This idea has been in my head for a while, and I decided that I might as well write it.

It's a look at what happens when two new members join the Cullen family post Breaking Dawn.

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Also I presume the majority of people reading this will be American. Due to the fact that Amelia is British, and this first chapter shows some of her human life, I have used some British words/ phrases in this chapter, to help keep it authentic. If you don't understand what I mean there is a list of definitions/ explantations at the bottom. This isn't a problem in later chapters, as she spends the majority of the story in America, surrounded by Americans/ vampires who've lived in America for centuries.

I really struggled getting the summary small enough to fit the character limit, so I feel I should put the full summary up here. Hopefully it will give you a clearer idea off what this is about and where it is going:

When Carlisle Cullen and his newest son, Harry Leone-Cullen, find a dying girl in a London Tube station, they make a decision that will change the lives of both them and their family.

Intuitive Harry, mesmerized by the dying girl, finds himself making a request from is new adoptive father that he never thought he'd ask of anyone or for anyone.

But when she wakes up, they realize there's never been a vampire quite like Amelia Hunter.

What can a happy-go-lucky, unpredictable, teenager of the 21st century do to help a century-and-a-half vampire with a tragic past?

And what will the Cullens do now that Carlisle's created, to quote Emmett, 'the world's freakiest vampire'?

In over a century of existence, Harry has never been happier than he is now that he is a Cullen - he thinks he's finally found the place he belongs. And Amelia finds herself believing that her life was always heading toward being a vampire and that she's found the place she was always meant to be - as a member of the Cullen family.

But was her life always heading towards Harry as well?

1. A Night That Ends In Tragedy

February 2010

London, England


"Bye! Happy Birthday!" I hugged my friend Katie goodbye.

"You four sure you'll be OK catching the Tube?" Katie asked with a slightly worried tinge to her voice.

"We'll be fine. There are four of us," my other friend, Nicole, replied confidently.

"Yeah, we're big girls," Holly shouted, slurring her words. Holly wasn't my favorite person in the world. There was something about her that bugged me slightly. We were friends in the loosest sense of the word. I got along with okay with her when there were others around - and she wasn't drunk.

"Someone's had too much to drink!" Emma shouted at her jokingly.

"Cos you're so sober yourself," I taunted back at Emma.

To be honest we'd all drunk a little too much that night, but it was Katie's 18th after all.

"Ok," Katie said. "See you at school on Monday," she called as she and the rest of the group walked away, while Holly, Nicole, Emma and I started to walk in the opposite direction toward the nearest Tube station.

"If we make it," Emma shouted back, and we all laughed.

As we began to walk toward the station my mind drunkenly drifted. It had been a good night, exactly what someone like Katie deserved. Poor Katie; she was so sweet and kind, but so shy that she always seem to hover on the fringe of the action and she had this unfounded self-conscious idea that no one really liked having her around. Even though she hadn't mentioned anything, I knew she worried that no one would want to come. Of course everyone had shown up. Despite her view of herself, everyone liked Katie; it a side effects of being sweet and kind. God knows I don't spend £30 present, an entire week's EMA that is, on a birthday present for just anyone.

I was pulled from my thoughts when we got to the Tube station. I hadn't really been paying much attention to my friends' conversation, so I quickly listened in time to hear Holly boasting about her latest fuck (wow, go you) as the other two encouraged while actually laughing at her. Holly assumed they were laughing with her, and not at her. Or maybeshe knew they were laughing at her and was too far out of it to care. I quickly decided I really wasn't missing much conversation-wise.

I let them all go through first at the one working barrier, and I noticed the guard eyeing us with a look that showed exactly what he thought of drunk teenage girls. Pretentious twat, I thought angrily, when he shot us a look that clearly screamed 'look at the state of the kids these days'. Don't believe everything you read in the media – we're not all anti-social chavs. I swiped my purse (which contained my Oyster card, it always amused me that I didn't have to get it out for it to work) at the barriers and went through after my friends, I ran slightly to keep up, but struggled in my heels. It didn't escape my attention that they didn't wait for me, didn't even stop and turn around as I shouted 'wait'. Sometimes I understood exactly what Katie meant about feeling invisible.

