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The wind blew over the open clearing in the kanto region as our heroic group of travelers take a rest to eat lunch and recharge from their long walk. Brock, the squinty eyed breeder from pewter city, stirred the pot of stew that he had made for lunch, inhaling the mixture of seasonings and ingredients. Everyone who had traveled with him raved about his meals. May often laments that one of the down sides of traveling by herself was her inability to cook as well as the older boy could. Around him were scattered the pokemon, his, dawn's and ash's, all in various states of readiness for the meal he was preparing. Near the fire pit, dawn was setting places for the dishes and silverware for the trio of humans to eat at. Placing a spoon next to each bowl, she could barely hid her hunger for lunch. Her growling stomach caught the attention of the would-be chef.

"Hungry?" he called over to her.

"What was your first clue?" she replied, patting her stomach.

"Well, don't worry. Lunch will be ready in about ten minutes."

"Ten minutes." she whined a bit, bringing a smile to his face.

"I don't know if I can last that long."

"Why don't you take a walk? Take your mind off your stomach, like ash did."

"Speaking of that, where is ash?"

"He was hungry like you, so he's out there, just wandering around. He picked up that habit a few years back."

"It seems to work. Normally, he'd be here, drooling more than mamoswine when he's hungry." she said fondly, casting a side ways glance at her giant pokemon, who was currently napping under a tree.

"Speaking of which, could you go see if you can find him? Don't want him to get back late and complain we didn't save him enough."

"Sure. Which way?"

Brock gestured with his cooking spoon in the direction of the nearby woods. She waved him a thank you before venturing into the woods in search of her friend. The woods weren't particularly dense or overgrown but it was thick enough that you could get lost in them if you tried and she knew ash could and would get lost. As her bright pink boots crunched over the leaves and sticks on the ground, her ears caught a most unusual sound. Different from the various sounds of pokemon going about their day, it was a deep groaning sound. For anyone else, it would probably make people think that it was some new, undiscovered pokemon but for dawn, it was a sound she had gotten use to. Following the sound, she found ash, asleep, back against a large tree that all but hid his body and snoring like a snorlax.

She smiled as she rounded the tree quietly and looked down as him. His hat was on lopsidedly as his head tilted to the side and a line of drool flowed out of his mouth. Now, again, to anyone else, they would a tad bit disgusted at the sight but for dawn, he was utterly adorable. She had been around him and his snoring so much that not only did he tolerate but she loved it. She loved watching ash sleep. To her, sleeping ash was the epitome of cuteness. She likened his sleeping form to that of a baby. A dirty, slobbering baby but a baby nonetheless. Part of her want to squeal over how he looked but she didn't want to disturb his rest. She knew he had a tough task ahead of him, with taking on the gym leaders of kanto and preparing for his battles with the elite 4. She would've liked to let him sleep a bit more but lunch was almost ready and she didn't feel like listening to him complain. As she reached over to shake him awake, he began to mumble something. At first she couldn't make what he was saying, as it sounded like mumbles to her but soon words began to form from his mouth.

"Mmmmm.........errrrrrr.......................dawn..............dawn.........." he slurred from his mouth. Dawn was surprised by this. He was dreaming of her. Despite their new evolved relationship, she never once thought that she was the subject of his dreams. Normally, when he did talk in his sleep, it mostly involved battles, calling out to dream pikachu to attack his opponent with a thunder-bolt but she heard him. He was dreaming of her and judging by the ever growing smile and low dirty laugh, it was a very pleasant.

"Hahahahaahaha.........come on, dawn....................put your cloths on..................brock will be...........back...................heheeheheheheheheh."

His face started to turn a bright shade of red as his dirty little laugh was getting seemingly dirtier. He wasn't just having a dream about her. He was having a dirty sex dream about her. She was flattered to say the least. Not that she could call him out on it since she's been having some pretty wild dreams involving pallet town's favorite son and more than once, woke up with wet PJ bottoms. As he continued to talk, her eyes drifted down to his jeans and noticed the rather large bulge in his crotch. It was then that the gears in the bluette's head began to turn and the memory portion of her brain got active. She remembered the incident in the lake. Ash bending her over and eating her out, with their pokemon seeing her climax in his mouth. Not that she hated it but she swore that she would pay him back for doing it. All of a suddenly, a evil smile grew on her a face and dark glint sparkled in her blue eyes. Dawn had figured out her revenge on mr. Ketchum and that bulge would play a big role in it.

