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It was never said that Ash Ketchum was a light sleeper. In fact, when he was really tired or drained, he could sleep through a Tauros stampeding through his room. The night before was a bit taxing for him, what with training his Pokémon and of course, pleasuring his favorite blue haired coordinator. So needless to say, Ash was pretty wiped by the time his head hit the pillow at the inn they were staying at. By the time morning had arrived, the Pallet town native was feeling good. Really good. Abnormally good. He was still a bit groggy as he regained consciousness from his sleep but soon he became aware of his surroundings. Next to him slept Pikachu, curled up in a ball and purring away. The sun peeked through the window of his room, partially blinding his still sleeping eyes. He looked down and was somewhat alarmed by the large hump near his mid-section, which accompanied the wet, pleasurable sensation that he felt around his penis. This, along with the steady rise and fall of the hump kicked his mind awake and prevented him from jumping from the bed in a panic. He knew what this was. This was the first time it has happened to him but he knew what this was. He flung the sheets off, revealing the eager culprit.

"Morning ash."

This greeting didn't stop Dawn from working over his dick. He could only smile at the sight of this girl gobble down his length.

"Good morning dawn. You know I have an alarm clock."

"It's off."

He casted a glance at the clock next to the bed and strangely enough, it was unplugged. He looked down at her, knowing full well that she was responsible for its lack of function. There was no lie in her blue eyes. She would tell him so, if her mouth wasn't so busy at the moment and he really didn't care.

"Where's Brock?"

"Talking with some lady named Lucy."

"The pike queen? Wow. Didn't know she was interested."

"Surprised me too. She seemed interested."

"If she can get him to stop going nuts for every woman we run in, all the better. Doesn't explain how you ended up doing this."

"Came to wake you up. Saw your wood and…"

"Damnit, woman. You have a problem." He quipped, stroking her hair caringly.

"Don't hear you complaining."

It was times like this that this seemingly sweet, innocent girl could be absolutely devilish in her lust. She had a point though. He'd never complain about something like this. I mean, who would?

"Well, I gotta get some food in me."

"Then hurry up and cum."

Dawn always knew how to get him started. Over the past few weeks since they entered into this new phase of their relationship, she had gotten so good at turning him on. Whether it is a sway of her hips to wiggle that shapely bum of hers, a twirl of her ocean blue hair, a wink of those blue eyes or a whispered word in his ear, she knew how to excite him. That in turn led to him attacking her when Brock wasn't looking. He showed her no mercy when he attacked her and she was just as bad, with this morning being a prime example. She had become extremely adept at sucking him as the weeks went on. Her earlier clumsiness was replaced by an eagerness that he only saw when she was training or participating in a contest. Her mouth worked his shaft like an expert. Her tongue licked almost every inch of skin, pressing against just the right spot to send waves of electricity through his body. He wanted to last a bit longer but when she wanted him to cum, she knew exactly what to do to make it happened. A slight increase in tempo and a bit of addition suction was all it took for him to climax into her eager little mouth.

"yummy." Said the bluette, rising to her feet as she licked her fingers with an eager grin.

"You better hurry up. Breakfast is getting cold."

With that, she all but skipped out of his room, leaving him alone with a flaccid penis and a sleeping Pokémon next to him. How Pikachu could remain sleeping from all of that, he didn't know. It would take a few minutes to get the strength to climb out of bed and dress for the day, all with the single thought that ran through his head. A thought that would dictate what he would do right after breakfast but before her contest today.

'I'm gonna get her.'



"Mimey, could you get the laundry off the line?"

"Mime mime!"

It was just another day in the life for Pallet town resident Delia Ketchum, full of cleaning, cooking, and gardening for her small home. Her only company being her loyal Mr. Mime, always at the ready to help her with the daily choirs, not that she minded. It was just part of her job as mother to do the daily duties around the house. As she busied herself around the house, her thoughts of course turned to her son. Sure, he was back in Kanto to take on the original gyms of his home region but she still missed his terribly. He reminded her so much of his father, it was scary. They both seemed to have that wanderlust that made it almost impossible for them both to stay still but that's what made her fall for her husband and what she loves about her son. He had grown so much since the early days as a Pokémon trainer. Gone was the brash inexperience that plagued him throughout his first journey and in its place was the seasoned vet who had seen and done more in his time on the road than most do in their life time. She was thankful that he was growing into a fine young man but more than anything, she was grateful for the many traveling companions who helped him on his road to greatness.

