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the reason


That was the one word that was ringing through the head of one ash ketchum. Now, for those who knew ash, him and the word "reason" didn't exactly go together. He was almost as unreasonable as one could get. True, when it came to off the wall strategies and on the spot battle tactics, he was a genius but everything else about him was beyond the pale of reason. So what would have pallet town's most famous son thinking such thoughts? Normally, he would be thinking of training or his next gym badge. But not today. Not now. Why you ask? Well, it stems from something that's happening to him at this very moment. The location was pretty normal for him; his room in his home in pallet. But the activity was far from what ash would be normally be doing.

Ash was in his room....................

On his back......................

In his bed.............

With a girl on top of him............

Kissing him.

And to make matters even stranger for him, it was the identity of the girl that was the source of his unusual thinking process. It was the girl who could be called ash's biggest fan and best friend, dawn. Ash's mind was in over drive over this situation but his body was acting on its own. He was kissing dawn back, and his hands were groping her all over. How did it come to this?

If you were a friend of these two, you could probably seen this coming a mile away. It was always there, the potential for something more. So lets go back and trace this situation and how we got to this point.

Ash ketchum didn't pay much attention to girls. No, that would be a understatement. Ash didn't pay attention to girls, AT ALL! Sure he had friends who were girls but none of them could really get his true attention. For some reason, despite his idiocy when it came to romance and the opposite sex, ash was quite the ladies man, even though he never knew it. Some said that he and misty would make a good couple. Said as in past tense. True be known, as much as ash loved misty, he knew nothing would come of it. Misty was a loyal friend but her explosive temperament made it hard for him to develop feelings for her. They always seemed to be fighting for some reason or another, most of the time he not understand why she was so mad at him. No, for ash, misty was just a close friend. May was also out of the question for him as well. Sure, she was very pretty and more mellow than misty, he couldn't see himself with her. She felt more like a sister to him than anything, if that's how having a sister felt to him. Ash wasn't expecting romance on his new journey to the sinnoh region. It was just another step in his seemingly never ending quest to be a pokemon master. Boy was he in for a shock.

To say that his journey in sinnoh started off badly was a understatement. His eternal nemesis, team rocket, had attempted to take pikachu from him for billionth time it seemed, leaving ash running through this unfamiliar land with only aipom as his only useable pokemon. Later, he caught a starly in hopes of using it to find his friend. To his surprise he ran into his friend brock, who was chasing yet another girl and once again, got shot down. Eventually after a few events, ash found himself face to face with yet another one of team rocket's giant robots and once again, ash found himself spitting in the face of caution, leaping on the robot and climbed up after his small rodent friend. All the while, behind all the chaos and laugh of the terrible trio, he kept hearing this voice, calling out to him in worried and surprise. Ash didn't get a good look at the girl as he made a beeline to the massive mecha but he did catch a flash of blue hair. Even when he was climbing up the robot, he kept going back to the color blue. Strange thoughts to be having while climbing the side of a giant robot. After freeing his friend, ash was happy to send them on their way with a well placed thunder bolt, leaving ash, brock, pikachu and the girl who seemed to have protect pikachu in his stead. After dusting himself off, he finally got a look at the girl and what happened next was something that never happened to ash before: he was speechless. This girl was pretty.

No, she was beyond pretty. She was utterly beautiful.

On the outside, he and her were making small talk, but on the inside, ash was taking her all in: her deep blue hair that seemed to flow out of her head like a waterfall, covered with a nice white cap, a pink scarf around her neck, a black top, simple but it suited her, a pair of pink boots with black knee high socks but the one thing that he noticed was her eyes. He had never seen anything remotely close to the blue of her eyes. It was like he was looking into the ocean, clear and clean, just begging for someone to dive into. Then she told him her name: dawn. It fit her like a glove. She almost glowed like the dawn of a new day. It would be very fitting saying as it was the dawn of a new chapter in his life.