"What train are we getting?" I asked to bring myself back into the conversation, interrupting Holly's slurred monologue about which boy she was going to fuck next, apparently.

"Dunno," Nicole replied, "if we get the, oh bollocks!" I turned to what had caused her distraction. There was a big sign saying 'out of order' on the down escalator. Just great, I thought as we turned to the stairs.

"Wait, picture time!" Nicole declared, pulling out her camera. Nicole could always be counted on to bring her camera to the party. "Get one of me and the sign!" she shouted, passing the camera to Emma and rushing to stand by the 'out of order' sign. "Holly. Amelia. Get in!" she called to us. Holly nearly fell over as she bent down beside her, while I bent down at the opposite side of the sign.

"Smile everyone," Emma called to us before the camera flashed in our faces. The flash caught me by surprise even though I was expecting it. Bet I look great in that photo, I thought sarcastically.

"You gonna put all the photos from tonight on Facebook, Nic?" Emma asked.

"Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow," she replied, "once I've recovered that is," she added jokingly. We all laughed at he.

I was feeling rather happy again now I realized as we walked towards the stairs. It was weird how a simple thing like being included in a picture can lift your spirits right up. I wasn't invisible to my friends. They wanted me around, to laugh with and take drunken pictures with. It was with a happy skip to my step that I started walking down the stairs.

"Did you see Rebecca's status today? Apparently she's pregnant." Emma asked me. That caught my attention.

"What?" I asked in surprise. I hadn't seen Rebecca since we both finished high school a year ago.

"Yeah, she put it on Facebook. Didn't you see it?" I shook my head; I must have missed the update when I checked mine before leaving to go out tonight.

"God, she's such a mess. She can hardly look after herself, never mind a kid. Imagine having her as a mum, poor kid," Nicole said. As harsh as it sounded, I agreed with her.

"She's a fucking slag," Holly shouted. Oh just shut up you drunk bitch, I thought meanly.

Just then my heel caught on the step, and I felt my feet slip beneath me. Instinctively my hands flew out to grab the handrail as I felt each of my friend's hands grab me. Carefully I righted myself on the step.

"You OK?" I heard the three voices of my friends ask.

"Yeah. That was close," I muttered.

"Imagine if you'd fallen down there," Nicole said wonderingly, looking down the long flight of stairs. I'd rather not thank you, I thought sarcastically. I felt her and Emma let go of my arm, as I let go of the handrail, I stood up properly and tried to steady myself, which was a difficult task since Holly still clung to my arm, and her weight caused me to sway a little.

"I wonder if you'd survive," Holly said, continuing to slur her words. I tried to remember if she had drunk more than us.

"God, you really are out of your fucking head aren't you?" I said jokingly, though really wanted to distract them from the thought of my possible demise at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

"So what?" Holly snapped back.

"Just saying," I replied calmly. I wasn't going to get into an argument with a drunken Holly. However her grip on my arm was really beginning to annoy me. "You can get off my arm now," I ordered snappily. I hadn't meant for it to come out so angrily. I tried to pull my arm free, but Holly kept hold. What was she doing?

"No – make me!" Holly shouted at me, and I noticed her hold tighten on my arm. The alcohol was making her more temperamental then she usually was, I guessed, and she didn't have the best temper even when sober.

"Sheesh, calm down, Hols," Emma said jokingly. I could tell she was trying to defuse the situation.

"Stay out of it, Emma!" Holly shouted.

"Holly, stop acting like a twat!" Nicole snapped at her.

"Let's find out," Holly slurred the words that seemingly came out of nowhere. I didn't understand what she meant, and I felt her tighten her grip on my arm to the point where it hurt.

"Let go of my arm please, Holly," I asked calmly, making sure I didn't lose my temper this time, as I knew it wouldn't do any good.

"No, I want to find out!" Holly said strangely. What was she talking about? Find out what?

"Find out what?" I heard myself and my other two friends question her warily.

"What would happen," Holly said, as if it made perfect sense.