That's when Dawn came to mind. When she first met the young coordinator, she was astonished by how very beautiful she was but also by how down to earth she was. Delia took an almost instant liking to the girl and was glad to see that Ash was such a positive influence on her. Also, being his mother, she did notice the way they were around each other. A few times during his short stay home, she caught her son stealing glances at her when she wasn't looking. Not that he blamed her. Dawn was a stunning girl, someone who any one her age would envy but it still gave her a sense of pride that Ash, someone who didn't seem to care for the female attention he seems to draw, was staring at a girl. She loved watching them interact, from training together to just chatting. It all seemed so natural to them to be so close. She prayed that she would live long enough to see how far their relationship would go, hoping that he would get some sense and ask the girl out. One could only hope.

Mrs. Ketchum's day dreaming was interrupted by the sound of the vid-phone in the living room. It had to be Ash. Hurrying to the living, she pushed the button on the monitor, causing the image of her son to pop up.

"Hey mom."

"Ash! How have you been?" she said cheerfully.

"I'm great. Just thought I'd call home. Figured you'd be bored without me."

"Not a chance, young man. I always keep busy. So where are you now?"

"Fuchsia city."

"Wow. Already there? You seem to be making a good deal of progress."

"Yeah, I already had my gym battle. Won it. But we're staying a little longer for Dawn's contest." He answered, getting satisfied smile on her face.

"Very accommodating of you, Ash."

"Well, I have to be. She supports me in all my battles. I have to do the same." Answered Ash with a slight blush on his face. It did her heart good to see him treating her so well. She always noticed that her son seemed to dote on the blue-haired girl, almost like a boyfriend in a way. Going out of his way to make sure she was happy and smiling.

"That's how I raised you."

It was then that she noticed the grin on her son's face. She was use to a lot of his signature smiles and their meanings. There was the smile he got when he was embarrassed or the one when he gets after a good meal, or during a great Pokémon match. This one was different, one she had never seen before in her life. It was a dumb goofy smile but had another quality about it, like he had heard a dirty joke just minutes before he called. It also didn't help matters that he seemed more flushed than usual. Originally she had written it off as a blush but it was deeper than that.

"Son, are you ok? You look red."

"Huh? Oh, I'm f-fine mom. Just still a bit hyped from my match."

He twitched, as if Pikachu shocked him a bit. Something was amiss with her son and part of her had an idea on what it was.

"Ash…..where is Dawn?" Delia asked interested in seeing what answer he'd come up with. He seemed more flustered by that question than before.

"Um she's out…training. Yeah, she's training."

"She is? That's fantastic."

'Yeah. She's fantastic. Really fantastic." His eyes drifting downward, that same goofy grin on his face.

"Well, mom. I just wanted to call and let you know how I'm doing."

"Thanks dear. You take care of yourself, ash."

"W-will do."

"Oh and one more thing. Dawn, while you are down there, make sure Ash has clean underwear on. Bye Hun."

The last thing the elder Ketchum saw before the screen went black was the shocked and somewhat horrified expression on Ash's face at what she just said. Delia returned to her duties of running the household, humming wistfully to herself. Part of her was surprised that her son would be doing something like that with a girl but part of her was happy that it was Dawn. She liked Dawn. She will keep him on his toes. She always thought they would have beautiful kids.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone call, Ash was still dumbstruck that his mother knew what was going on. For a minute, his brain just seemed to shut down for bit. Finally, the bluette snapped him out of his stupor.

"Ash, you ok?"

"Huh? Oh I'm fine. Wow."

"I understand. I almost choked a bit."

"I felt it. Didn't think mom would know that you were down there."

"Moms just seemed to know."

"You gotta point that. Really freaky."

"Want me to stop?"

"Do I ever tell you to?"



"mmmmm. What a glorious day, Glameow!"