Dawn was a virgin in every sense of the word. She had almost no experience in the field of sex, other than what she had been doing with ash. Her mother had given her a nice long talk about the subject before she set out on her journey, in case she met a boy she liked on the road. And a long talk it was. They covered all the important part but she was very well versed in the subject of oral sex. Even though she had the most respect for her mom, dawn suspect that there was a part of her mother she never knew or saw. A part that only her father, god rest his soul, knew about. She didn't seem to keen on putting her mouth on a guy's penis but Johanna was adamant about teaching her some tricks to it. "Trust me, you'll need this. Its in your blood." that's what the older lady would say to her daughter. At the time, she was clueless about what she meant but now, this was the perfect moment to put her mother's 'teachings' to the test.

She quietly leaned down, going as silently as possible, until her knees touched the ground. She kept her eye on ash's face, making sure that his dream was keeping him asleep and occupied, as she leaned down closer and closer to his crotch. She gulped a bit as her hand reached down and took hold of his zipper. With almost meowth like stealth, she drew the zipper down, itch by itch until it was as far down as it could go. The underwear covered bulged peek through the opening in his jeans like flower growing out of the ground. She looked back up at him. He was still asleep. Good. She tried to work the member out of the fabric but it was tough going as it was firmly pressed against the outside of his underwear. Using both of hands, she maneuvered it through the flap and finally freed it. She help back a gasp as ash's dick practically exploded out into the open air. To say that dawn was awestruck would be a understatement. It wasn't the fact that it was her first time seeing a penis in the flesh or the fact that it was ash's penis. It was the fact that it was HUGE! Fully erect, she estimated that it was about 9 to 10 inches long and very thick, to her at least. She caught a whiff of something coming off it, like a mix of sweat and something else she couldn't put her finger on. Part of her thought that this was enough for revenge but she had to go through with it. Taking a deep breath, she inched her tongue to the head of his dick until she finally touched it. She pulled it back quickly, almost in disgust. It was like she was little again and taking bad tasting medicine. Well, when taking it, her mom always told her to do it fast and get it over with.

"Ok. Here we go........" she said before enveloping the member in her mouth. She bobbed down on it for few seconds before pulling her face off it. Breathing hard, she let the feeling of what she had just done soak into her mind. To her, sucking dick was something dirty, that prostitutes and hookers did for money on the street. It was something she didn't see herself doing, well ever. But something happened to her. She just sucked ash's cock in the woods....................and she liked it. Something turned on inside of her. Like a switch that she never knew was there. Her mouth was alive as the tasty of his meat rolled around inside. The taste was salty but not too salty. It was meaty like eating a hamburger or hot dog. It was a strange mixture of tastes but she knew one thing for sure: she wanted more. Licking her likes like a hungry pokemon, she eagerly dove back in, swallowing as much of his cock as her mouth was able to hold. Her hand ran up and down the shaft as her mouth slide up and down, covering it with a nice layer of saliva. She licked the shaft, as a child would lick a lolly pop, trying to get to the candy core. She was no longer looking to see if ash was awake or not. At this point, she really didn't care. She was in a heaven of pleasure, rolling her tongue all over his cock as if she was in a trance. If she had looked up at his face, she would've noticed that ash was no longer talking in his sleep. He was panting, his face a strained mix of pain and pleasure.

"Mmmmmmm yeah............that's how you........................dawn........................................DAWN?"

The sudden exclamation cause her eyes to dart up to see ash's face, fully awake and now fully aware of what she was doing to him. Normally, dawn would've stopped what she was doing but her head was swimming so much that stopping was out of the question. Instead she just smiled up at him, his dick still inside of her mouth.

"Hi, ash." she greeted, almost as if she's was doing something she did everyday, like fixing her hair or feeding her pokemon.

"What-wh-what...................what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like you are sucking my dick!"

"Well, who's fault is that? Sleeping with this big thing popping out."

"I was sleeping! I didn't have any control over it!"

"Well, if you want me to stop, just say so."

It was then that ash realized that this was her revenge for what he did to her in that pond and he had to admit, he didn't see this coming. Now, he didn't know whether or not it was the fact that it was his first blow job, the fact that he was horny or the fact that it was dawn off all people, but he didn't want her to stop.

"J-just be......quick with it...."

"Whatever you say." she replied, giving the tip of his dick a small kiss, sending a shockwave up his spine. He had always heard about blow jobs from Gary but he never knew they felt this good. And dawn was so good at it. He looked down at her, watching her work on his shaft like she had been doing this for years but he knew this was the first time she had given head to anyone. The slob and spit oozes down his dick, giving it a nice shine in the afternoon sun. he leaned his head back, the sounds of only the beautiful girl slurping on him filling his eyes.

"Damnit, dawn. How did you get so good?"

"Hehehehehe. Mom was a good teacher."

