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The trees danced around me and the forest came to life. I was in the middle of them, without shoes and in my green dress of forest leaves and flowers with an open backside, leaving space for my magnificent dark red wings with green details. I was laughing and dancing on an inhuman speed through the whole forest. Small deer and animals came out of their houses to look what was going on, and soon enough they joined the beautiful forest dance.

Every tree I touched, glowed under my hand and turned more green than you would ever see a tree do. I was overjoyed and I shared my happiness with all of my friends.

The sun shone brightly through the trees, filling my energy rapidly. The feeling added to my luckiness.

But as I neared Washington, the atmosphere changed. I stopped abruptly and laid my hand on the nearest trunk. Images flashed before my eyes and I watched the trees' memory.

A small deer was scared off and running as fast as it could. A shadow, to fast to be human, followed him and I felt the trees' desperation to help the little thing, but they could only watch as the shadow reached it and smashed the little guy on the forest floor. I winced as I heard it screaming in agony, but it soon died out as the shadow draped itself over the dying body. Then it turned giving me full vision of it's face.

He had reddish brown hair and golden eyes. He had a strong, defined jaw and his skin was pale white but smooth.

A vampire.

'Please, Forest Nymph, get away from here. They're close,' the tree begged me.

I gasped as I released him and climbed high into it. My body changed rapidly; my arms disappeared, my wings changed, and my body grew smaller. Just a second later I had changed into a white reddish swan. It's the only thing that revealed the inner me, but in the shadows of the forest, I just looked like an regular animal. A swan was my favourite animal, so I was used to changing into it when I wanted to hide.

A breeze went through the forest and carried a new, strange scent to me. I sniffed deeply and tried to remember it.

Just then, a grizzly bear groaned loudly. It seemed to be awaken from the winters' sleep.

"A very good morning, my dearest grizz," I purred. The way I lowered my voice, was called the Purr. All clean souls in the world could speak this language; you couldn't learn it, you had to deserve it to speak it.

"Forest nymph? Why are you a swan?" he purred back.

"Ah, my dear, a hunter is detected in this area and I need to hide to have a closer look at it. You should get back inside and feign sleep. Keep yourself safe."

"Yes, my lady. I will obey."

I watched as he stumbled back into his hole, relieved he complied. Then I closed my big, swan eyes and purred long and loudly. This was called the Call. I called to every nearby soul to be careful and better hide in their homes.

Then I heard him.

He was approaching fast and I was lucky to see he stopped right below me. It was the reddish haired vampire.

And as he stopped to sniff the air around him, I realized I had made a mistake.

All the animals were ordered to hide, so he couldn't attack them. I made sure they were safe.

But I had forgotten myself.

And as I realized this, the vampire's head whipped upwards and met my eyes with butterscotch eyes.

And I panicked. I knew he had a very good sight, so I was for sure he could see the red in my feathers and the brown in my eyes. And by seeing his golden eyes, I knew he didn't thirst for my blood, but for knowledge.

So as soon as I saw him climbed in the same tree as me, I flew, too fast for even him to see, and changed back into my natural form, and then minimized myself.

"Wait!" I heard him speak loudly, but I was too scared and hid behind a leaf. The shield was around my body automatically, which hid my scent and my heartbeat. I even could use it to hide my sight.

He sighed deeply, as if he was disappointed. Then his head turned towards the cave of the grizzly bear.

No! I gasped mentally. He disappeared into the cave before I could stop him and I clamped my hands over my mouth to keep me from screaming as I heard growls from fear and agony.

Just a minute later, the vampire walked out of the cave, looked around for me one more time, and then disappeared into the shadows of the forest.

I shot into the cave while changing to real life size and was pained by what I found. Grizz was lying on the rocky floor, his neck in an unnatural position and it had an ugly bite at the point of the carotid artery.

Tears of sadness and angry tears streamed down my face as I closed his eyelids. "I will revenge you, brother," I purred.

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