Johanna Berlizt stretched as she took in the fresh air of Twinleaf town. Ever since her late husband brought her here, Arceus rest his soul, she came to love the small town as her own home. When she looked around at the scenery, she couldn't help but be reminded of her husband. He was a wonderful man, a Pokémon coordinator like her. They met during the sinnoh grand festival as rivals. They faced off in the finals with Johanna talking the first place trophy. Afterwards, he boldly asked her out, saying he had a thing for bold bluettes like her. Of course she agreed and it was a done deal between them. They dated a few years before he finally asked her to marry him. The ceremony was in his home town of twinleaf. At first, she didn't think much of the out of the way village but everyday she spent with him was enough to see the true beauty around her. Her heart hurt at remembering the news of the accident that took his life. Johanna never remarried or even dated, as she saw no one could even compare to the man who she shared her life and love with. Part of her was sad that Dawn was too young to really remember or know her father. She had her father's spirit and determination to achieve her dreams. Someone, she'd like to think, he's looking down and smiling at what his little girl is doing.

She was proud of how her daughter was turning out: talented, driven, and of course beautiful. Dawn still had a lot of growing up to do for sure but she was going to be a little heartbreaker. At least, she already was to Kenny. The little red head liked to hide his affections for her by his insults and all but she could see that he was crushing on her pretty hard, not that Dawn took notice of it. She worried how or when her little girl would notice boys but her worries went out the window when she brought home a raven haired trainer from Kanto. She adored Ash. He was wise in the ways of the road, well traveled, and experienced but at the same time, he was a bit brash, foolhardy and simple to a fault. But what really got her attention was how Dawn was around him. She hung on his every word and action, spent almost every waking moment with him, and seemed so cheerful around him. Ash, unlike Kenny, treated her with the utmost respect, never belittling her thoughts, opinions, or feelings. He respected her in almost everyway and for that, he has a special place in her heart. Sadly for Kenny, her Dawn was totally hooked on Ash and probably doesn't noticed any one else who had an interest in her. There was only Ash.

Her thought process was broken by the sound of the vid-phone ringing inside of the house. Her motherly intuition told her that her only child was calling her. The older lady sprinted back into the house and into the living room to take the call.

"Hey mom." Dawn said as her image popped up on the screen.

"Awww Dawnie! I had a feeling it was you."

"Well you know me best, mom."

"Of course. So where are you now?"

"F-fuchsia city."

Her slight stuttered did not go unnoticed.

"How is it?"

"It's great. The safari zone is nearby and Ash promised to show me all the different Pokémon. He even said the gym leader is some kind of ninja master."

Johanna arched her eyebrow.

"A ninja? Really?"

"Uh huh. I also have a contest today so after that, we are heading to the gym."

"Good for you, Hun. I'm sure you both will do great today."

She noticed that her face was slightly redder than normal, not to mention that she seemed antsy, moving in her seat ever so slightly. She was fighting a smile for a while now. An idea was forming inside of her head.

"Speaking of doing well, where are the boys?"

"Um Brock is out with a girl."

"Another one? That boy just doesn't stop."

"No, mom. This is different. Lucy, the girl he's out with, likes him. I mean, really likes him."

"Really now? Hmmm, I guess it was bound to happen someday. I'm glad he's found a girl who hopefully can stop him from jumping from woman to woman."

"I-I hear ya."

"And now where is Ash? It's rare for me to see you without him."

"Uh, Ash? He's busy."


"Y-yeah. Training for his gym battle."

"But you always help him with training."

"He got an early start! I d-didn't want to interrupt."

"That Ash sure is energetic about training."

"He really is. Heheheehe"

Now Johanna could tell something was off about her only child. Her eyes had a glazed over look, like she wasn't paying any attention to her. Her teeth bit into her lower lip, as if she was trying not to scream. She didn't even need to ask what was going on with her. She knew what that look all too well.

"Ash, could you come up here for a minute?"

The question woke Dawn up from her daze. She opened her mouth, probably to say a lie or excuse to persuade her mother that the boy was outside training and not with her, but the look on her mother's face was enough to let her know that anything she said would be taken with a grain of salt. With a sigh of defeat, she spoke to her off-screen companion.

"The jig is up, Ash." She said. She shifted around in her seat, groaning a bit from what Johanna could guess as Ash's length deep inside of her. After a bit of moving, the pallet town trainer's head rose up behind her daughter, trademark cap shifted to the side and that same sheepish grin on his face.