"Ohhh I have to get her something for mother's day." he joked, causing dawn to laugh a bit while she was working on him, which just seemed to add to the pleasure. He reached down and pushed away some of her blue hair so he could see her face. She looked up with those lovely blue eyes and even with her mouth covered in spit and pre-cum, he still thought she looked so beautiful. Just then, he caught a familiar smell in the air. He knew this smell. He loved this smell. He looked over to see dawn's hand was between her legs and he had a good idea about what it was doing down there.

"Dawn..................are you playing with yourself?"

"Yeah. Anything wrong with that?"

"You don't have to make yourself horny to suck me off. You can stop if you want."

"Ash, you are so silly! I'm doing this cause I am horny."


"I don't know what it is but..................sucking you is just making me so hot. I can't help it."

Ash honestly never thought that a girl could get wet from giving someone head. He always thought that girls only did it as favor to a guy or for money but never took any pleasure from it. But as he looked down at dawn, he could see it. She wasn't doing this for her revenge anymore. She was doing this cause she liked it. The way she licked and sucked on his shaft, giving it her undivided attention to pleasing him.

"........dawn.............dawn! I think.............OH BOY!"

Dawn looked up at him to see a very strained and very funny expression appear on his face but before she could inquire if anything was wrong, she got a surprise in her mouth. His cock exploded in her mouth, filling it with hot, salty semen. She gagged as she shot up from her position but not before he landed a shot of cum in her face by accident.

"Oh god! Dawn I'm so sorry! I should've said something! Are you ok?" ash rattled off, spazzing out as he made it to his feet and dawn still on her knees, coughing a bit.

"Are you ok, dawn?"

"I'm fine ash." she said finally, as she looked up at him. She didn't seem upset about what happened. In fact, it was just the opposite. Her face was a far gone look on it as she licked her lips and fingers, almost like she was licking the sauce from buffalo wings but the sauce was his warm semen. He couldn't believe it. Not only had dawn just given her a great blow job but now, she was greedily licking up and swallowing his seed like it was honey.

"Just fine."

"Dawn, you do know that's my..............."

"Yes I know." she said with a smile as she got to her feet.

" does know.........?"

"Hmmm. It tastes salty but not too salty and it's a little bit sweet at the end."

"You actually like it? Really?"

"Yeah. I wouldn't mind having some more." she answered with that cheerful smile.

"Wow, dawn. You are something else."

"Thanks, ash. Speaking eating, brock told me to come and get you. Lunch is almost ready."

"That's right. And that little stunt you pulled just made me even hungrier. Lets go!"

"Um, ash?"


"You might want to................."she said, pointing down at his pants. He looked down and only then did he see that his penis was still out, limp as a noodle and still dribbling a bit of jizz.

"AWWW MAN!" he exclaimed, turning away from dawn on instinct as he begin to put his member back into his jeans.

"I don't know why you are hiding it from it. I've already seen it." she laughed.

"it just how it is with guys. Don't ask me." he said, adjusting himself before turning back around.

"Ok, I'm ready. Lets head back."


"And I hope you enjoyed your little revenge."

"I did, more than I thought I would. But it seems I might have found something a bit better than revenge." she said slyly, passing her hand over his crotch, causing it to swell up yet again.

"Let's get going or brock is gonna wonder where we are." she said, before giving him a small kiss on the lips and walking off. He could taste a bit of the saltiness that she had commented on earlier and didn't know if he should be turned on or grossed out. But there was one thing he knew for sure: something had changed in the girl and he might be paying for it for a while but he didn't seem to mind.

"Dawn, you ok?"

"Yeah, brock. Why do you ask?"

"Its just that you aren't eating as much as you normally do. I thought you were starving."

"Um, I was but ash had a snack in his pocket and he shared it with me. It was................very tasty."

"I see. Must have filled you up pretty good."

"You have no idea."

"It was that good."

"You bet it was. In fact, I might actually have some more of it soon."

"Ok. Do you know where we can find more of it? I'll buy it for you if you want."

"Its ok. I know exactly where to get it and it's easy enough for me to get on my own."

well, that's dawn's revenge. Sure its short but there is only so much you can write about a BJ. Well, the next chapter will be based on one of my favorite pics from gougeru. What is it? Well, lets just say if you have a cell phone, its probably a wallpaper you want on your phone. I might sent a link to you guys if you want to see what it is.

Anyway, like I said before, this fic is dedicated to two of my ladies friend. One of whom doesn't want me to name her but she knows who she is. The other is a girl named jess who, like dawn is to ash, is totally in love with my gentlemen bits. LOL. And she's probably having a laugh right now. So anyway, tune in next time for more dirty pearlshipping.