"Holly, what are you …" I began, my voice betraying the panic I was beginning to feel, but I was cut off when suddenly Holly pushed me. My feet slipped from below me again, but this time I didn't have time to react. I fell and heard each sickening bang vibrating through my head as I hit the steps, accompanied with an explosion of pain. It was all over in less than thirty seconds, and I lay still at the bottom. I was in so much pain that I couldn't move; I couldn't even force my eyes to open.

I could hear Nicole in the distance screaming my name and the sound of footsteps running down the stairs. Then I could hear Nicole by my side, shouting my name at me. I wanted to reply to her, to say something to calm her down, but I didn't have the energy to open my mouth. It wasn't worth the pain.

"Holly, what have you done?" I heard Emma whisper sounding shocked.

"We all did it," Holly mumbled back.

"We had fuck all to do with it," Emma snapped at her.

"We need to call an ambulance," Nicole cried hysterically. This surprised me; Nicole was usually so cool-headed and collected. She was the one I usually turned to during a crisis. Then again those crises were about boys and make-up, not me being thrown down a flight of stairs.

"NO!" I heard Holly shout, followed by what sounded like a phone being thrown at a wall. "We need to leave."

No! They couldn't leave me here alone! They had to help me! If they didn't help me then …"Please don't leave me," I tried to say to them, ignoring the pain that the simple act of speaking caused me, but I didn't have the strength to say it loud enough for them to hear. I could hear them arguing above me, but I couldn't understand the words anymore. It sounded like they still planned to leave me though. "Please don't leave me," I repeated again frantically, still unable to get my voice above a whisper. I could tell it had done no good when I heard the sound of retreating footsteps. So much for my earlier 'see my friends really do care' moment. They didn't even care enough to wait for me to die, because surely that was what was going to happen now.

I'm going to die now and I'm going to die alone. I found myself thinking miserably of all the things I would never get a chance to do. I would never grow up, go to university and get a job. I'd never see my mum or dad again, and they'd never see me again. That was going to hurt them so much; if it were possible to survive this then I'd do anything to do so, simply to avoid them having to face that pain. I'd never see my little brother and sister grow up. I'd never get the chance to fall in love. I'd never get married and have kids. I thought of all I had done in my eighteen years of life, and it seemed so little. Nobody has done something to make their life memorable by eighteen, I thought dejectedly; it's all in the future, all to come. Now it'll never happen for me – I'll never know what could have been or who I could have become.

"What happened to her?" I didn't know how long I had lain at the bottom of those stairs, unable to move and most certainly dying, when I heard a musical voice ask that question. I hadn't heard anyone arrive, though. The voice was one of the most beautiful voices I'd ever heard. Was I dead now? Was this an angel? I was suddenly regretting ever being agnostic. But if God was supposed to be all merciful, would he not see past that to a person who had tried her best to be as good a person as possible? I had, hadn't I?

I struggled to open my eyes, and when I did I saw two of the most beautiful men I'd ever seen. But it was too much effort, and I let my eyes close again.

"Harry?" I heard another voice say, just as musical as the first one but also managing to sound panicked. It was the panic in his voice that told me this was a man, not an angel. I was still alive then, if only just.

"Her scent, Carlisle, I've never smelled anything like it," the other voice replied sounding mesmerized.

"Get out of here, Harry!" the second voice ordered sternly. "Dear God, I forgot he'd be sensitive to the blood," I heard him mutter. Scent? Blood? Who were these men? And what did they want with me? Either help me or leave me alone, I thought bitterly.

"It's OK. I can control myself," the first voice replied, though he didn't sound to confident.

I opened my eyes to look at them again, and I noticed that one of them, a blond man, was knelt beside me looking incredulously at the other sandy-haired man. Why were they talking about my blood like that anyway? I let my eyes drop again.

"She's the nicest person I've ever met," the first voice said sounding awed. What was that supposed to mean?

"Harry!" the second voice sounded shocked.

"I'm in control, Carlisle. I've never been more in control. She won't die." The first voice sounded confident now. I gave up even trying to understand what these strange men were talking about.