"Hey, Johanna." He greeted, not sure exactly what to say to the mother of the girl he's been having sex with.

"Hello, Ash." Her voice was polite, calm, with an undertone of humor. He expected her to chew him out for his actions but the reprimand did not come. Dawn couldn't read her mother to save her life. She just watched them both with a small smile on her face.

"So….how long has this been going on?"

The two looked at each other and felt somewhat relaxed by her question.

"Well…if you mean just…..kissing and stuff…since we hit pallet town. Everything else was more….recent." Dawn explained her face beet red, both by the fact that she was talking about this to her mother and that he was still inside of her.

"Hmmmm, interesting."

"You-you're not mad?" He asked, his chin resting on her shoulder.

"Surprised? Yes. Mad? Not really. I always wanted my little girl to become a woman one of these days. I'm just glad it was you, Ash. You always treated my Dawn with respect and care."

She explained, causing the two young people to relax.

"Now, Ash, has Dawn been performing properly?"

"She- um….."He started, unsure how to process in this situation.

"Just relax and be honest. I'm not going to get angry at you."

It was enough to ease his nerves seeing Johanna so cool about the whole situation.

"Well, she's…she's awesome. I can tell you taught her well." He placed a firm kiss on her cheek.

"Glad to see my lessons are being applied. And Dawn, I hope Ash has been keeping you…..satisfied." she said in a tone that Dawn had never heard before.

"Mom, Ash has been…fantastic." The younger bluette dreamily answered, reaching behind her and stroking the cheek of a grinning Ash.

"He's so vigorous and attentive. And mom, he's so well equipped."

Johanna smiled at her daughter's winked at that line. This was a whole new side of her and it made her so happy to see it. A switch had been turned on in her and it was on display in front of her. She inherited so much from her and her father and now it was all on display.

"well, I'm certainly happy you two are getting along and judging by how you two are acting, I think it's time to leave you alone."

"Mmmmm if you want, mom."

"Just make sure you don't get into too much trouble, you two."

"We'll try, Johanna." He answered for the both of them, as Dawn was almost too focused on the feeling of him inside of her.

"Alright then. Have a good day."

With that, the screen went black, leaving her with the last image of the two in her mind. She sighed contently, knowing that her daughter inherited her father's sex drive and her own sexual skills. Part of her wanted to really see what they were like in the midst of full on passion. Her mind drifted back to the days with her husband: the various positions, the powerful lust that erupted between them, the long nights of nothing but endless sex. She felt her core heat up and a small feeling of moisture in her crotch. It had been a long time since she shared a bed with a man, mostly because she thought there was no man who could please her like he could. Then, an evil thought appeared in her head. She had to know what it was like. She had to see for herself.

"Hmmm maybe I should pay the kids a visit. I've always wanted to see Kanto."



"And up next on the contest stage, please give a warm welcome to Isaac."

Dawn watched anxiously as the next coordinator took to the stage with his Magmar. The waiting room was packed with all the local and out of town coordinators for the fuchsia city contest. She sat patiently in her seat, decked out in her full contest outfit, with Ash sitting next to her and Zoey on the opposite side. Even with all of her wins and experience as coordinator, she still got terribly nervous before her turn. Zoey and Ash knew this well enough and always tried to keep her calm and relaxed.

"Impressive Magmar. "The redhead commented as they watched the boy perform via the monitor in the room.

"I'll say. Rare to see a power Pokémon in a contest but he's using it very well." Added Ash, which didn't do much for Dawn's nerves.

"He's gonna be a tough act to follow."

Zoey heard her friend and rival groan at her comment. She hated to be reminded of how good her opponents were, regardless of her own high skill.

"Hey, don't worry, sweetie. You're way too good for that guy. You'll make the top 8 with me."

"I hope so." She worried, Ash holding her hand in silent reassurance.

"everyone give a nice round of applause for Isaac and his powerful Magmar!" the hostess spoke as the boy in question ended his routine and withdrew his fire Pokémon before exiting the stage.

"Now, coming to the stage, give a warm welcome to Maria!"

The black haired trainer could feel her palm shake in his hand. She was a mess right now.

