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Five minutes before the bell went, I said my goodbyes to Jessica and Angela and hurried to Biology II. I was one of the first and Edward wasn't there yet. I got a paper and a pencil out of my bag and started drawing. I drew the forest with the bonfire as I remembered it from last night. I let the fire illuminate the darkness of the forest and then fed the drawing it's details; the cracks in the trees, the black, burning leaves of the grass and even a small burning flower in the ever growing fire. It seemed as if I was bringing the fire to life.

"You draw beautifully," a low voice said.

I was so occupied with drawing, that I didn't even notice him coming into the classroom or even taking place beside me. I was startled and looked at Edward Cullen. "You think so?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yes, I think so. And I'm sorry I startled you," he said softly.

"Oh," I whispered. "That's okay. And thank you." I wrote under the drawing 'Because you deserved it' and my name and then gave it to him. The sentence had a double meaning. For the vampires who were unseeingly being burned in the fire and the drawing for Edward, because he liked it and I hated him for no reason.

He looked at me. "Thank you."

The bell rang and the lesson started.

Halfway through the lesson, Edward put a paper in front of me.

'Will you sit with me and my family during lunch tomorrow?'

I smiled and scribbled on the paper.

'Do you want me to sit with you and your family during lunch tomorrow?'

I gave the paper back and he smiled as he read it. Then he wrote something down again and pushed the paper back to me.

'I do. But I think I'm not the one who wants it the most.'

I chuckled.

'Let me guess. Alice?'

'Yes, but how did you know that?'

'That's just readable from everything she does. She looks like an energy bunny.'

'Yeah, I think that's right. But will you? Sit with us?'

'Yeah, sure.'

'Thank you.'

I smiled at him.

As the day ended, I went to my locker to put my bag with my books in it, so I could just walk into the forest without anything keeping me from the freedom. I stretched and yawned, which made me realize I'd had a long night. I turned around and crashed into someone, who had been standing behind me.

"I'm sorry…" I looked up at the person. "Oh, hey Edward."

"What are those?" he asked, pointing at my back.

Immediately I felt at my back. I felt the hem of my shirt had ridden up somewhat, probably from my stretching, and I felt my wings in the skin that was exposed. I quickly pulled my shirt back down.

"It's a tattoo," I said.

"What are they like?" he asked curiously.

"Wings. Red wings with green decorations. They stand for my family. I lost them long ago." That could be true. If I could have a tattoo at all, I would have a tattoo for my family.

"That's very tough, to lose your family like that. I'm sorry for your loss."

"I lived through it," I said. "The tattoo takes up all of my back and it took more than two appointments to finish it."


I nodded and then sighed, relieved, secretly glad he bought it. "Was there something you wanted to ask before, Edward?" I asked.

"Oh yeah! I just wondered if you wanted a ride. I noticed you always disappeared into the forest and er… I just wanted to bring you home safely."

I smiled. "That's very generous, but I think I have to pass. I live not very far from here and you can't reach it by car."

"Oh, than would you allow me to walk with you?"


"Well… I…" I desperately tried to come with way to save myself.

"Please?" he pleaded.

What now?

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