Ash and dawn seemed to click almost immediately. He found her easy to talk to, a great listener and in some ways, he saw a little of himself when he first started out. She had loads of confidence but clueless on certain things, like how to catch pokemon. Not that he minded when she asked for his help. In fact, he enjoyed it. And then their were her little quirks. How she was a bit obsessive with her appearance. He remembered how she nearly bit his head off when he wanted to come into her tent. Apparently she suffered from a bad cause of bed head. Hair care was the last thing on ash's priority list. He'd normally just roll out of bed and just slap his cap on his head and that would be it. Not dawn. She never let either him or brock see her until she tamed her hair in the morning. It wasn't long before she found out that her piplup's bubblebeam did a good job at taming her hair and of course, he was the first person to see the results. She twirled around in front of him, letting the morning sun sparkle on it, giving it a heavenly glow. God, he loved that hair, but you'd never hear him say it out loud. They had their fights, like he had with misty and may but they were never very bad, usually ending with both of them making up a few minutes later. He hated fighting with her, and so did she. Even their pokemon hated when they argued, almost like children who hate when their parents fought. It almost felt like their pokemon where their kids. Pikachu adored dawn, as did the rest of his growing roster of pokemon and he in turned loved her pokemon.

But what really sealed it for him was her first contest. Ash's experiences with pokemon contests were limited to the contests he saw may in and the one he was in before the two parted way. He certainly didn't know that in sinnoh, coordinators dressed up in costumes. So he wasn't expecting dawn to come out in a pink and white dress. Just when he thought she couldn't look any more beautiful, she had to break out that dress. At that moment, it was official: ash was attracted to dawn, very much so. But what to do about it? Should he act on his attraction? He certainly didn't want put their close friendship in danger by trying something. Not to mention, he was unsure how dawn felt about him. He knew she admired him and was probably his biggest fan and supporter. I mean, neither misty or may went so far as to dress in a cute cheerleader outfit for one of his gym battle. That image has plagued ash many a cold lonely night. He remembered after his gym battle with roark, he took a long cold shower. Seeing dawn jumping around in that pretty pink number was enough to get even ash to take notice. He was a boy after all. But what to do about it all? He was silently going crazy. Everyday, dawn did something that would cause his blood to boil with desire. Why did she have to be so damn beautiful?

That all changed one day while they were traveling down the road to the next city on ash's quest. Brock was ahead of the group, his face in their sinnoh guide book as he charted their path. Dawn was behind him, bouncing ideas on her next contest with ash, who was walking behind her. He didn't really mind her talking to him. She never rambled on and on about things he wasn't interesting in hearing. Their conversations were generally something that both could benefit from. But today was different. His ears were listening but his eyes were firmly fixed on her butt. That's right. Ash ketchum was looking at the backside of a girl and with good reason. Ash had never been around girls in skirts. Misty and may weren't exactly what you'd call "girly". Sure they were girly sometimes, mostly during dances or when romance was involved but their daily attire didn't reflect it. Dawn was by far the most feminine of the girls he knew and that pink mini-skirt was the perfect example of that. Now ash wasn't a pervert by any stretch of the imagination. He'd never try and deliberately look up under her skirt. He had more tact than that but he was curious. That was the mystery of a short skirt that intrigued him. What was under that thing? It didn't help matter that dawn often swung her hips, almost teasing him. He didn't know exactly how long he was gazing at her booty but he did notice that dawn had stopped talking. He glanced up and his brown eyes meet her blue ones. Had she noticed him looking at her butt? Ash began sweating bullets. He thought she was going to yell at him or hit him but the look on her face wasn't one of rage or shock. It was a passive look, almost curious in a way. For a seemingly long time, they looked at each other, neither saying a word or looking away. The girl then winked at him while sticking her tongue out at him, playfully. At the same time, her hand tugged at the back of her skirt, giving him a brief but satisfying peek at her panties, blue and white striped that hugged her backside. She then began to talk about her next contest, like nothing had happened.