"I don't think that matters– she's going to die anyway," the second voice said my surprise I found that knowledge didn't even hurt me like it should have. I'd already accepted the fact that I was going to die in the time between my friends' departure and their arrival, as much as difficult as it had been.

"Can't you do something?" the first voice sounded desperate.

The second voice suddenly began talking to me. "I'm a doctor – I'm going to try and help you, OK?" he asked me. I nodded weakly, glad they finally seemed to be doing something constructive to help me. I felt cold hands begin to probe my broken bones, and I let out a low groan of pain. "I'm sorry," the second voice, the doctor, told me – he sounded like he was sorry for more than just the pain. "She's lost too much blood, and her spine's broken along with her ribs and her legs. There's nothing I can do for her now," the doctor proclaimed sadly. "We should phone 999, but it's probably best we're not here when they arrive," he continued, still sounding depressed. "I'm sorry," he said to me again. Why did he keep apologizing? It wasn't him who pushed me down a flight of stairs.

"No!" I found my voice again, though I doubted they could hear it, it was so quiet. I didn't want to be left alone to die again. "Don't leave me to die alone like they did. I don't want to die alone. I don't want to die at all for that matter," I muttered frantically, forcing the words out no matter how much it hurt. I forced my eyes open again to look at them. They were both staring at me; the doctor had a conflicted look on his face. His sandy-haired companion was staring at me in amazement like he'd never seen anything like me before. I supposed I must have been a sight – lying broken in a pool of my own blood in the middle of an empty Tube station.

"There is something you can do for her," the first voice said suggestively. What? What could he do?

"I couldn't!" the doctor sounded shocked. "Not again! I always said Emmett would be the last, and I know I agreed with Bella, but she was different. I co-"

"She's too good a person to die," the first voice cut across his ramblings; it sounded crestfallen. I found myself wondering what he meant by that – he didn't know me.

"Yes, but is she too good a person for this life?" the doctor asked with emphasis. What life? Again they were talking what appeared to be nonsense to me, but they had mentioned something they could do. I found myself clinging to that hope.

"She's too good a person to die," I heard the first voice repeat forcefully. My consciousness was faltering; I thought my hearing had gone as well as there was a moment of heavy silence.

"I don't want to die," I repeated into the silence, muttering more to myself than to them. "I don't want to die now." Then the silence was broken as I heard the doctor whispering urgently to me. I couldn't hear it properly though as I dipped in and out of consciousness. Something about a way to save my life, that it would hurt but it would be over eventually, and then I'd be … reborn? I wasn't sure I'd heard that right; his words were slowly becoming just a sound in the distance. I didn't care what he had to do. I just wanted to live. I would be able to grow up. I would get to see my parents and siblings again. I wouldn't cause them any pain. I wanted to live – no matter what it took.

I felt myself slipping over the edge, losing consciousness every second. All around me was becoming slowly darker as the pain numbed. This is it, this is dying, I thought grimly to myself. I tried to think about my life, to have the whole 'life flashes before your eyes' thing, but instead I found myself thinking of the future I'd dreamed off – the future I would never had.

Then a sharp pain in my neck invaded the numbness and the darkness, which was suddenly overtaken by a searing pain spreading through me, ten times worse than the original pain – it was unbearable.

"I'm sorry," I heard the doctor say again.

"She was too good a person to die," I heard the other man repeat in a confident voice.

A/N: For those who aren't British (just to stop confusion):

"It was Katie's 18th after all" = Legal drinking age in Britain is 18 not 21

Tube = London Underground

EMA = Educational Maintenance Allowance (basically if you choose to remain in school after 16 (British school leaving age), and your household income is below a certain level, the government pay you £30 a week on the condition that you show up to lessons.)

Oyster Card: Card you top up with money and then charges you for your journey on the Tube.

Chavs: Derogatory name for anti-social young people in Britain, often associated with those who wear tracksuits, lots of cheap jewelry, large hoop earrings etc.

Slag: Derogatory name for a promiscuous female

999: British emergency number, like 911.

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