Chapter 22

"Your fucking what?" Jason yelled as Shane tried to smile at him but it wasn't doing any good.

"I'm so sorry Jase but I didn't count on it happening either and I..."

"Is it mine?" Jason said and Shane nodded trying to hold his fiance's hand but he kept on pulling away.

"Okay, I need some time to think" Jason said before he left the room.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Shane said and Nate nodded.

"Yeah, it's just so fast for Jason, you know how he is but yes it will all be fine and I also heard that Kevin and Joe spent the night together at Kevin's place."

"Oh that's amazing" Shane said smiling happy that his friend was happy.

"Yeah it is and look at you soon to be father, who does it feel?"

"Overwhellming to be honest" Shane said just as Jason re-entered the room.

"Jase, look if you want I'll get an abortion so we don't have to go through with this cause we're both too young to be parents and we've also got the band and..."

"Shane I never want you to do anything that you will reget ever in your whole life and I will love this baby just as much as you so I want you and me to have this baby together as a family."

Shane smiled and Nate stood up.

"I'll be off then, I told Nick, I'd drive him to school tomorrow so I want to get some rest then I'll see you guys then."

Nate left and headed outside to his car before he drove home and saw Abigail standing outside it.

"What on earth are you doing here?"

"I wanted to say I'm sorry Nate and I am. Kevin's alive so that's all, I'd best be off and by the way, congratts on Shane and Jason, it's on the Connect Three website."

Nate nodded before he headed inside and shut and locked the door behind him before falling asleep on his couch.

The next morning, Joe woke to his arms around Kevin and his head in the crook of his shoulder.

Turning over Joe saw it was seven thirty and remembered they had school today so he shook Kevin who mumbled something along of the lines of five minutes mum.

"No, Now" Joe said pushing Kevin back so he could stand up.

"Joe, why?" Kevin said now awoken then he looked at the clock.

"Ahh right."

An hour later, Joe and Kevin made it to the school seeing that Nick, Jason, Shane and Nate were all already there and Shane was telling Nick something so they walked over.

"Hey guys" Joe said sitting down on the stairs and Jason looked up with a massive smile on his face then that was when Joe noticed the ring on Shane's ring finger.

"Congratulations you two" He said hugging Shane who smiled.

"That's not the only thing" Shane said patting his stomach.

"Huh?" Joe said then Shane sighed before he whispered about it to Joe who smiled.

The bell finally rang and Joe and Nick headed to their first class which was biology whilst Jason, Shane and Nate all had a free peroid and Kevin was in Drama.

Once in the class, Joe and Nick got their text books out then began to talk.

"How amazing is it that Shane's engaged and also with child" Nick said and Joe nodded smiling.

"Yeah it is amazing, Shane and Jason deserve someone to be with and it's nice to see it happening now."

"I know so what's the goss with you and Kevin how far did yous two go?"

Joe sighed thinking about the last night.

"Nothing, we wanted to save until marriage and I love him enough to stay that way until then" Joe said whilst Nick gave him a no seriously look.

"I'm being truthfull, my virginity is still intact and it is going to stay that way."

"Okay then" Nick said but Joe knew he didn't really believe him.

"Nick, next time you see Kevin, look at his ring finger and you'll see the purity ring still there."

Nick nodded at this just as the teacher entered and the class began.

What seemed like a age later, it was finally nearing lunch time and Joe sat in his Music class bored out of his skull watching a silly band perform onstage at the awards then they called the next band on.

"Okay next up is Connect Three."

Three was cheers and appulases from the crowd at the show and a lot of the students perked including Joe who was watching Shane, Jason and Nate perform and seeing how they played off each other by Shane leaning against Jason as he done guitar solos then Nate and him doing flips and such whilst singing.

The video finished and the bell rang so everyone filled out and Joe went to meet up with Nick who was next door.

"Hey, what were you doing?" Joe said and Nick explained about something to do with learning new keys then asked Joe.

"We were watching the video from the awards where Connect Three were performing" Joe said and Nick shook his head.

"You are so lucky, we get to watch it next week though."

"Erm Nick, next week is the beginning of the Connect Three concert tour" Joe said back and Nick goarned.

"So it is, I'll watch it sometime then" Nick said just as they reached the lunch hall and saw Kevin sitting talking to Jason who was talking back.

"Woah, that's the first time I've seen that done in public" Joe said and Nick turned round.

"I know Jason and Kevin both acting civil around each other, it's a real eye opener."

Joe and Nick got their lunch then sat down at the table then they noticed Shane wasn't there.

"Jason, where's Shane?" Nick asked and Jason shrugged.

"The last I saw him, he was going to talk someone and I haven't seen him since."

Joe and Nick nodded just as Shane brust through the door.

"Sorry guys" he said sitting down at the table where Jason had probably got him his lunch as his lunch was there.

"Where were you?" Jason said kissing him on the cheek and Shane blushed.

"I was talking to the nurse and she said that if I feel sick at all in the next nine months then I've to go straight to her."

Jason nodded going back to talk to Kevin who was showing him a move on an air guitar.

Joe smiled at Kevin who smiled back just as they saw Shane start to eat really fast.

"Woah, slow down there Gray" Nate said grabbing Shane's fork but Shane grabbed it back off him and began to eat even more.

3 Months Later.

Today was Shane's favourite day of all. Today was his wedding day. Everything had already been sorted out and a guest list made and Shane's tux picked out and he was beginning to show.

That morning, Nate and Nick had arrived and taken Jason taken out the house then Joe had come over.

Now Shane was standing in his tux whilst Joe was turning something round and round on his finger.

"What's that?" Shane said beginning to get annoyed with Joe's silence as it wasn't like him.

"Oh, it's a ring from Kevin, he proposed this morning to me."

Shane hugged Joe who hugged back then the two smiled just as the limo pulled up to take them to the wedding place.

They had arranged it to be set in the grassy area beside the basketball courts then the dance would be inside the school gym.

Shane had made Joe his best man as Nate was Jason's and Kevin was the ring breaer.

Once at the place, Shane took a deep breath and walked up the aisle with Joe beside him then Joe hurried up to the top of the podium where Jason and Nate were standing just as music began to play then Shane reached Jason and the two gave each other looks which said that they loved each other.

The reception and dance were a success then Jason and Shane had went to bed that night a married couple.

6 Months Later.

Now it was the day of Shane and Jasons' baby's birth and Shane and Jason were currently in the room and Jason was holding Shane's hand as he screamed.

Joe and Kevin had got married three months before so Shane could make it and they were outside the room with Nate and Nick.

As Shane continued to scream, the doctor was shouting words of wisdom to him then before anything else could happen, the baby girl was born.

"Shane she's beautiful isn't she babe?"

"Babe? Babe?"

Now that was weird, Shane always answered him back to anything he said.


Jason turned and saw his husband laying there eyes closed and not moving an inch.

"Shaye. Shane, Babe."

Shane didn't move an inch then the doctor stated that Shane had died in childbirth.

Outside all Joe, Kevin, Nate and Nick could hear was Jason's scream of No over and over again.

This was not good.

The end sorry to end it on such a tradgey but they will return in Different Times which will be coming soon.