What If We Were

"Oh god" 16 year old Shane Gray said to himself sitting up in his bed that morning.

"It's the first day of High School and I told Nate and Jason I'd be there at 8 and it's almost 8.30. Oh god."

With that Shane jumped out of his bed grabbing his clothes and running into the bathroom almsot slipping over his wet towel on the way.

Menwhile 15 Joe Jonas and his 14 year old brother Nick were just getting out of there mum's car at school.

"Woo-hoo, we're here" Joe said once the door was closed behind him and he and Nick began to walk up the stairs towards the school where a guy with straight brown hair and another guy with curly dark brown hair were standing look as if they were waiting for someone.

"Come on Nate, try phoning him again, knowing Shane, he probably fell asleep on the floor" The guy with straight hair said to the other guy who Joe guessed name was Nate.

"Alright but if he doesn't answer, you're doing it Jason" Nate said to the guy called Jason.

"Joe, Joe, Joseph, Joe, look" Nick said Joe pulling Joe by his new jacket and he turned to see a tall guy with curly brown hair.

"Yeah I see him but who is it?"

"That's Kevin Smith, he's a Junior and he's the manager of the drama club but also he has his own single out" Nick said sounding like a crazed fan as the Kevin guy walked by going up the stairs but Nick stopped him halfway.

"Hi Mr Kevin Smith sir, may I have your autograph" Nick said producing a small notepad from his backbag.

Kevin turned round to him and Joe saw that he was really muscled.

"Yeah sure, hey kid" Kevin said to Joe "do you want an autograph too."

Joe opened his mouth to say but Nick stepped on his foot and he nodded yes.

Once Kevin had left, Joe glared at Nick.

"You didn't need to hurt my foot" Joe said pushing his straight dark brown hair away from his face.

"Yeah but he would have beat you up, I know it Juniors and Freshmen don't get along but Kevin seems cool and he is quite hot."

Joe stared at Nick wondering what was going on with him.

"Woah, slow down Nick you're not gay and neither am I but if....."

Just at that minute a limo pulled up infront of the school and a guy with short straight brown hair jumped out then slammed the door behind him.

"Woah" Nick said and Joe rolled his eyes. Here we go again, he thought as Nick ran over to the guy.

Once Shane reached Nate and Jason he was englufed in a hug.

"Where on earth have you been, me and Nate have been trying to call you for so long."

"Oh sorry about that Jason, I got a new phone over the holidays and I need to get your numbers again cause it got deleted.

Nate and Jason nodded shaking their heads at Shane. He was always the same losing or forgetting things.

"Well I hope you didn't forget that Connect Three has a cd singing after school today for our new record."

"Of course not Nate, I wouldn't forget my band."

"OMG it's Connect Three" Shane heard a guy yell running over nearly tripping over his own two feet whilst another who was taller than him followed behind.

"Oh god fans" Jason said pulling his phone out of his pocket but Shane put his hand up.

"Hold it Jason, he might just want an autograph or something.

"Hi I'm Nick Jonas and this is my brother Joe and I'm such a big fan, could you sign this for me" the guy Nick said handing the notepad over and fixing his curly brown hair.

"Yeah sure and how about you Joe, okay" Shane said looking at the notepad to see the name Kevin Smith spirled in blue ink on the page.

"Is anything wrong Mr Gray" Nick said noticing that Shane had tightned his grip on the notepad.

"Yeah actually, Kevin Smith is our enemy and so is anyone working with or liking the enemy so get lost freshmen" Jason said pulling a lighter out from his pocket and a cigratte then lighting and begining to puff.

"Okay Jason, calm" Shane said hating the fact one of his bandmate's smoked. It would be bad for their image but he knew Jason was right. Kevin was an enemy.

"Hey Nick, you know whay, I'll sign this and so will Nate and Jason as well" Shane said stressing on Jason's name to make sure he would sign.

Once they were all finished Shane gave the pad back to Nick, he looked like he was going to faint.

"Thank you, Shane Gray" Nick said before being led away by Joe.

Shane smiled to himself. This was going to be a good year.

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