"Ash, can you…?"

No more words were needed. He knew what she was asking for and despite the fact that her turn was coming up, he was going to give it to her.

"Zoey, can you excuse us for a moment?"

She could only watch as he led Dawn out of the waiting room and into the hallway. She didn't really question it or anything. If anyone could calm her nerves and get her into top form, it was him. She put it out of her mind as her eyes turned back to the screen and the rest of the appeal round.

3 more coordinators would come and go but strangely enough, neither Ash nor Dawn had returned from wherever they vanished to. She was starting to get worried. Dawn's turn was coming up soon and she didn't want her to get disqualified. She ventured out of the room and began to search the hallways, the sound of the crowd in the arena echoing in the halls. Her mind raced with thoughts of where they could be. She knew they wouldn't leave the building, not during a contest anyway, so they had to still be there. She checked the concession stands, in case Ash's infamous appetite got the better of him but no luck. Time was running out and she was running out of places to look. She leaned against the wall, near a storage closet just down the hall from the contest stage. That's when she heard it. It was low enough that anyone passing by would easily miss it but with her right near the door, it was just audible enough for her to catch. It was moan but it wasn't a moan of pain but one of pleasure and she recognized who it belonged to almost instantly.

She peaked through the glass window in the door and almost couldn't believe her eyes. Dawn, in all of her contest finery, was bend over at the hip, her hands supporting her on the wall, the hem of her pink dress hiked up over her butt, with Ash, blue pants around his ankles, furiously pumping into her. She wasn't surprised at seeing them having sex. She knew about their special relationship from Dawn herself a few weeks ago but she didn't expect to see them in the throws of passion, especially during a contest. She marveled at how his thrusts almost brought her friend to her knees each time. Her hand gripped the front of her dress, her mouth agape and hungry for me. She had to give it to Ash. He applied the same energy and enthusiasm in sex as he did in his training as a Pokémon. She could tell he knew how to please a woman. More importantly, he knew how to please Dawn.



Zoey was sure they heard the announcement. This meant that it was almost time for Dawn's number to be called for the appeal round.

"Dawn, you sure you wanna do this now?" he asked, driving his cock deeper into her.

"Ah! I-ahhh-I told you already! If-if I can feel you inside me, I know I can win. Now, hurry up-aaaah-and fill me with your cum!"

"If that's what you want…." He said before speeding his tempo to a speed that Zoey didn't think was possible. Dawn could barely contain the utter joy that he was giving her. At this point she could feel the muscle in his penis flex and contract. In no time at all, a massive load of semen erupt into her awaiting womb. He held on to her until his load was properly delivered. The redhead couldn't take her eyes off the scene. As he finished filling her, he slid his limp dick out her cunt and pulled his pants up. She dropped her hem and straightened out her dress. She quickly planted a kiss on his lips as she headed for the door. Zoey moved to the side just as it opened and the duo left the room, a fresh whiff of sex and sweat filling her nose.

"You two are unbelievable."

The pair turned to see their friend leaning against the wall, smiling ear to ear.

"ZOEY?! WHAT ARE YOU-"exclaimed ash.

"I was looking for you when you didn't come back. And here I was, worried about you."

"So you saw?" the coordinator asked sheepishly, her companion still a bit in shock.

"Just the tail end. I guess your bragging about Ash isn't just for show." She added, winking at the boy, who went as red as a sunset.

"So this is how you get rid of your stress?" her attention was now to the bluette. She let out an embarrassed little laugh.

"I can't explain it. I just feel… ease…when I feel him…inside…"

Her hand moved to her stomach, still feeling the mass of cum moving inside of her. And Zoey could see it was true: her eyes were calm and tranquil, her nervous shakes were all but gone, and the air of tense about her was totally absent. She never thought she'd see this and it amused her to no end.

"You had better get going or you're gonna be late." She warned.

"Oh no! You're right! I gotta hurry!"

"Calm down. It's right down the hall."

