Chapter4. Let me know how I did! (:

It was Sunday morning when Pepper got a knock at her door. It was a warm day in California. Not boiling, not sweltering, just a pleasantly warm day. Pepper had spent Saturday shopping with her friend from work, Jenny. They spent so long in there the security guards had to end up asking them to leave because they wanted to close the shopping centre down. It had exhausted Pepper and all she wanted to do on her Sunday off, was relax. Sleep in, read some of her book and just mope around the house really. But no.

Pepper opened the door to see the back of Tony Stark. After a split second Tony turned around grinning. He was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and his aviators due to the warm Malibu day.

"Couldn't wait till Monday, Tony?" Pepper asked, leaning against the door that was half open. She was trying to hide the fact she was wearing her robe. And only her robe. But surprise, surprise Tony didn't miss a thing and looked her up and down, smirking.

"Come on Potts, i'm taking you out" Tony put his hand out.

"One, i'm not dressed-"

"I'm not bothered by that" Tony cut her off and stepped up so he was towering over her.

"And two" Pepper blushed lightly and carried on "where are you taking me?"

"Well as it's such a nice day, I was thinking a walk in the park?" Tony put his hands in his pockets and walked into Pepper's condo "And I might even treat you to some coffee"

"Hmm, really pulling out the stops aren't you" Pepper followed him and smiled.

"My lady only gets the best" Tony stopped and turned, so that Pepper bumped into his front. "Now go on, go get dressed" he answered after giving Pepper a kiss on her cheek. Pepper smiled and rushed upstairs to get ready for a day out. With Tony Stark.

Tony had driven them to a park. It was Globe Park, it had a beautiful lake in the centre of it where people could hire out little rowing boats. There were different trees and flowers scattered across the huge space of the park. This was Pepper's favourite park. It was quiet, not many people around just a few walking through. When they'd arrived Tony had opened the car door for Pepper and led her to slowly stroll around the lake. Tony took one of his hands out of his pocket and searched for one of Pepper's. He laced their fingers and looked down at them. When he looked back up to Pepper he saw her smiling gently at him. They'd circled the lake 4times, talking the whole time.

"Hey, come on" Tony tried to defend himself "who really needs their social security number? I've managed without it for the past 6years"

"That's because you've had me for the past 6years" Pepper answered, laughing lightly.

"Oh yeah. Of course" Tony playfully answered "Well thanks for sticking by me"

"You're hard work Tony, but I love my job" Pepper looked down at their, still intertwined, hands.

"Good" Tony said, nodding his head. Tony noticed a bench which was half shaded by a hanging tree, right by the edge of the lake. He gently tugged Pepper to go and sit down. Once they were sat, their hands no longer grasping one another's. Tony had his arm leaning on the back of the bench, around Pepper's shoulders and leaned his body into her. Pepper sat next to him, crossed her legs and leaned against him. After some minutes of silence, and just enjoying each other's company Pepper broke the silence.

"So, why did you really bring me here?" she asked, looking out over the lake.

"To chat-"

"I bet" Pepper sounded unconvinced. They sat in silence for another few minutes. Tony looked down at his hand that was fidgeting in his lap, then out across the lake. He saw an old couple in one of the rowing boats. One of them had just said something funny, they were laughing and they kissed lightly on the lips. Tony smiled.

"To fight for you" Pepper looked at Tony, a bit taken back by his comment. She went to ask, but he cut her off, for the second time that morning. "Girls like you aren't easy right? And I want to do this right, Pep" Tony took one of her hands and looked down at them. Pepper stared at him.

"You know, I didn't think you'd even get me to go to dinner with you. I was surprised at myself when I kissed you on my doorstep the other night" Tony looked up at her and then back down at her hand. "Tony you're aggravating, stubborn and completely arrogant when it comes to work" she put her other hand on his cheek and pulled his head up to look him in the eyes "But you are definitely doing this right"

Pepper smiled at him to assure him she meant what she said, and he grinned back at her. She pulled him over due to her hand already being at his cheek. She leant in and their lips met. The arm that was leaning on the bench bent round so that it was supporting the back of Pepper. The other lead round and picked her legs up, angled her towards him and draped them over his leg. Pepper's other hand dug its way into the black curls at the back of his head. They were tangled in each other and the kiss grew more passionate. Their tongues danced against each other. They pulled away and looked at each other, Tony's eyes sparkled.

"Well that's one thing i've done right" Tony smiled and kissed her on the lips once more. Pepper smiled and entangled herself from him and stood. She held out her hand to Tony, who was looking disheartened by her leaving his embrace.

"I believe you promised me a coffee Mr. Stark" she smiled.

"I believe I did" Tony took her hand and stood. He kissed her once more before leading her off to a cafe.

Ta-da. I think that's all i've got in me for this story. Sorry if it's not what you wanted. And by the way, Globe Park is one that's near where I live, it's not actually in Malibu(: HAPPY WRITING ALL! AnnaTW x