Sasodei fanfic

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Sasori's POV

"Deidara, what do you want for dinner?" I asked, since I was trying to be nice I decided to make the whole Akatsuki dinner tonight to celebrate Pein and Konan's wedding. As usual Deidara was being an ass to me and avoiding the actual question and answering my questions with questions of his own.

"What do I want for dinner?" He asked while flipping his blonde hair, hitting Tobi in the face causing him to run off screaming in pain. Funny how Tobi has his mask up at the perfect time for Deidara to hit him in the face.

"Yeah dammit just answer me ass-hole!!" I started getting irritated and threw a plate at him, I missed.

"Why do I gotta tell you?" Deidara asked. Ok now I was pissed beyond all imagination and started throwing everything at him, I even threw Itachi at him.

"Dammit Deidara!! I hate you and your guts!!! Why do you have to do this every day?" I asked and threw Kakuzu at him, earning a series of threats and profanity. I stopped throwing items at him and saw him walking towards me, in a defensive position I put out my hand and threw poisonous darts at him, but he just used a nearby pan and blocked all of them. He approached me and grabbed my cloak, I could feel his breath just inches away from my face. Just as quick as he started throwing profanity at me he pressed our lips together, I struggled to get away but his hold was too strong and I was helpless as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. He pushed me against the counter and bent me over it. His tongue was trailing up and down the back of my neck and back, I could feel him undo my cloak and slide it down my back. He put his hands around my waist and played with the opening to my cords in my abdomen. He grabbed my face and kissed my cheek as he also put his hand down my pants.

"Aw Dei-kun if your gonna do that take it to the bed!!" Deidara stopped playing with me long enough for me to turn and take a look at who was at the door. It was Hidan and he had his hand clamped over his nose. I hadn't realized how red my face was until Deidara let go of me and walked off.

"Whoa Saso-kun I didn't know you and Dei-kun were together." Hidan nudged me with his elbow and I just walked off, Kakuzu threw a string of dirty words at me for throwing him at a gay. We all knew Deidara was gay but we'd never expected him to show it off in public. I went back to my room and closed the door behind me, in thought I went and sat down on my bed. What could have tempted Dei to act like that all the sudden? Usually he shoots insults at me 24/7 but today its like something happened.

"Maybe I should go check on him." I said, getting off my bed I opened the door and emerged. The way to Deidara's room was long and took me at least fifteen minutes to get there, mainly because it was a genjutsu. I walked and finally arrived after what seemed like hours, I knocked on the door and waited for a reply. Deidara answered the door and looked at my still flustered face.

"Yes Sasori?" He asked folding his arms.

"Can I come in Dei?" He opened the door wide enough for me to walk in. The room he had was really big and had red walls with posters of guys from animes and nuclear explosions. His bed was a king size bed with a satin red and black comforter, it also had plushies and a computer in the corner. On the computer there was lots of words, I walked over to it and started reading.

"As he slid in he let out a moan of pleasure and his vision went white, Sasori turned to Deidara and kissed him as he pounded into him once more before releasing? Deidara what the hell is this?" I turned and saw he was right behind me which startled me to jump to where I was standing sideways. He sat down and scrolled up to the top. It read "SasoDei Fanfiction" whatever a fanfiction was it was apparent that this story was on the internet and Deidara was reading it like it was the Twilight series. (a/n I hate Twilight with a passion)

"Its called a fanfiction, lots of people write these and post them on this site called , then you can read them and review them. Pretty cool huh?" Deidara smiled and clicked so his computer was on a screen saver of a chibi dancing. I shook my head and turned to him, he was smiling.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" I stared at him until he started walking closer to me, I backed into the wall and grabbed the first thing I saw and threw it at him (the thing is Zetsu), it hit him square in the face. "Ah I'm sorry Dei did I hurt you?" I ran up to him and threw Zetsu out of the way, I caressed his face and rubbed the spot where it was red and scraped. He grabbed my hand and held it on his cheek, his eyes closed and my face got redder. I couldn't help it, he was so cute at that point in time I had to kiss him. I brought our lips together and deepened it, we fell on the bed and I put my hand in his cloak, feeling his chest I could feel his heartbeat speed up. I pulled away from him and got up.

"We can't do this Dei....I like you a lot but we can' hard as it is for me to say this but I love you Dei I always have." I just confessed my undying love for Deidara and he sits there with a dazed look on his face, I was expecting more of a jump into my arms and admit his feelings back to me.

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