Did she just flash him?

That small moment led up to a new phase in their relationship. Ash didn't know what to make of it. Was it flirting? Was it teasing? He wasn't sure but it was something new and exciting to him. Every time dawn caught him looking her at her, she'd do something to tease him: a quick twirl of her hair, a flick of her skirt, a wink of her eye, etc. one thing he knew for sure was there was something different between them, a unspoken attraction between them. Even their high fives, a sign of their close friendship seemed to become a subtle hint of flirting. Their hands seemed to now linger between each other. Ash enjoyed those little moments of physical contact and he was sure she did as well. They never held hands, at least not in the traditional way. It came from one of her contests. Ash was able to catch dawn before her turn came up, wishing her luck with their normal high five but since they were passing each other, their palms slipped passed each other, causing their pinky fingers to hook together. At first, they just stared at their hands, unsure about what to make of the situation. Dawn broke the silence as she smiled and gently shook her their pinkies, almost like hand shake. Ash smiled back, tightening his finger around hers. After that, it became a small but intimate part of their friendship. Whenever dawn wanted ash to go with her somewhere, she didn't take his hand but instead locked her pinky around his and gently dragged him where she wanted him to go. Of course she knew she didn't have to do this, since he never complained or put up any resistance but it was something they enjoyed all the same.

Oh well, I've rambled on enough. You probably want to get to the good stuff.

it was a month after ash's competed in the sinnoh league and to his surprise, he actually won the whole thing. Three times before, the young trainer had competed in pokemon league tournaments and three times, he always came up short. But this year, he actually won it all. Not surprising that the final battle was between him and Paul, his strongest rival to date. It was a epic battle of wills but in the end, ash barely edged out as the winner. Of course dawn was there, with her pokemon, cheering their hearts out for him throughout the match. Some say that it was her cheering that gave him the win but he'd never agree to that, outloud at least. As for the blue haired coordinator, she advanced all the way to the final 8 in the sinnoh grand festival but sadly was knocked out by zoey in a extremely close contest. She was disappointed but ash and brock helped her see the brighter side of it. This led the way for her to take on the kanto region of contests. Not to mention, see ash's home town and meet his mother for the first in person. When they arrived, sans brock since he wanted to check up on his family in pewter city, she was taken aback at how beautiful pallet was. It wasn't some big city and it had no major land marks but it was simple and plain and beautiful to her. It reminded her so much of twin leaf town. Maybe that was why she and ash clicked so well. They came from the same kind of town with the same kind of house hold. The two made it to his home, just in time for lunch as ash's mother had fixed a large welcome home meal for her only son. After some introductions and small talk, Delia and her mr. Mime had to run some errands, leaving the two alone in the house. After let their pokemon out for some well needed play and relaxation, ash invited dawn up to see his room, to which she cheerfully agreed. It was then that he felt his heartbeat skip a few times. Why now? Its not like he hadn't had girl in his room before. Misty and may had seen his room before and he was perfectly calm about it, but then again, this wasn't misty or may. This was dawn and dawn was a whole different person.

"So this is your room?" she said upon entering his room. It really hadn't changed much since he was rarely in it. It still had pokemon posters, figurines, and that damn alarm clock that could never seem to wake him when he wanted to. The girl walked around the room and picked up his figure of a pidgey while he sat down on his bed.

"Yep. This is where the future pokemon master you know today grew up."

"Its nice. Its just like I imagined your room would be but I'd expected more posters of food."

"Oh ha-ha. I almost expected a room full of mirrors when I saw your room."

"Ash, that's mean!" she spoke with a grin.

"You obsess over your hair so much, I figure you were born with in a mirror in your hand." he joked.

"Well, its not easy to look this good." she answered, twirling around towards him, allowing him to get a full look at her blue locks. Ash bit his lip at the sight of her, almost dancing towards him.

