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The chill of the water raced up her back as dawn tested it with her foot. It was cool but not cold. Just right for her tastes so she slid her legs into the pond and waded through its clear blue hue. She took a deep breath, taking in the crisp, clean air and observed the scene before her. The trio of traveler found a nice pond just outside of pewter city that brock had known about. It was a refreshing stop on their new quest but I'm getting ahead of myself again. Ash decided that just training by himself want enough to bring his skills up to where he thought they needed to be. So he decided to retrace his first steps, which meant he was going to face off against the gym leaders he battled when he just started out. Dawn want sure why ash, being as strong as he, would want to do something like this brock told her that he thought that ash needed to exorcize some demon that were probably plaguing him. The first few badges he got on his first journey weren't exactly given to him due to his skill as a trainer. They either felt bad for ash or it was as a thank you for something he did. Before, he didn't really mind very much. I mean, a badge win is a badge win, right? Now, having been to different places, faced off against the toughest trainers and the strongest pokemon in the world, looking back on it, it disgusted ash. This was his chance to not only get stronger but to prove to himself that he is a great trainer, that he didn't need to be given badges. He wanted to earn them.

Their first stop of course was pewter city and the pewter city gym. Dawn was certainly surprised to know that ash lost his first ever gym battle and against brock of all people. Sure, she knew that brock was a powerful trainer in his own respect but she always saw ash as the stronger one. She really couldn't believe that ash had lost to him, while he had pikachu with him as well, but he just told her that it was a different person who battled and this time, he was there to win for real. Of course, brock couldn't battle him now. For one, brock had long since hung up his tights as gym leader and had no intention of coming back. He was a breeder now and a breeder he will stay. And for another, he knew that he was no match for the trainer that ash was now so it wouldn't be much of a challenge. That fell to brock's father, flint. There was a reason why flint was the pewter city gym leader before brock and ash found out that first hand. Flint was at least 10 times stronger than brock, not just in his pokemon but in his tactics as well. He was a different animal than his son was and it showed on ash's face as they battled. But she knew. She always knew that he would come out on top. Her faith in him is unshakeable, and it was well placed as the young trainer claimed victory in the gym.

Thus, we return to the calm scene at the start. She could hear the sounds of her pokemon playing or snoring in the case of manoswine, while brock was busy making lunch for everyone.

"Having fun?" the pewter city native asked.

"Of course. Brock, this place is beautiful." she answered, twirling around in the water in her swimsuit. It was the same one she wore before their encounter with arceus. She rarely wore since then but she felt it was time to break it out again.

"Ahhhhhh!" she screeched in surprise at feeling a sudden chill run down her back. She turned to find ash, laughing at her.

"Ash, you jerk!"

"What? Its just a little water down your back." he giggled.

"But it still cold!" she roared, slapping a handful of water at him. He just smiled at her and despite her yelling, she was smiling as well. She couldn't stay mad at him. Not ash.


What could she say about him?

She never met anyone like him in her life. He was stubborn but understanding. Completely stupid at times but can be the smartest person in the room. Reckless beyond reason, but calm enough to know what needs to be done. It was how she thought of him when they first met. Just when she thought she had him figured out, he does something that made her go 'is this the same guy?'. Sure she knew quite a few boys in her life but none like ash. They had a rocky start, him being the seasoned traveler and her being the novice but they worked over it. Now, she knew him so well, she could tell what he was thinking just by looking at him. She loved watching him battle, putting his all into finding interesting ways to win a battle and how he had absolute faith the abilities of his pokemon. It inspired her to be better. Even when she failed, it was ash that helped her picked up the pieces of her shattered confidence. She in turned had faith in ash. Some would say that she is ash's fangirl, given how highly she thinks of him and how far she is willing to go to support him. She didn't care if they did call her that. It didn't matter. All that matters is to be there for him. As she looked at him smiling at her, bare chested and almost glowing, she felt the heat rise off her face. She want gonna lie to herself: ash was handsome to her. She knew that since the day she met him. his cute brown eyes and untamed hair was a perfect combo to his personality. Now, she hadn't been one to care for guys. A fact that her friends call her out on all the time, but ash brought that part of her that she didn't think was there.


Brock's exclamation brought her out of her thoughts as the two turn to the shore of the pond to the breeder.

"What is it brock?"

"I forgot the bread for the sandwiches."

"Aww man! And I'm getting hungry!" exclaimed ash.

"Don't worry. There's a store a ways back up the path. I'll just run up and get a loaf. Wont take long."

"Ok. Hurry back." ordered ash. The squinty eyed breeder just smiled at his long time friend. He knew well how ash got when he was hungry. Putting on his shirt and shoes, the older boy walked down the small rocky path, away from the pond. As soon as he was out of sight, dawn felt a pair of arms encircle her mid section.

"I thought he'd never leave." she heard him say, feeling his hot breath on the back of her neck. A small smile rolled onto her face but it want just a normal smile. It was a smile that no one else saw. A smile that she herself didn't think existed. A smile she saved only for ash.

