Chapter one: day 1.0

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He stood in the darkness waiting for his victim. It had taken him some time to learn the boy's movement but it wasn't long before his patterns became predictable. He was easy to follow. The boy was so careless, he trusted everyone and never gave a second thought of the danger he put himself in. He would be sure to make the boy regret his actions- regret the unforgiveable act, which made him a target in the first place.

His target was taking out the trash. Tonight he would be taken away and punished for his sins. Before going back inside to finish his shift the boy had stopped to tie his shoelace, and there was his opportunity to strike. He silently crept up behind the distracted boy and made his move.

Just as the boy got up, he grabbed the boy by the waist and tried to drag him into the shadows. But the boy fought back, throwing his arms and legs around wildly, in an attempt to get himself free. He was too strong, overpowering his prey easily. Freeing up one of his hands, he grabbed the boy by his hair and slammed his head against the wall, knocking the boy into unconsciousness.

He had done his job well, taking the boy without anyone noticing. Soon, the boy would be in his prison and he could make him pay for his crime. This, was something he had to do, he had to punish the sinner.


"Where the hell is that new kid?" Aiko thought, as she went up to another table to get their order. The restaurant was busy tonight and it didn't take that long to just take out trash.

"I bet, he's just sitting around, having a smoke or something" Aiko was getting frustrated. It seemed too long and the new guy still hadn't come in. "What the hell is he doing?" she thought, getting impatient.

When Aiko's shift was over, she went out back to have a nice long talk with the new kid. She planned on giving him a good piece of her mind: "While you were out here being lazy, I had to take all your tables." She thought, mentally preparing her speech. When she got outside though, no one was there.

Walking toward the bin, she stepped on something. Picking it up, she noticed it was a mobile phone. 'Is this the new kid's?' she wondered.

"Did he drop it?" Aiko said out loud, trying to calm herself down and when a terrifying thought came to mind:

"If he dropped it, why didn't he pick it up?" Aiko was beginning to panic. It wasn't that long ago, someone else waskidnapped.

"Calm down, Aiko. He could be hiding or maybe he went home." she told herself that and almost believed it, when the phone in her hand rang. Acting on impulse, she answered it.

"Misaki?" said the man on the other side.


"Misaki, why aren't you home yet?"

"…" Aiko couldn't answer the panicking man; something was wrong, very wrong.

"Misaki!" the voice on the other end was still calling, "MISAKI, ANSWERE ME!" the voice was yelling now sounding more and more worried every second.

"Misaki isn't here." Akio said slowly, trying to hold back the fear in her voice.

"What? Who are you?" the man had stopped yelling but the panic in his voice grew.

"I... I think he's in trouble..." Aiko couldn't explain, somehow she just had this feeling. The man on the other end probably thought she was crazy.

"I'm coming right now!" said the voice: you could clearly hear him running. "Call the police!" were the man's last words, before he had hung up on her. Shaking, Akiko ran inside, she couldn't believe the man just took her word for it, like that. Her gut was telling her that Misaki was in danger and so far her gut was yet to be proven wrong. Once she got on the phone and she called the police. She was scared and from what she had heard from that man - he was scared for Misaki as well.

"What happened to Misaki?" were Aiko's thoughts as the phone rang.

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