"So what will you do now?" she asked, coming to a stop in front of him.

"Train. I gotta do some hardcore training. In 3 months, I finally face the elite 4 and if I'm lucky.....................................cynthia." he answered, with a serious look on his face. By winning the sinnoh tournament, ash earned the right to face off against the elite 4 and should he win, he will take on his friend cynthia, the world champion herself. He knew he had his work cut out for him. Cynthia maybe a kind and thoughtful woman but as a trainer, she's unmatched. But he wasn't looking past the elite 4, not by a long shot. Just then, he felt a thunk on his forehead, which woke him up from this thoughts. He looked up to see dawn smiling at him with her two fingers extended.

"no need to worry ash. I'm sure you will do great."

"You're right. I will, but only if you are supporting me."

"Are you kidding? I'll be right there, front row, cheering for you."

"Yep. My own lucky charm."

"You bet your ass mister. Now lets go check on the pokemon. I bet they're........."was all dawn got out as she turned to make her exit, but she never did. She stopped in her tracks as she felt ash hook his pinky around hers. She turned back around to see ash looking at her. His face was blank but his eyes had something in them. Something she'd never seen before. It scared her in a way but not the "run away" kind of scared but a "I'm going to the movies to see a bloody horror movie" kind of scared. With a gentle tug, he pulled her towards him, so close that she found herself in his lap. Neither of them were surprised by this. She made attempt to stop him or come up with a excuse to not be this close to him. She simply kept her eyes locked on his as she settled in his lap. He unhooked his finger from hers and wraps his arms around her waist. She, in turn, allowed her hands to cup either side of his face.

"So what do you want to do now?" she asked, in a hushed tone, almost like she knew what was coming.

"I don't know. We could go out.............and check on the pokemon." he answered in the same hushed tone, almost like he was drunk off some alcohol.

"Maybe we could..."

It got fuzzy for him after that. Looking up at dawn, having her this close to him after so long, for him to be feeling her, all of this had put him in a strange state of mind. It was alien to him but he didn't care. He liked how this felt. Dawn then mumbled something or other, he couldn't tell. All he did next was pressed his lips to hers. There was no surprise or hesitation from her as she kissed him back. They both opened their mouths, allowing their tongues to encounter each other, eager for the next second of exploration. There was no 'if" in this situation. He knew this was a long time coming, since the moment he saw her, somewhere in his soul, he knew this is what would happen. This was meant to happen and he wasn't gonna waste any more time. A slight moan escaped her mouth as he gently flew back on his bed with her on top him, her mouth firmly connected to his.

And now we come back to where we started in this little story. Ash on his bed with dawn, his best friend, his other half, his biggest fan, kissing him hungrily. By now, his thoughts on why and how this happened had long since left his mind. His mind, no his world was nothing more that just a series of feelings, of tastes, of scents, all focused on her. Her kiss was beyond his dreams and imagination. Now, ash had kissed a girl before. Yes, you heard me. The lips of a female had touched his before this moment. It was with that fiery red head, misty, just before she returned to her hometown to resume her duties as gym leader. It wasn't anything big or deep. She simply gave him a nice peck on the lips. Ash was surprised that she did it but it wasn't bad. If he had to equate it to a fruit, it would be like biting into a apple: crisp, clean, and wet. Kissing dawn was like biting into a peach: her lips were delicate and supple, juicy almost the point where he thought juice would dribble down his cheek, and sweet, so very sweet. How did she get to taste this good? He'll have to find out later. Right now, he was having fun. It was around this time that he noticed that his hands were rubbing her thighs and moving dangerously up, under her skirt. To his surprised, dawn either didn't notice or she didn't care as she was making no attempt to stop him. Almost like a part of rapid arcanines, his hands shot up her skirt and grasps her butt checks, getting a surprised moan from her throat. Clearly, she wasn't expecting that. But what surprised ash was what he was feeling. Her butt was firm and full, soft like a pair of pillows. In all the time he was caught by dawn staring at it, he never thought it was this big. Somehow she was able to hide a rather large bubble butt from him. He then grabbed her ass with his hand, hard enough that it sounded like a slap. Dawn broke the kiss and looked down at him with a bit of surprise in her eyes. He made no secret about what he did and just looked back up with a confident smirk. Her surprised turned into something else, possibly lust. Is that what lust looked like? Ash didn't know. It seemed like she was saying with her eyes, 'you like that?'. she let out a smile laugh before they resumed their make out session, but this time, her hands found their way under his shirt. He couldn't describe how it felt. It was like when pikachu would stand on his chest sometimes in the morning. It was like that but more electrifying, no pun intended. The tips of her fingers skated over his mid-section and up to his chest. He could feel her lips curl into a smile as she traced a path over his body. She was enjoying this.

