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"Nathan… Nathan" Haley whined and poked Nathan's chest. It was three am and Haley couldn't sleep. The pains that ran through her stomach and her back were feeling a whole lot like contractions, and the fact that her due-date was in a week did not make it impossible for her pains to, in fact, be labor pains. Nathan didn't move at her touch and she groaned loudly. Great, I'm having our baby and my stupid husband can't even wake up. Just freaking lovely!

"Nathaaaaaaaaaaaaan" she whined a little louder and poked his chest harder. The pain in her stomach was undeniable.

"What is it, Hales?" he asked and sleepily opened his eyes, rubbing them as he slowly sat up against the pillows to mirror her position.

"It hurts" she whispered and his eyes shot open. He sat straight up on the bed, his tiredness suddenly forgotten. All he could think of was to make sure his wife and baby were okay.

"What hurts?" he asked worriedly.

"My stomach. And my back… Nathan, I think I'm in labor"

"Oh my God!" he exclaimed and jumped out of the bed. He ran over to their dresser and pulled out about fifteen sweaters as he tried to pull out one for himself and one for his wife. He put one on and took one for Haley.

"Get dressed, and, and…" Nathan started but got cut off by Haley kissing him.

"Calm down, Nate. I'm going to take a shower" she said and wobbled over to their bathroom.

"You're what? Haley! We're having our baby!" he said and looked at her worriedly.

"I know Nathan. Relax and find somebody that can come over to watch Jamie, I'll be out in a few minutes" she said but Nathan still looked worried. "It's okay. It's soothing for the mother to take a shower or a bath when she goes into labor; the doctor told me"

"Okay, but call if you need help" he said and walked out of the room to call someone to watch Jamie. Haley walked into the bathroom and started the shower.

Five minutes later she was drying herself off when her water broke.

"Nathan!" she yelled out and Nathan ran into the bathroom a second later.

"What's wrong?" he asked worried.

"My water just broke" she said and he looked even more worried.

"Are you sure? I mean you just got out of the shower" he said and Haley glared at him, putting her hand on her hip.

"Do I look stupid? I would've known if it was water from the shower, Nathan. I didn't even wash my hair, so I'm practically dry" she said with a huff.

"You're right, sorry" he said and kissed her gently. He then ran into the bedroom and came back to give her the clothes he picked out for her. She got dressed, pulled her hair up into a messy bun and brushed her teeth.

"Who did you call to come watch Jamie?" Haley asked Nathan with her mouth full of toothpaste.

"Brooke. She's downstairs watching TV" he said and pointed at the stairs.

"Okay… Do we have everything we need?" she asked after rinsing her mouth and walking out of the bathroom.

"Almost" he replied and kissed her passionately. They pulled away and he smirked. "Now we do"

Haley giggled at him then they took off down the stairs. They said goodbye to Brooke and went out to the car, driving to the hospital to finally meet their daughter.

"This hurts so much! I hate you, Nathan!" Haley screamed and held on to Nathan's hand, practically crushing it with her sudden strength.

"No, you don't. You love me" he said and tried his best to hide the enormous amount of pain she was giving his hand.

"Okay, I do. But I really don't like you right now" she said through gritted teeth and screamed as another contraction made her bend forward in pain. "We are never having sex ever again!" she said as it passed.

"Easy now, Hales" Nathan said and smirked. It pained him to see his wife in such pain, but the excitement that their daughter was coming to the world made him smile through it all. She squeezed his hand tighter and he shut his eyes in pure pain. The doctor entered the room and checked on Haley.

"How are you feeling, Mrs. Scott?" she asked and Haley glared at her.

"This hurts" she said and squeezed Nathan's hand once again. The doctor smiled at Haley.

"The pain is soon over, sweetie. You're open ten centimeters. It's time to bring your daughter to the world" the doctor said and looked at her.

"What?" Haley asked shocked.

"It's time to have your baby" the doctor answered and they rolled away to the delivery room. When they were there the doctor instantly placed Haley's legs up and told her that it was time to start pushing.

Haley did as she was told and as she pushed down on her contraction she squeezed Nathan's hand even harder. Nathan didn't think that was possible. He screamed in pain and both Haley and the doctor glared at him.

"It hurts" he said and looked at them. They both sent him death glares and he instantly regretted saying that. "Sorry, sorry, I'm here for you Hales" he said and kissed Haley's forehead. He gave her his hand again and bit his lip not to scream.

"Mrs. Scott; you're doing great. Just push one last time" the doctor said and Haley did as she was told. They all heard a baby scream and the doctor held up their new born baby girl. Haley's eyes started to water and Nathan smiled broadly. A nurse took the baby away and washed her up before bringing her back to the parents.

"She's so beautiful" Haley said in tears. Nathan kissed Haley's temple and looked down at the baby girl.

"Yes, she is. Just like her mother" he said and looked into Haley's eyes. She smiled and leaned up to place a tender kiss on his lips. Her gaze returned to the newborn baby in her arms.

"Welcome to the world Natalie Lydia Scott" Haley said and they both looked down at their beautiful baby, neither understanding how they could be so lucky. Their happiness seemed untouchable for now. For now they were a family, with a wonderful son and a new gorgeous baby girl. Nathan would forever be grateful for the words that made him whole again – come home, my darling, come home.

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