she was in front of Fiyero and kissed him, like when he said goodbye to her those few months ago, the kiss was full of love and devotion. Like it always should have been like; like a thousand little bells chiming in perfect harmony. And it was just perfect...to perfect for words. And Elphaba knew that with Fiyero, Ari, Glinda and all her friends and family she would always Defy All Odds.

The End

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