Suddenly, he flipped her over so that she on the bottom and he was on the top. They broke away from kissing and simply looked at each other. He looked down at her, deep into those deep blue eyes that he loved to see every day. The both of them were panting like they had just run a marathon. With each intake of air, he breathed in more of her scent. It was a light and airy smell, almost like she had just chewed some bubble gum and the smell lingered on her breath, but it was all over her. Was it perfume or body wash? Did she always smell like that or did she do that just for him? Right now, he didn't care. She was a feast for the senses and he was the type of person who enjoyed feasts. His hand reached up, resting his palm across her face, with his thumb rubbing her lips. Her tongue darted around a little, flicking at his digit. She reached up and ran her hands through his hatless head, due to his signature hat falling off earlier during the session. He then slowly leaned in and gave her a light kiss on her lips which she returned. It lacked the passion and intensity of their earlier once but it was as inmate as ever. They were just enjoying the feeling of their lips on each other. His hand reached up to find her hand above her head and almost on instinct, their fingers interlocked with each other. It felt natural for him and this coming from a guy who 'didn't understand girl too well'.

"Okay. That was fun." dawn breaking the silence as she sat up. It was enough to sober ash out of the high he had been on since it began.

"You're telling me." he replied, sitting up behind her.

"I think we need to slow this down, ash."

"Why? Didn't you like it?" he asked, leaning over shoulder and nibbling on her ear. He felt her squirm and wiggle against him as he played with her ear. She giggled as she brought her hand up to caress his face.

"Of course I did but we have to think about this. We cant let a relationship distract us from our goals. As much as I want to do this with you all the time, you have to get ready for the elite 4."

"And you have to get ready for your contests here." he added with a sigh as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Why do you have to make sense, now of all times?"

"Its just one of my many great qualities."

"Damn right. So......................what are we?"

"Hmmm. I think we should be friends. For now at least."

"Fair enough. Friends."

Just then, the two hear the door downstair open, startling them.

"Ash, where are you honey?"

It was ash's mom, back from her errands.

"Up here in my room with dawn." he called out.

"Good. Can you come down here and help me with these boxes? Professor oak asked us to store some books for him until he can find some room."

"Ok mom. I'll be right down."

The duo got up from the bed, ash picking up his hat that had somehow found its way onto the floor and dawn straightening her skirt.

"So you wanna help me with the books?"

"Sure. I'm a guest here so I have to pull my weight." she answered, opening the door but it was pushed shut by ash. As she turned around, the young boy gave her another wet, burning hot kiss, which she readily returned.

"I thought we are agreed to be just friends."

"We are. This is just how I show my best friend how much she means to me."

"Ash! You coming?" yelled his mother.

"Yes! We're coming!" he called back, before giving dawn another kiss.

"We better hurry before she suspects something."

"Now we cant have that, now can we?"

what? Expecting more? Don't worry. I wont leave ya hanging. That's right. This is my first multi-chapter pearlshipping fic. And it will get better. Trust me. Have I let you guys down yet? So that's it for now.