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Dawn: RJ and Fran stay up all night

The first to fall was Flit at nine-thirty. Then Lily and Theo cuddled up and conked out a little after ten. Jarrod and Camille followed suit less than a half-hour later. Close to eleven Casey tucked himself in under a red blanket. Of the celebrants at the JKP RJ and Fran were the only ones still up at midnight.

On the TV screens the ball dropped. Jammed together on the green armchair the pair exchanged grins.

"Happy New Year, Fran."

"Happy New Year, RJ."

Happy New Year, Ponch.

Happy New Year, Kazul.

With a yawn RJ wondered, "Now what?"

"Go to bed," Fran replied, resting her head on her boyfriend's shoulder. RJ made a face, protesting, "But it's the first day of 2009!"

"And it still will be when we get up," Fran reasoned. RJ sniffed at her hair, grumbling, "I want to stay awake with you."

"Well…" Fran trailed off. The wolf Pai Zhua Master beamed, knowing he had won. The two brunettes stayed in the chair though. Adjusting her glasses Fran asked, "But what can we do?"



"Books? Pizza? How yummy you smell?"

"RJ!" Fran yelped, but she was silenced by a kiss.

"It's true," he stated firmly. "You are extremely yummy."

Fran looked unsure of how to feel about that sentiment but when RJ kissed her headily again she decided it couldn't be anything bad. So she snuggled even closer to him.

"Rock Paper Scissors?"


After about forty minutes it got old, especially after they lost count of who was winning. RJ handed Fran the remote so she could flip through the TV's channels to find something for them to watch. But it was New Year's and not much of interest was on.

"We could make out?" RJ offered. Fran opted to take him up on that. It was close to three when they broke apart for more than thirty seconds. With a dazed giggle Fran commented, "I will never get tired of kissing you."

"Right back at you."

Shyly she cupped his slightly scratchy cheek. "I love you, RJ."

"And I love you," RJ responded. Exhaling he observed, "This is going to be a great year."

"Uh-huh," yawned Fran. "Can we go to bed now?"


"But RJ-"


"But what can we do?"

"Cuddle and talk?"

"Okay," Fran conceded, slipping her hand down from RJ's cheek to place it over his steadily beating heart. "Okay, I can't imagine a better way to get the new year going."


So the two talked until the dawn of a new year streamed in through the glass-paneled ceiling. Only then did they succumb to sleep, nestled together in the green armchair.