It was more than two weeks ago since she arrived in pallet town with ash. Two weeks ago that she entered his room. Two weeks ago that their friendship changed forever. Of course they weren't a couple. It was something they both agreed to. But they both acknowledged that they were extremely attracted to each other, more so than either thought were possible. It was in his room that they kissed each other for the first time. Neither were surprised by it. It was almost expected from both of them and ever since then, things haven't been the same. Since then, they agreed that no one must know about their new evolved friendship, unless someone figured it out and given who they are, someone will. It was early on that dawn found out that ash was very frisky and surprisingly affectionate towards her. Whenever he got the chance, he'd steal a kiss from her. Sometimes it would a small peck on the lips and others, they were hard passionate kisses. And she loved every one of them. Every time brock would turn his back, ash would kiss her quickly. Hell, once, they carried on a conversation behind brock's back and kissed at the end of every sentence. It was exciting and thrilling. There was nothing wrong with it, at least in their minds. They felt it would be a better that no one find out about and begin assuming things. Not that anyone could tell them to stop. Dawn loved it when ash touched her. No, love is too weak a word for it. She was addicted to his touch. Every brush of the hand, every high five, every stolen, kiss, everything. For her, each touch was like being shocked by pikachu and hit with a bubblebeam by piplup on every nerve in her body, from the inside out. She never felt it from Kenny or Conway or anyone else. Only ash can drive her this crazy.

"Don't tell me you planned this?" she said, reaching up and touching his face.

"A little. I saw that brock forgot the bread and I just didn't say anything. It was only a matter of time before he'd notice and go get some."

"And you just bided your time. You're surprisingly patient."

"Well some things are worth waiting for." he whispered before he kissed her ear, causing her to lean back against him.

"That was a big risk. Aren't you hungry?"

"Yeah but I'm getting something to eat right now."

She couldn't help but giggle as he licked and sucked on her ear. she enjoyed these little moments but like all little moments, they had to come to a end as their attention was turned towards the shore. Piplup and cyndaquil were bickering again. It was a common occurrence in the group but it still annoyed and sadden dawn a bit that they still don't get along very well. A lot of people tend to think their fighting stems from the fact that one is a water type and the other is a fire type. Ash and dawn didn't see it that way. To them, it was more like two kids vying for the attention their parent. Dawn loved them both but at times, like this one, they got on her nerves.

"Piplup! Cyndaquil! You two stop that this instant!" she ordered. The two pokemon looked at their trainer, utter seriousness on her face and felt very ashamed. They backed away from each other and apologized to each other, or what she could intrepid as a apology. Her anger slipped out of her after a few seconds.

"There. Now that's better. You two play nice and no fighting."

The two chirped in understanding of her order and ran off to play with the other pokemon, albeit in different directions. She didn't like it but considering how they are, it's the best she could get out of them. She leaned forward a bit, resting her hands on the rocky shore, keeping a eye on the two pokemon of hers, making sure they don't go at it again when she want looking. Just then, she felt something press against her butt and a pair of arms encircle her legs. She turned her head to see ash's face buried deep in her cheeks. The lower half over his face was obscured by her cheeks, with only his eyes and nose the only parts visible.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked, slightly embarrassed at what he was doing.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he answered, his voice slightly muffed.

"It looks like you have your face buried in my ass."

"Well, who's fault is that? You shouldn't stick this thing out like this."

She should've know ash would do something like this. She had learned over the last few weeks that ash ketchum was a ass man. He loved her "giant bubble butt", in his words. Dawn never gave much thought of her figure. Her mother had told her that she was just like her when she was her age. In fact, Kenny said she was almost stick skinny, like a sudowoodo. This comment earned him a punch in the arm and a yelling from the blue haired girl. She surely didn't think her butt was particularly big or anything but for someone reason, ash loved it. When he want stealing kisses from her, he was groping her ass. At first, he want sure if it was ok with her for him to do this, so he started with just brushes of the hand but she told him that if it made him happy, he could go a little farther. And go farther he did. Everyone once in a while, she'd feel a hand squeeze a cheek under her skirt. If he was feeling really bold, he'd use both hands, a cheek in each palm. It always caused her to jump when he did this. Stolen kisses was one thing. She could always tell when those were coming. But the groping was something she was new to. She didn't mind it but it still was unexpected. He even went so far as to crawl into her tent one night and spent 20 minutes groping her butt. She pretended to be asleep but it was hard to. Again, she loved it when ash touched her, even if it was to have fun playing with her ass cheeks. But this was something new: he had his face in between her cheeks. She couldn't see his mouth but she knew he was smiling. Just then, she felt something tickle her down below. At first, she thought it was a goldeen or a magikarp, swimming under her but that thought was killed she looked back at ash. His eyes were now closed and his mouth was moving, as far as she saw, anyway.

"Ash, are you................"

"Well, I am a little hungry." he said as she felt another wet tickle behind her. There was no doubt in her mind now. He was indeed licking her, through her swim suit. His tongue was darting out, touching her most private part. Sure she was wearing something over it but she had been in the water so it was clinging to her like a second skin, so she might as well have been naked at the time. She felt a bit embarrassed but her embarrassment was outweighed by the waves of pleasure casually splashing over her body.