Ash's words were enough to get her mind back on track. She simply smiled in gratitude and gave him a quick peck on the lips before walking quickly down the hall. Just before she completely vanished from his sight, she raised the back of her dress and showed off her cum covered vagina to Ash and now Zoey. She stuck her tongue out at him playfully before dropping her skirt and making her way to the ready area. Even though he just finished having sex with her, his mind instantly planned for the next time. All the while, Zoey watched the exchange. She could see that they had something special. Was it just sex or was it something more? But even as she was thinking about how well they were for each other, a small part of her really wanted to know just…what it was like to be on the receiving end of this guy?



"Ahhhhhhhhhh! Showers are wonderful!" Ash proclaimed as he exited the bathroom into his hotel. He was dressed in a simple t-shirt a pair of boxers, hair still damp from the shower. He stretched his muscles as he decompressed from the day he had. His gym battle with Koga went off without a hitch with him coming out as the victor. Just after that, he cheered his heart out for Dawn as she fought her way to victor to earn yet another Kanto ribbon. It was a proud yet wild day for both of them and he deserved to shower off all the stress and tension. He looked around the room, noticing that Pikachu was missing. It didn't take him long to figure out where his best Pokémon friend had run off to.

Drying his hair, he walked across the hall to his female best friend's room, which was conveniently unlocked for him. He entered the room quietly before leaving the "do not disturb" sign on the door. The room was lit only by a lamp on the nightstand near the bed. He caught sight of his starter at the foot of the bed, tangled up in a sleepy pile with Piplup and Bunery. At the head was Dawn, lower half covered in the sheets, hand supporting her head, eyes reading a magazine. She felt his eyes on her before she spoke.

"Took you long enough."

"Had to get clean."

"You could've used mine."

"Then I wouldn't have gotten much cleaning done."

"Hmph. Perv."

"Look who's talking."

"Get in here."

He didn't waste another second on banter, crossing the room and crawling into bed behind her.

"You gonna open up?" he whispered in her ear. Smiling, she raised her leg slightly as she felt him slid his boxers down just enough for his dick to pop out. Making sure not to wake their Pokémon, he guided himself into her waiting opening, getting a quiet moan out of her lips.


"Mmmmm much." She replied, closing her magazine and relaxing against him.

"Where's Brock?"

"Still out with Lucy. He told me not to wait up."

"I hope something more happens. I didn't get to speak to her much. What is she like?"

"Lucy's…she's a tough woman. Doesn't speak a lot but her words carry a lot of weight."

"Such an interesting woman."

He felt her walls tighten around him and her body almost melt against him. Ash looked down at his and her Pokémon, sleeping in their pile contently while they were connected with each other. He buried his face in her blue locks and inhaled her scent. Very rarely in his life has Ash Ketchum felt so content than he did right now with Dawn Berlizt.

"Have you ever thought about the future?"


"The future. When you are a top coordinator and I'm a master."

"Not really."

"I wanna build a house."

"A house?"

"Yeah, a house. A nice house with a big yard for all my Pokémon."

"Well, it has to be big for all of your Pokémon. What about stories?"

"Just 2. Just like back in pallet. A big living room with a big TV."

"Boys and their toys."

"Don't laugh."

"I can and I will."

"Oh you are so getting it tomorrow."

"Promises, promises. So will you have guest rooms?"

"Just enough for friends. One or two."

"You gonna let me stay over?"

"More than that. I'm making you a room just for you."

"For me…?"

"yeah. A room right across from mine, with a desk for all your designs…."

"And a nice big closet for all of my cloths."

"Hahahaha! Extra large. I know how much you like your dresses."

"And a stand for my ribbons."

"That's a given. And I'll have a big D on your door. Dawn's room. That's my perfect house."

"You'd really give me a room?"

"Dawn, I want to keep you in my life for a long time. I want you to think of that house as your home too."


For someone who was about as romantic as a rock, he could always surprise her by saying such things to her. She remembered a while ago when Lyra talked about how much of a great guy Ash was and what a catch he was. At the time, she couldn't understand why she would say such things but now, she could see it. He was a magnificent catch and was lucky to see this side of himself. As his arms snaked around her waist, sleep began to consume her being. She reached over and switched the lamp off, the darkness of night filling the room and covering this small make-shift family.

"Good night, Dawn."

"Good night, Ash."

As their lids closed and their minds drifted off to dream land, they both had the same thought that ran through their heads.

Today was a good a day.

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