"Ash, stop it....." she spoke in a small voice but ash either didn't hear her or was just ignoring her. Which ever it was, he didn't stop. In fact, it seemed to spur him on. She could start to hear slurping and the smack of lips as he continued to feast on her. She was fighting to keep her wits about her but it was a losing battle.

"Ash..........stop......" was all she could get out as she leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands on the rocks. Suddenly, she felt his fingers coil around the mid section of her swimsuit and pulled it aside. He stopped his tongue attack and for a few moments, there was no action on his part. She was wondering what he was doing, as much as she was able to at the moment but that went out of the window as she felt his tongue again, this time, right on her exposed vagina. The feeling she felt that moment was quite indescribable. Remember how she felt when ash just touched her? Well, this was a whole other level of pleasure. His tongue drove itself between the lips of her pussy, burying itself deep into her. She heard a light moan of approval from ash, as one of his hands grab on to her ass cheek. That did it. Dawn's reason, her thought process, her logic. They were all gone in that one moment. All she cared about was what her friend was doing to her.


She really didn't need to tell ash that since I doubt he was listening. She had no experience with oral sex, other than what her mother told her that time she gave her "the talk"so this was new territory for her but it was a world of heaven. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter, which seemed to urge him on, causing him to lick harder and deeper into her. The sounds of ash's lips slurping and sucking on her raw, naked pussy was all she could here. She looked around to see her and ash's pokemon busy playing and not watching what their trainers were doing. All except two: pikachu and buneary . The rabbit and mouse pokemon stared at the scene before them, unsure what to do or even what to make of it. Dawn seemed it pain but didn't make any outward gestures for help and ash was doing something to her butt with her mouth. If dawn was in her right mind, she'd be embarrassed but that's if she was in her right mind. Pikachu then started to sniff the air, to which buneary mirrored. After a few sniffs, he looked back over at the couple and just smiled. Its was a almost evil smile, as if he was saying 'I know what you doing'. The rabbit pokemon just pulled the tuft of fur from her mid section over her face. It was obvious that the two knew what they were doing and so far the only ones. A sudden jolt of pleasure went through her body as she felt a pressure build up in her stomach. It moved from her stomach all the way to her vagina. At first, she thought she had to pee but thanks to her mother's talk, she knew it wasn't urine that was coming out.

"A-ash.......I'm.......g-gg-gonna......" was all she could get out as she climaxed right then and there. Ash gasped a little as he fell backwards into the water as the liquid exploded in his face. Dawn in turn let a loud moan that catch the attention of their pokemon as she fell forward and on to the shore. She was in a euphoric high of emotions as she stood back up and turned towards ash, who was back on his feet and wiping his mouth.

"Ash, you jerk!" she said, hitting him lightly on the arm.

"What? Didn't you like it?"

"Of course I did but next time tell me first. You almost ruined my swim suit." she complained, raising the hem of her swimsuit, revealing the spot where ash had eaten her was now very dark, between his saliva and her sex juice.

"Oh. Um.....looks like I got carried away." he replied sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

"Its fine. But I'm gonna get you back for this."

"Oh and what will that be?"

"You'll just had to find out." she answered with a wink. Ash was ready to jump her again when they noticed their pokemon had stopped what they were doing and focused on the two trainers. They looked at each other and then at their pokemon with blushes on their faces.

"We're fine."

"What she said."

The various pokemon looked at them for a moment and then resumed what they were doing. Pikachu still had that evil knowing smile on his face as he scurried off with buneary, who was still hiding her face in her fur.

"So was it?"

"How was what?"

"You know? How was I.............down there?"

"Oh! Well, I liked it. When I moved the cloth, it smelt...........kinda sweet."


"Yeah. It was great."

"Thanks ash. Sorry for, you know, cumming in your face like that."

"No, its ok. In fact, I wouldn't mind if you did it again." he said, wiping his lip with his thumb and then licked it. This surprised dawn and even more so, it turned her on. It only took such a smile gesture was enough to make her swoon for him so badly. She felt her face heat up from seeing him lick her juices off his finger, almost like he had just finished a messy meal and didn't want the flavor to go to waste. If he only knew the hold he had on her, or maybe he did and hid it very well.

"Hey guys!"

The duo turned to see brock returning with a shopping bag in hand, with bread they assumed.

"Hey, brocko. You got back quick."

"Well, I knew you were hungry so I had a little quicker step in my walk. I got the bread."

"Great. Thanks."

"I hope ash wasn't complaining much, dawn."

"He was ok. Didn't really say much."


"Uh yeah. Dawn gave me a snack to tide me over."

"A snack?"

"I have a little treat in my backpack. Ash found it and......................helped himself."

"Didn't know you had something saved. Hope you liked it, ash."

"I did. It was the best thing I've ever tasted. And hopefully, I can get more of it."

"Ash, you silly billy."

so what did you think? It was a short I know but I want to take it slowly. And didn't I say it was gonna be dirty? But before you ask, it will be a while before dawn and ash get down to serious business. So if you've enjoyed it so far, get ready for more cause next time, dawn gets her revenge. Until then......................